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Published on January 8, 2014

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Crea la tua infrastruttura cloud e rivendi spazi e servizi come IAAS - PAAS -.SAAS

PureSystems: la famiglia di sistemi IBM ideale per fornire servizi IT

AGENDA Introduzione Alessandro De Bartolo PureSystems: la famiglia di sistemi IBM ideale per fornire servizi IT Francesco Callegaro FSM(Flex System Manager) Demo Salvatore Morsello 2 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Four forces are driving business innovation and change Mobile 90% of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100% of the time1 Social % of CEOs using Social to Connect with Customers2 Delivered via the Cloud Big Data & Analytics 8 zettabytes of digital content created by 20153 62% of workloads will be cloud based by 20144 1 IBM Forum 2012, Smarter Commerce Prague 2 IBM GBS 2011 IBV Study, “The power of cloud: driving business model innovation 3 IDC, IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020, Doc #231720, December 2011 4 Morgan Stanley Cloud perspective: 3 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Cloud Computing Watch out for Requirements of ... - Availability - Scalability - Performance - Flexibility / Agility .. and want to end up here within the next 12 months CLOUD Dynamic provisioning for workloads SHARED RESOURCES Common workload profiles AUTOMATE Flexible delivery & Self Service STANDARDIZE Operational Efficiency Most clients are here.. VIRTUALIZE Increase Utilization CONSOLIDATE Physical Infrastructure Traditional IT 4 Watch out for Requirements of ... - Security - Data privacy - Service Level Management - Organizational changes - Compliance and licence management © 2013 IBM Corporation

Optimization of IT processes is the next big challenge Worldwide spending on IT operations and data center (IDC) The costs of administration, energy management and growing. Continuous spending on IT infrastructure (SW, HW) To take advantage of current IT infrastructure, you must optimize your business processes and operational processes within the IT Source: IBM Corporate Strategy analysis of IDC data 5 © 2013 IBM Corporation

A new class of expert integrated systems Built-in Expertise Integration by Design Capturing and automating what experts do Deeply integrating and tuning hardware and software Simplified Experience Making every part of the IT lifecycle easier 6 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Patterns accelerate Business Value What the business wants… What’s required… Application Database 7 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Browse PureSystem solution …. 8 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM PureSystems Centre • Optimized solutions from 100+ leading ISV partners • Search by solution area, industry or system. • Gain access to ISV application patterns for trial and production. • Certified through ‘Ready for IBM PureSystems’ program. • All of your existing AIX, IBM i, Linux and Windows applications will run on IBM PureFlex System 9 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM PureSystems Momentum Continues to Grow 2013 Q1 Q2 Q3 6,000+ 300 systems shipped in more than 90 countries authorized resellers worldwide 10 2014 500 references & case studies demonstrating success 1,300+ Q4 optimized solutions from 330 leading partners 6,500 Business Partners seller and technical certifications © 2013 IBM Corporation

Challenges of Managed Service Providers Provide secure multi- tenant environments Develop new service portfolio offerings Adopt open cloud standards for choice & interoperability Evolve cloud infrastructure 11 Commission IT quickly to support growth Meet & exceed Service levels Control costs Provide multiple technology platforms © 2013 IBM Corporation

Accelerating value for managed service providers Even faster service delivery Services Solutions IBM or Certified Partner Integration Services IaaS Backup Patch Help Monitor Custom Infrastructure 12 Integrated reference configurations SaaS MSP’s own services and applications Build-to-order configurations © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM PureSystems accelerates New Cloud Deployments IaaS     Virtual Servers Managed storage Backup/Disaster Recovery VDI Infrastructure 13 PaaS/Saas/BPaaS  Dev/test environment  Mobile and Social Business Applications  Analytics/database services Application Platform Data Platform © 2013 IBM Corporation

for Transactions Optimized system delivering data services for transactions for Analytics Optimized system delivering data services for analytics for Operational Analytics Optimized system delivering data services for operational analytics 14 IBM Confidential until announce October 9, 2012 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Infrastructure for Managed Service Providers 15 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM PureFlex: Integrated Infrastructure Overview • Single point of management control for resource virtualization / systems management • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) - SmartCloud entry (private cloud) • End-to-End Life-Cycle Support • Single point of Contact • Best industry services organization and Certified Business Partner Network • x86 & POWER7+ • Higher VM density, more Memory • Designed to support the growth of future generations • Integrated, scalable, 3rd party storage virtualization • Real-time Compression, Tiering, Pooling • Choice of Networking: IBM, Cisco, Juniper & Brocade, across multiple protocols • Industry standard OpenFlow, 802.1 Qbg • Uncompromised I/O: 40Gb Ethernet, 16Gb Fibre Channel, and 56Gb Infiniband • Open Choice for compute, network, storage, OS and Hypervisors • Desktop Virtualization: VirtualBridges, Citrix, VMware and ISV solutions 16 16 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Flex System: Value of Infrastructure Components Building Blocks of IT • Ultimate performance for x86, POWER, and multi-tiered systems • Open Choice: Seamless integration into the datacenter you own • Support for multiple OS, Hypervisors, and open interoperability with non-IBM storage systems & networking providers • Workload designed systems: • • • • Virtualization and Cloud (dual hypervisor keys) Low Latency/High IOPs (320GB/s) High Performance (40Gb uplinks) Business Analytics (dedicated storage) • Infrastructure supporting multi fabrics, Ethernet/FCoE/Fibre Channel Investment Protection • Supports the next decade of growth in your datacenter: • • • • Chassis supports multiple 40Gb Ethernet Channels and 16Gb Fibre Channel Switches that allow you to grow as your I/O requirements change Designed to meet port and bandwidth requirements for the next decade Power and thermal designed to support higher wattage requirements of future processors, storage, I/O, networking, and management • Ethernet modules support the latest IEEE 802.1Qbg & OpenFlow standards 17 17 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM is uniquely positioned to offer value and choice You choose Infrastructure Components Beyond Blades • Investment protection • Designed for the next decade, no compromises • Works with your existing systems • Beyond blades • Compute, storage, networking, management • Designed and tested for inter-operation • Simplification • Management of physical and virtual domains • Single point of management • Competitive differentiation • Choice of architectures, hypervisors, operating systems • Leading management 18 Pre-integrated Integrated Infrastructure Delivering Infrastructure Services • Time to value • Pre-integrated, set up in as little as 4 hours • Pooled resources, deploy new services rapidly • New solutions and applications • Leading ERP, CRM, tens of thousands of available apps. • Key solutions e.g. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure • Simplification • Expert integrated system • IBM expertise from optimizing thousands of data centers • Competitive differentiation • Comprehensive – storage, networking, compute • Partner ecosystem © 2013 IBM Corporation

Only PureFlex and Flex System have open interoperability with the complexity of your data center X86 x86 Compute Power IBM • Power and Intel Architectures • Tens of thousands of applications Storage • IBM Storwize / XIV / DS8000 & more • Support for EMC, NetApp, HP, Hitachi EMC NetApp HP IBM Network • IBM Ethernet, FCoE, Inifiband, and Fibre Channel • Support for Cisco, Brocade, Juniper Juniper Cisco Brocade Windows OS • Tested and qualified on multiple OS: AIX, Linux, IBM i, and Windows AIX IBM i Linux PowerVM Hyper-V KVM Virtualization • Single point of control • Tested on PowerVM, KVM, VMware, MS Hyper-V VMware 19 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Flex System Manager – A Fully Integrated Management Solution Servers Network Storage Virtualization Analyze and Troubleshoot Optimize IBM Flex System Manager Deploy Server Monitor and Alert  Secure 20 Maintain and Update  EasyNetwork to Use  Integrated © 2013 IBM Corporation

System Networking Messaging: Faster & Smarter Converged Fabrics for Optimized Systems Speed for business responsiveness • Converged, loss-less 1/10/40G Ethernet RackSwitch • Up to 84% better price/performance & 11.5x lower latency • Faster Network responses = Faster application performances Intelligence nearest to servers and storage • Enable error-free migration of thousands of virtual machines using VMready virtualization-aware networking • Reduce cabling up to 86% while improving flexibility with IBM Virtual Fabric • Manage thousands of network switches simply with IBM Networking Element Manager (BHM) & Network Advisor Interoperable to work in the cloud • Preserve investments with certified interoperable and easy to manage fabrics that are designed to scale • Reduce acquisition and maintenance costs by up to 59% and save up to 72% on power 21 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Do we Interoperate with Cisco? YES IBM Networking OS •Standards-compliant IEEE & IETF protocols •Common OS on PureSystems, BladeCenter, and RackSwitch switches •Extensive IBM interoperability testing with Cisco, Juniper and others •Cisco-like command line interface – familiar to Cisco-trained admins IBM System Networking switches •14M+ Ethernet ports WW connecting servers, storage and other networks •IBM estimates millions of ports are connected & working with Cisco today •Over half of the Fortune 500 companies are using our switches Certified Interoperability with Cisco Catalyst and Nexus •2012 Tolly Group: Nexus and Catalyst Interoperability report •2010 Tolly Group: Nexus Interoperability report •2009 Tolly Group: Catalyst Interoperability report 22 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM PureFlex System Storage interoperability IBM Flex System Chassis Storage FSM IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node  Integrated virtualized IBM Flex System Storage IBM Flex System Storage Virtualization System infrastructure  Virtualize external Storage for greater data center efficiency and utilization  Avail in: Storwize V7000, IBM Flex System V7000, & SVC 23 IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node IBM Flex System Storage Interoperability  Broad set of IBM storage supported with IBM Flex System  Interop with 3rd party via Virtualization Direct Interoperability or via Storage Virtualization IBM Flex System FSM Storage Control     Discovery and Inventory Monitoring and Alerts Configuration Provisioning Via Storage Virtualization IBM Flex System FSM Advanced  Integrated virtualization management across server, storage, network  Image repository and management Storage provisioning for image creation, deployment, and cloning  System Pools  Integrated management of storage in lifecycle of defining and managing system pools  Virtual Image Cloning  Integrated storage provisioning and virtual image placement for new virtual machines Centralized management to reduces costs and complexity across server and storage DS8100, DS8300, DS8700, DS8800 XIV Storwize V7000 DS3400, DS3500, DS4100, DS4200, EMC, HP, Dell DS4300, DS4400, DS4500, DS4700, DS4800, DS5020, DS5100, DS5300,N3600, N3700, DS6800 N62xx, Included in Base Director © 2013 IBM Corporation

SmartCloud Entry End Users Self-Service Portal Service Request Catalog Provisioning Engine  Workflows  Expert Systems  Scripts Service Modules  Metering/Usage  Billing  Approvals  Easy to access, easy to use Service Request Catalog  Hides underlying complex infrastructure from user and shifts focus to services provided  Provides standardized and lower cost services  Facilitates granular level of services metering and billing  Workload standardization eases complexity  Eases transition to a utility ‘pay-as-you-go’ IT environment 24 Virtualized Cloud Infrastructure © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM PureSystems Solutions Offering Overview Summary CLOUD  Backup and Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure Cloud Solutions on PureFlex and Flex System • IBM PureFlex Solution for Cloud Backup and Recovery • Reference Architecture solution that leverages Tivoli Storage Manager to enable clients to deliver Cloud services with reliability • IBM Flex System Solution for Microsoft Hyper-V • Virtualization and “Cloud ready” reference architecture solutions, certified by Microsoft for small and medium businesses • IBM PureFlex Solution for SAP Business Suite • SAP Business Suite application reference architecture solutions for Cloud and bare metal deployments the enable faster provisioning and management efficiency MOBILE  Quickly deploy a cloud-ready mobile application • IBM® Mobile Application Platform Pattern for PureApplication System • Accelerates the deployment of the IBM Worklight server on IBM PureApplication Systems on POWER and x86 • IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure Solutions for Citrix XenDestop and VMware View • Enhanced Reference Architectures to extent Storage Solutions for PureFlex and Flex System 25 Delivering Cloud Application and Infrastructure Services © 2013 IBM Corporation

SOCIAL  Rapidly deploy your Social Business Platform with IBM Connections Pattern • •IBM Connections Pattern for PureApplication System • Enables client to rapidly deploy your Social Business Platform and reduces deployment time from 1-3 weeks to only 30 minutes for lower cost • IBM Connections Hypervisor Edition 4.0 (System Pattern) ANALYTICS  Gain business insights faster and speed application performance with IBM PureFlex, System x3950 and SAP • IBM Systems Solution for SAP Business Suite and HANA • Reference Architecture on PureFlex/Flex System and x3950 • Enables clients to optimize all elements of their SAP applications and accelerate business intelligence, analytics and reporting to near real time • IBM Flex System Solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator • Reference architecture and integrated offering for SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator on Flex System •Gives clients real time visibility into business operations Delivering Cloud Application and Infrastructure Services 26 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Samples of MSP solution offerings Managed IT Solutions MSP Delivered IT as a Service Remote Monitoring Cloud Service Delivery Managed Storage Backup and DR Services Software Services IBM SmartCloud Offerings Provisioning Monitoring Cost Management Infrastructure Optimized to deliver Cloud Services PureFlex Express, Standard or Enterprise Tivoli Storage Manager Recovery • Small (128 VMs), Medium (640 VMs) and Large (2176 VMs) reference configurations • Flex System Manager Node • IBM Networking • Storwise V7000 Storage • Choice of x86 or POWER 7+ Compute • IBM Lab Services or BP Service offerings Virtual Desktop Services Citrix XenDesktop VMware View Patch Manage through the Cloud 27 Control Desk Patch Management IBM Flex System – customizable choice • Choice of x86 or POWER 7+ Compute • IBM Networking (10GbE, FCoE, FC) • Flex System Manager Pre-integrated servers, storage, networking, virtualization and management Defined infrastructure configurations Deliver Help Desk Services Infrastructure components “Beyond Blades” Available in IBM SW catalog MSP Delivered Service © 2013 IBM Corporation

Promo dedicata a Service Providers 28 © 2013 IBM Corporation

MSP Flex System - Easy Start Promotion E’ una promo dedicata esclusivamente ai Manged Service Providers che permette di acquistare a solo 1 euro un IBM Flex System Chassis, insieme a delle predefinite opzioni riportate in tabella, se acquistato insieme ad almeno 1 nodo IBM Flex System x220, x240 o x440. La promo è valida fino al 31 Dicembre 2013. IBM si riserva il diritto di modificare o ritirare la promozione in qualsiasi momento. 29 © 2013 IBM Corporation

-PureSystems & System x Demo Days 10 Ottobre Roma IBM Executive Briefing Center, Via Sciangai 53, Roma 17 Ottobre Milano IBM Forum, Circonvallazione Idroscalo, Segrate 7 Novembre Bologna 14 Novembre Milano IBM Forum, Circonvallazione Idroscalo, Segrate - MSP Summit event @ STG university, Berlin, Oct 14-18 30 © 2013 IBM Corporation

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