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Published on December 4, 2013

Author: annalandolfi


Ridisegnare la strategia mobile del datacenter con IBM Mobile First Davide Albo: Mobile BusinessDevelopment MobileFirst Europe - IBM SWG Matteo Franciolli: WebSphere Technical Sales and Solutions – IBM SWG

AGENDA Mobile business overview - MobileFirst portfolio - IBM Worklight  Demo: Console  Demo: Application Center  Demo: Integration with IBM EndPoint Manager  Demo: Deploying on IPAS - IBM Worklight: other integration options - What they say about IBM Worklight 2 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Mobile is everywhere 1 2 3 4 5 3 Mobile is primary 91% of mobile users keep their device within arm’s reach 100% of the time Insights from mobile data provide new opportunities 75% of mobile shoppers take action after receiving a location based messages Mobile is about transacting 96% year to year increase in mobile cyber Monday sales between 2012 and 2011 Mobile must create a continuous brand experience 90% of users use multiple screens as channels come together to create integrated experiences Mobile enables the Internet of Things Global Machine-to-machine connections will increase from 2 billion in 2011 to 18 billion at the end of 2022 © 2013 IBM Corporation

And holds enormous opportunities Business to Enterprise • • • • • • • • 4 Increase worker productivity Improved claims processing Increase revenue with sales engagements Extend existing applications to mobile workers and customers Reducing fuel, gas, or fleet maintenance costs where relevant Increase employee and business partner responsiveness and decision making speed Resolve internal IT issues faster Reduce personnel cost (utilizing personal devices instead of corporate devices) Business to Consumer • Improve customer satisfaction • Deeper customer engagement and loyalty • Drive increased sales through Personalized offers • Customer service • Competitive differentiator • Improve brand perception • Deeper insight into customer buying behavior for up sell and cross sell • Improve in store experience with mobile concierge services © 2013 IBM Corporation

Creating business and IT challenges Enterprise Business Model Changes • New business opportunities based upon geolocation • Anytime, anywhere business transactions • Importance of social business interactions App Development Lifecycle Complexity • Complexity of multiple device platforms with fragmented Web, native, and hybrid model landscape • Connecting the enterprise back-end services in a secure and scalable manner • Unique mobile requirements (user interface, connected/disconnected use, version upgrades, etc.) • Faster time-to-market demands and iterative delivery Mobile Security and Management • Protection of privacy and confidential information • Use of client-owned smartphones and tablets • Visibility, Security & Management of mobile platform requirements 5 Top Mobile Adoption Concerns: 1. Security/privacy (53%) 2. Cost of developing for multiple mobile platforms (52%) 3. Integrating cloud services to mobile devices (51%) Source: 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report /blogs/techtrends/entry/home?lang=en © 2013 IBM Corporation

Mobile goes “deep” Building a mobile app seems straightforward, but a nice interface is just the tip of the tree. ~30% Overall Effort Integration Cross-Platform Development ~70% Security Catalog Management App Versioning 6 Push Notifications Analytics © 2013 IBM Corporation

MOBILE FIRST 7 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Expanding our mobile portfolio with new capabilities 125+ patents for wireless inventions in 2012, bringing the total to 270 1H 2013 1H 2012 Named leader in interactive design IBM acquired: IBM Worklight IBM acquired: Emptoris Rivermine Telecom Expense Management IBM acquired: Urban Code DevOps Platform IBM announced: Worklight named ‘Best Mobile Development Solution’ IBM announced: IBM Endpoint Manager for mobile devices IBM announced: IBM MessageSight IBM announced: IBM mobile cloud services IBM acquired: Tealeaf CX Mobile IBM announced: IBM Security Access Manager for Cloud and Mobile IBM announced: Managed Mobility and MAPM Services 8 2H 2012 IBM announced: IBM Connections Mobile © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM introduces the IBM MobileFirst offering portfolio Industry Solutions Insurance Retail Transport Telecom Government Healthcare Automotive IBM & Partner Applications Application & Data Platform Application Platform and Data Services Analytics Devices Security Network Management Analytics Development & Integration Services Strategy & Design Services Banking Servers Cloud & Managed Services 9 © 2013 IBM Corporation

The IBM Mobile Lifecycle Design & Develop Instrument Obtain Insight Integrate Manage Test Deploy 10 Scan & Certify © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight 11 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight Mobile Application Platform Overview Essential development, runtime and client device services Open standards-based development framework optimized for code re-use across device platforms. 12 Mobile application server provides mobile-specific administrative, notifications, analytics and security services while leveraging existing investments in data, applications and infrastructure Client device layer enables client-side security, enforces app upgrades, secures local storage and allows access © 2013 to device features. IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight Components overview iOS Worklight Studio Android HTML5, Hybrid, and Native Coding Integrated Device SDKs Blackberry Build Engine Optimization Framework 1 Windows Phone Development Team Provisioning Enterprise App Provisioning and Governance Windows 8 App Feedback Management Public App Stores Server Integration Framework Encrypted and Syncable Storage User authentication and mobile trust Adapter Library for backend connectivity 5 Client-Side App Resources Stats Aggregation JSON Translation Reporting for Statistics and Diagnostics 4 Worklight Server Mashups and service composition 3 Cross-Platform Compatibility Layer Runtime Skinning Mobile Web Desktop Web Enterprise Backend Systems & Cloud Services Device Runtime Java ME 3rd Party Library Integration 13 2 Worklight Application Center Application Code SDKs Feedback Management Worklight Console Direct Update Mobile Web Apps Reporting and Analytics App Version Management Push /SMS Management Unified Push Notifications © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight mobile application platform Speeding the development, testing, integration and management of mobile applications and infrastructure Accelerate Development • Web, hybrid, and native development: open, flexible, standard-based, multi-screen/omnichannel • Functional testing • Development lifecycle tools and integration IBM Worklight goes beyond mobile app UI creation to deliver mobile optimized, standards-based, middleware and tools for enterprise-grade mobile applications and services creation Facilitate App Security and Trust • Server-enforced authentication • App authenticity and user-app-device binding • Secure and syncable on-device storage • App version enforcement Enable User Engagement • Unified push and SMS notifications • Geolocation and context collections and intelligence • Mobile-friendly integration Support Mobile Analytics • Efficient acquisition of analytics data • Development, operational, and business analytics • Offline and online event management integration 14 "Best Mobile Development Solution" as voted by SIIA members for 2013 CODiE Awards © 2013 IBM Corporation

Multi-platform development with a shared codebase From the complexity of many… To the simplicity of one • Multiple sets of tools & frameworks • Four codebases to develop and maintain Apple 15 Android Blackberry • One development environment • One codebase to develop and maintain Windows Apple IBM Worklight Android Blackberry Windows © 2013 IBM Corporation

Controlled back-end integration From multiple point-to-point integrations To streamlined, transparent access • Multiple sets of integrations to enterprise resources to build and maintain • Worklight transforms enterprise data into mobile-friendly, JSON format • YOU manage caching, synchronization and end-to-end encryption • Worklight Server manages caching, data synchronization and end-to-end encryption App App DB ERP Engine Cloud Service ERP Engine DB SQL HTTP (REST, SOAP), JMS Cloud Service SAP HTTP, CAST IRON Worklight Adaptors WORKLIGHT SERVER JSON Apple Android Blackberry Windows Apple 16 Android Blackberry Windows © 2013 IBM Corporation

Centralized push notifications From the complexity of many… To the simplicity of one… Multiple sets of push services to manage Unified push management Microsoft Push Google Push Blackberry Push Apple Push Worklight Unified Push Framework SMS/MMS Brokers Apple Push Google Push Blackberry Push Microsoft Push SMS/MMS Brokers Android Windows Apple Blackberry 17 Feature Phones Apple Android Blackberry Windows Feature Phones © 2013 IBM Corporation

Multiple mobile application development models support BrowserApps Web Access Hybrid Apps - Web Hybrid Hybrid Apps - Mixed Mixed Hybrid Native Apps Written in HTML5 JavaScript and CSS3. Quick and cheap to develop, but less powerful than native. HTML5 code and Worklight runtime libraries packaged within the app and executed in a native shell. User augments web code with native language for unique needs and maximized user experience. Platform-specific. Requires unique expertise, pricy and long to develop. Can deliver higher user experience. Native Shell Native Shell Native Application Mobile Browser 1001010101011101001010 0100101011101001001101 0101010100100100101111 0010011001010101001010 1010100101010101010101 0101011111100000101010 1010101001001010101010 1010001111010100011110 1010011101010111110010 1101111010001011001110 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC <html> <! - - created 2003-12-12 <head><title>XYZ</title> </head> <body> </p> </body> </html> Browser Access 18 Web Native <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC <html> <! - - created 2003-12-1 <head><title>XYZ</title </head> </body> </html> <!DOCTY PE html PUBLIC created 2003-12 </p> </body> </html> 1001010 1010111 0100101 0101010 1010010 0100101 1110010 0110010 Device APIs Web Code Web Code Device APIs Device APIs Downloadable Downloadable Downloadable © 2013 IBM Corporation

Integrated Mobile Functional Testing  Comprehensive, complete, resilient functional testing  Android and iOS, native and hybrid  Record, edit, and run on mobile devices  Same test runs across multiple devices in the platform family  Natural language scripts can be used by developers and non-developers alike  Streamlined, four-step process 1. Record 2. Author 3. Playback 19 Improve quality and time-tovalue with consistent high quality across your mobile application portfolio 4. Report © 2013 IBM Corporation

Worklight Server- Adapters Universality • Supports multiple integration technologies and back-end information systems Query Read-only & Transactional Capabilities Response • Adapters support read-only and transactional access modes to back-end systems Update data 3 2 Caching Mechanism SQL JMS HTTP Cast Iron Worklight 1 Invoke adapter procedure Data/Result as JSON 4 Fast Development • Defined using simple XML syntax • Easily configured with JavaScript APIs Security • Flexible authentication APIs for back-end connections • Connected user identity control Transparency • Uniform exposure of back-end data for all adapter types 20 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM WORKLIGHT Demo: Console 21 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight Components overview iOS Worklight Studio Android HTML5, Hybrid, and Native Coding Integrated Device SDKs Blackberry Build Engine Optimization Framework 1 Windows Phone Development Team Provisioning Enterprise App Provisioning and Governance Windows 8 App Feedback Management Public App Stores Server Integration Framework Encrypted and Syncable Storage User authentication and mobile trust Adapter Library for backend connectivity 5 Client-Side App Resources Stats Aggregation JSON Translation Reporting for Statistics and Diagnostics 4 Worklight Server Mashups and service composition 3 Cross-Platform Compatibility Layer Runtime Skinning Mobile Web Desktop Web Enterprise Backend Systems & Cloud Services Device Runtime Java ME 3rd Party Library Integration 22 2 Worklight Application Center Application Code SDKs Feedback Management Worklight Console Direct Update Mobile Web Apps Reporting and Analytics App Version Management Push /SMS Management Unified Push Notifications © 2013 IBM Corporation

App version Management • Remote Disable: Deny access to an app of a specific version on a specific environment – Ensure users use the latest security fixes – Avoid using previously installed old versions that are no longer supported 23 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Mobile Analytics Dashboards 25 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM WORKLIGHT Demo: Application Center 26 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight Components overview iOS Worklight Studio Android HTML5, Hybrid, and Native Coding Integrated Device SDKs Blackberry Build Engine Optimization Framework 1 Windows Phone Development Team Provisioning Enterprise App Provisioning and Governance Windows 8 App Feedback Management Public App Stores Server Integration Framework Encrypted and Syncable Storage User authentication and mobile trust Adapter Library for backend connectivity 5 Client-Side App Resources Stats Aggregation JSON Translation Reporting for Statistics and Diagnostics 4 Worklight Server Mashups and service composition 3 Cross-Platform Compatibility Layer Runtime Skinning Mobile Web Desktop Web Enterprise Backend Systems & Cloud Services Device Runtime Java ME 3rd Party Library Integration 27 2 Worklight Application Center Application Code SDKs Feedback Management Worklight Console Direct Update Mobile Web Apps Reporting and Analytics App Version Management Push /SMS Management Unified Push Notifications © 2013 IBM Corporation

Application Center A cross-platform, private mobile app store: (Android, iOS, BlackBerry) • During development for early builds feed-back and reviews from stakeholders • Production-ready for deployment to employees • Supports versioning and updates • Centralizes rating and feed-back • LDAP integration of users and groups for access lists and app review, management and installation • Easy to integrate and simple to run • Integrates with IBM EndPoint Manager for Mobile Device for production deployment 28 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Application Center Mobile Client  Redesigned mobile client  New UI  Tablet form factor  Improved navigation (sort, …)  New push notifications for updates  Favorite apps across devices  Enhanced review & feed-back  View all on mobile client  Apps filtered per mobile OS and per mobile type (iPad vs iPhone)  Improved command line tools  Support of Federated User repositories on WAS 7 29 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Over-the-air (OTA) installation 30 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Feedback and version management 31 © 2013 IBM Corporation

App Center console feed-back views 32 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight – Typical Topology https • Cross Platform Technology Corporate DMZ Web SSO Server • Security and Authentication • Back-end Data Integration • Post-deployment control and Diagnostics https Application Code Device Runtime User Load Balancer Worklight Server Corporate LAN Worklight Cluster Worklight Database JSON Translation Authentication Adapter Library Backend 1 33 Stats Aggregation Server-side Application Code Client-side App Resources Direct Update Mobile Web Apps Unified Push Notifications Backend 2 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM WORKLIGHT Demo: Integration with EndPoint Manager 34 © 2013 IBM Corporation

The IBM Mobile Foundation • 2 pillars – mobile middleware & MDM • IBM Worklight for mobile app development, connectivity and management • IBM EndPoint Manager for mobile devices for device and application management key to BYOD! Mobile Application Management (MAM) Mobile Device Management (MDM) Worklight based apps 35 Any apps © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM EndPoint Manager for mobile devices • Enable password policies • Enable device encryption • Force encrypted backup • Disable iCloud sync • Access to corporate email, apps, VPN, WiFi contingent on policy compliance! Secured by BigFix policy End User • Personal Mail / Calendar • Personal Apps Corporate Profile • Enterprise Mail / Calendar • Enterprise Access (VPN/WiFi) • Enterprise Apps (App store or Custom) VPN / WiFi Encryption Enabled • Selectively wipe corporate data if employee leaves company iCloud iCloud Sync • Fully wipe if lost or stolen 36 Corporate Network Access iTunes Sync © 2013 IBM Corporation

How does Endpoint Manager manage mobile devices?  Agent-based Management ‒ Android via native BigFix agent ‒ iOS via Apple’s MDM APIs  Email-based management through Exchange and Lotus Traveler ‒ Supported platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Symbian Category Endpoint Manager Capabilities Platform Support Management Actions Selective wipe, full wipe, deny email access, remote lock, user notification, clear passcode Application Management Application inventory, enterprise app store, whitelisting, blacklisting, Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Policy & Security Management Password policies, device encryption, jailbreak & root detection Location Services Track devices and locate on map Enterprise Access Management 37 Apple iOS, Google Android, Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile Configuration of Email, VPN, Wi-fi Expense Management Enable/disable voice and data roaming © 2013 IBM Corporation

A “Single Device View” enables administrators and helpdesk personnel to easily view device details and take required action 38 © 2013 IBM Corporation 1

Mobile Foundation Integration Scenario: Worklight + Endpoint Manager 1 Build app in Worklight 2 Export to Endpoint Manager App Store 3 Distribute App to Employees E’ possibile importare ed integrare applicazioni proprietarie e di terze parti (Apple, Android) attraverso l’Enterprise App Store E’ possibile integrare e distribuire direttamente app definite in Worklight attraverso l’Enterprise App Store, migliorando il workflow tra lo sviluppo e le Operations impegnate nella distribuzione del SW 39 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM WORKLIGHT Demo Deploy on IPAS 40 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Worklight su IBM PureApplication System • Il pattern Worklight Virtual Application permette di poter effettuare un deplyment in cloud rapidamente, utilizzando standard tecnologici e consistenti • • 41 Deploiare sia l’IBM Worklight Server che l’IBM Worklight Application Center per IBM PureApplication System L’integrazione con Worklight Studio consente la distribuzione diretta dall’ambiente di sviluppo in modalità grafica © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM WORKLIGHT: Other integration Options 42 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM MobileFirst Offering Portfolio IBM Worklight integration options IBM WebSphere Cast Iron IBM Integration Bus A Worklight adapter expedites mobile applications connectivity challenges. Includes patterns that automate the generation of mobile services, adapters, and sample mobile applications within Worklight IBM WebSphere Datapower Out of the box patterns for web and mobile applications, including Worklight IBM Business Process Manager Includes Worklight to build BPM applications for mobile, and exemplar toolkit for mobile-ready coach controls IBM CICS IBM Operational Decision Manager New CICS Mobile Pack includes JSON data and RESTful interface for simple and efficient mobile device integration Supports dynamic remote invocation of business rules from mobile applications through Worklight connector IBM Web Experiences IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager provide integrated, personalized and dynamic content to your Worklight apps 43 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM WORKLIGHT: What they say about Worklight 44 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight Platform Benefits Breakdown By Category Source: Forrester, April 2013 45 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight rated “LEADER” by Gartner (2013) Strengths “ …designed to enable organizations to use existing Web skills with automation of many mobile requirements” “ …complemented by IBM's overall portfolio of Web, cloud and connectivity capabilities” “IBM has contributed substantially to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards work (including co-chairing the HTML5 Working Group), Cordova (PhoneGap) and Dojo, all frameworks that are accommodated by Worklight” “Gartner expects that Worklight will play a central role going forward” 46 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Aug IBM Confidential ust 9, 201 © Copyright IBM Corporation 2012. All rights reserved. The information contained in these materials is provided for informational purposes only, and is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind, express or implied. IBM shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of the use of, or otherwise related to, these materials. Nothing contained in these materials is intended to, nor shall have the effect of, creating any warranties or representations from IBM or its suppliers or licensors, or altering the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement governing the use of IBM software. References in these materials to IBM products, programs, or services do not imply that they will be available in all countries in which IBM operates. Product release dates and/or capabilities referenced in these materials may change at any time at IBM’s sole discretion based on market opportunities or other factors, and are not intended to be a commitment to future product or feature availability in any way. IBM, the IBM logo, Rational, the Rational logo, Telelogic, the Telelogic logo, and other IBM products and services are trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation, in the United States, other countries or both. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. 47 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Backup 48 © 2013 IBM Corporation


Air Canada: Perfecting the art of self-service. How self-service helped an airline transform their brand Challenges Air Canada put itself in the shoes of its customers and asked, “Why are we doing this? Why is that process like this? Why is it taking so long?” in order to determine what it could do to innovate and make it simpler for them. Solution   Multi-channel Mobile customer experience leveraging iPhone, Blackberry and Mobile Web interfaces that use a common back-end services layer built on SOA principles Mobile Applications supporting 3 LOBs: Air Canada, Air Canada Cargo, and Air Canada Vacations Benefits  “With our multi-channel platform, we have reduced our check-in cost by 80%. What used to take us six to eight weeks to push a new release, now we are able to do in 72 hours. Everything that has to do with development in testing, we at least saved 50% of the time.” — Patrice Ouellette, Director of Customer 50 Solutions and Innovations, Air Canada   Approximate 80% reduction in per-check-in cost compared to traditional counter check-in Greater than 50% reduction in time required to launch new services or channels through the reuse of existing service assets Increased customer loyalty by virtue of more compelling and “stickier” self-service options like real-time notification Home © 2013 IBM Corporation

ING Direct creates a “bank branch in your pocket” Challenges ING Direct was looking to take mobile development in-house and improve their mobile offerings to drive more business through the mobile channel. This was especially critical to ING Direct US as they are an online-only bank. Solution ING Direct US chose IBM Worklight to develop and manage their consumer mobile applications. They leveraged functionality that originated from their mobile web site in a way that is seamless to the end user, and they use device features to implement unique mobile capabilities, such as camera-based remote check deposit. Their applications are available in both the Apple App Store and Android Market. Benefits New customer experience with mobile as the 51 channel Creates new revenue generation opportunity Simplify consumer experiences Re-use existing mobile-optimized web content Support multiple mobile platforms consistently © 2013 IBM Corporation on a tight schedule

Rohde & Schwarz cuts mobile development costs by 60 percent The IBM Worklight platform facilitates rapid mobile application development Challenges Rohde & Schwarz wanted to create a mobile enterprise infrastructure that would help it support multiple devices and create applications for customers, partners and employees Solution Using the IBM® Worklight® mobile platform, the organization can develop and deploy hybrid HTML5 applications to deliver content across multiple mobile platforms Benefits “After lots of evaluations, we decided that Worklight seems to fit best with our environment and our needs. Now we are able to deliver exceptional apps in weeks instead of months.” ~Manfred Metz, corporate mobility manager, Rohde & Schwarz 52  Reduces multiplatform development costs by 60 percent when developing for five platforms  Provides open interfaces, letting Rohde & Schwarz connect to and use resources within its existing infrastructure  Shortens time to market with hybrid application development across multiple mobile operating systems © 2013 IBM Corporation

TBC Corporation creates a consistent mobile user experience IBM Worklight software reduces time to market for mobile applications Challenges TBC Corporation wanted to ensure that its customers had a consistent experience whether they visited the company’s websites from a PC or a mobile device. Solution TBC implemented IBM® Worklight software, which helps enable the company to write a single instance of code that it can deploy on multiple mobile device platforms, such as Android and Mac iOS. Benefits “Our mobile application portfolio requires complete flexibility of the UI so we can address customer needs in our user experience with total control. The IBM Worklight platform allows us to manage that through standard web development technologies.” — John Anthony Capriotti, vice president for e-commerce and web, TBC Corporation 53  Significantly shortens the time to market for mobile applications  Supports a consistent user experience across channels and platforms  Reduces the time and resources required for mobile application development © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight Capability: Direct Update 54 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight Capability: Hybrid Applications 55 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Worklight Capability: Application Center 56 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Licenze WL Enterprise Mobile Foundation CI EP WL Consumer CI  Per client device  Server install Server install ( non production env.)  Per application  Per application (additional brand) Software for IBM Mobile  Per client device  Server install Enterprise WL Server install ( non production env.) Worklight Consumer WL  Per application  Per application (additional brand) Developer Enterprise Consumer 57 WL  Not for production Numero illimitato di app, numero predefinito di mobile devices, numero illimitato di mobile OS Numero illimitato di utenti, numero illimitato di mobile devices WL Worklight CI Cast Iron EP Endpoint Manager © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM SmartCloud Application Services for Mobile Applications Cloud Services L. Meroni - G. Avella

IBM MobileFirst Offering Portfolio - Services Strategy & Design Services Industry Solutions Development & Integration Services IBM and Partner Applications Mobile Development & Testing Mobile Strategy Accelerator Application & Data Platform Mobile Application Integration Mobile Infrastructure Strategy and Planning Enterprise Mobile Enablement Network Planning & Design for Mobile Omni-channel Experience Assessment Mobile Application Management Management Security Analytics Mobile Web Experience Design Devices Network Network Integration Services for Mobile Servers Cloud and Managed Services SmartCloud Enterprise & SmartCloud App Svcs Mobile Application Platform Management Mobile Device and Security Management Network Management for Mobile UCC for Mobile GTS Services 59 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM SmartCloud Application Services, our Platform as a Service, supports the full lifecycle of application development Deploy Develop • SmartCloud Application Services, IBM’s platform as a service offering, runs on top of and deploys virtual resources to IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, our infrastructure as a service offering Deliver IBM SmartCloud SmartCloud Application services: platform as a service • SCAS makes application development and deployment faster, easier and more cost effective through: • Application lifecycle Application resources Application environments Application management Integration preconfigured suites of cloud-based development tools • Workload patterns for middleware and databases • Customers access SCAS via the SCE portal under the “service instances” tab SmartCloud Enterprise: infrastructure as a service • SCAS is included in the SCE contract: nothing separate to sign Infrastructure platform 60 Management and support Availability and performance Security Payment and billing © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM SmartCloud Application Services includes two primary services Develop Deploy Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service (CLMS) • • • Deliver Workload Deployment Service (SCAWS) Based on Rational Manage requirements and quality Centralized tool for collaborative development • Based on WebSphere Workload Deployer • Automatic release of Application Patterns (database, Java, Web and Mobile apps) • Integrate Middleware Services • Resources Elastic Scaling Benefits • Quick-adoption for new teams , projects , startup • • • • • 61 No Capex investments ( Hardware & Software) Self-service resources provisioning with IBM IaaS service (SmartCloud Enterprise) Pattern-based application development Full DEV-OPS Cycle Pay per use © 2013 IBM Corporation

SCAS Workload Service extends the value of IaaS Virtual machine image Virtual system pattern Virtual application pattern Application Application (Meta) Data (Meta) Data Middleware Application Runtime (Meta) Data Operating system Runtime Application Operating system (Meta) Data Runtime Middleware Application (Meta) Data Runtime Middleware Infrastructure service (IaaS) • Full software stack control (root access) and responsibility • Images created through extend/capture or import • Traditional server administration and management model • Enables reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) through infrastructure elasticity, automation and standardization Operating system Platform service (PaaS) Platform service (PaaS) Extends IaaS service with: • Automated deployment of complex systems using patterns and scripted install of software components • A portfolio of hypervisor enabled images • Allows further TCO and time to value reductions by leveraging and reusing system patterns Included in 62 Middleware Operating system Monitoring & lifecycle management • Highly automated application deployments using expertly integrated, policy-driven application patterns • No responsibility for or access to infrastructure components • Includes monitoring, logging and lifecycle management services • Provides an application platform with automated lifecycle services Included in © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM SmartCloud Application Services is based on IBM Workload Deployer technology and leverages IBM WebSphere, IBM DB2, IBM Worklight and IBM Rational products. Service categories Application lifecycle Application resources Service/features SmartCloud® foundation technology • Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service • Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 Rational Team Concert 4.0 Rational Requirements Composer 4.0 Rational Quality Manager 4.0 • Workload service • IBM Transactional Database Pattern Virtual databases Based on DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 9.7 FP5 and 10.1 • IBM Data Mart Pattern Based on DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 9.7 FP5 and 10.1 • Workload service Application environments Virtual applications Virtual systems • IBM Virtual Application Pattern for Mobile (Worklight V6.0) • IBM Workload Deployer • IBM Web Application Pattern Based on IBM WebSphere Application Server v8.0.0.3, Transactional DB Pattern and and IBM Tivoli Directory Server Version 6.3 (LDAP) • IBM Application Pattern for Java V1.0 Based on IBM SDK for Java Version 7 Application integration • Complementary IBM offerings Infrastructure 63 1Highly • SmartCloud Enterprise • • • • Scaling policies (Shared services based on WebSphere technology) HVE1 Images for Virtual Systems Pure Application Systems Cast Iron • KVM2 hypervisor • RHEL Linux, 64-bit • x86 virtualized environment (HVE); 2Kernal-based virtual machine (KVM). NOTE: This list is subject to change at any time.. © 2013 IBM Corporation

Mobile Application Pattern Demo Service Trial activation (here) additional info 64 © 2013 IBM Corporation

65 © 2013 IBM Corporation

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