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Published on November 7, 2013

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Contents  What is driving clients to change?  What are our clients doing to change the world?  What is IBM‟s strategy in the Growth Markets?  How is IBM investing to help our clients?  What does the future hold? 2 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Section 1 WHAT IS DRIVING CLIENTS TO CHANGE? © 2013 IBM Corporation

Several major macro trends impacting Growth Markets clients… $6 trillion in government & private spending 3.3 billion people live in cities today 4 93% of the middle class will be from emerging markets 82% of GDP gains from 2013 to 2016 50% of gross domestic trade Growth Markets is 86% of the world population Brazil, Russia, India & China still largest economies © 2013 IBM Corporation

…coupled with accelerated numbers of social networks are driving a deluge of unmined data and an untapped competitive edge 5 © 2013 IBM Corporation

…customers and citizens, better informed on company and government policy, are demanding greater accountability. This is forcing enterprises and governments to rethink the end-to-end client experience… 6 © 2013 IBM Corporation

In response, leaders are redefining their agendas and reprioritizing investments focused on reshaping business models to meet the needs of clients 7 © 2013 IBM Corporation


Case Study: Banorte-Ixe, Mexico Transforms operational processes, risk models and IT infrastructure in its client-centric banking model - enabling the bank to know, and service, its 20 million customers as individuals. Business Solution Better utilize Big Data, analytics, cloud computing and social business "At Banorte-Ixe we start today with a solid business foundation that has positioned us as the third Bank in the Mexican market. We know it is time to move to the next level and evolve totally focused on our clients. We are fully satisfied with the agreement reached with IBM as it joins the best talent, both from the ranks of IBM and Banorte-Ixe, and is in line with our ongoing search for technological tools necessary to attract, retain and serve our customers in an individualized manner always with the best service and attention, keeping us at the forefront of innovation. We are confident that this collaboration with a leading global company will help us to improve and meet our goals“. 20% return on equity by creating a new customercentric banking model 40% Close to in improved efficiencies across the bank Personalized products & services – unique to each customer Alejandro Valenzuela, CEO, Grupo Financiero Banorte 9 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Case Study: Sichuan Geophysical Company of Petroleum Administration Bureau (SCGC) China Integrates seismic and geological data from multiple sources, and uses advanced modeling to quickly and more effectively make decisions to increase oil exploration and production. Business Solution Better utilize Big Data, analytics, cloud computing and social business “Today many of the systems and processes associated with the oil and gas industry are not efficient enough to be sustainable. An oil field exploration can generate one terabyte of data daily, and a petroleum engineer may devote up to 70 percent or more of time mining this data. In order to increase our seismic imaging capabilities, reduce the risk of drilling “dry holes” and leverage our vast geographical region faster, we need to analyze at least seven times more data and do that much faster than before.” Deng Yali, Deputy Chief Engineer, SCGC. 10 Avoids dry hole drilling to improve energy affordability Reduced turn around times on Data Analysis cycle from 27 days to 7 days Renders large amounts of complex data in more intuitive ways for better decision making and production effectiveness © 2013 IBM Corporation

Case Study: Qantas Australia Qantas, the leading airline in Australia, created an automated, mobile check-in system that streamlines and improves the passenger experience Business Solution Better utilize Big Data, analytics, cloud computing and social business 11 “Next Generation Check-in provides our customers with a smarter, faster check-in experience and we're excited to be delivering this technology for customers in our regional ports. The Q Bag Tag is a cutting edge innovation and Qantas is proud to be the first airline to introduce this world-leading technology to our customers.” Mr Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas. Nearly 100% faster in Pre-departure process through efficient and automated Next Generation Kiosks 60-75% reduction in check-in times for domestic travelers across Australia Improved brand loyalty through a faster, better passenger experience © 2013 IBM Corporation

Case Study: Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia Is implementing a Public Health Solution that provides health professionals with tools to better protect the health of the Kingdom‟s citizens. Business Solution Better utilize Big Data, analytics, cloud computing and social business 12 1 October 2013 “HESN will enhance the public health across the Kingdom and contribute to the unification of efforts toward better health for individuals, families and communities. The program will also provide health professionals and decision makers with accurate information that enables them to offer high-level services.” Dr. Abdullah Al-Wehaibi, adviser to the minister and general supervisor of ICT More than 180,000 immunizations and more than 1,000 investigations done in seven months A more secure easy to use application to collect, share and analyze health information. Enhanced tracking capabilities to record and forecast immunizations – tracking exact locations of vaccines. © 2013 IBM Corporation

Case Study: Jet Airways India Jet Airways India uses advanced analytics to accurately calculate and report aircraft emissions, enabling rapid decision making and ultimately reducing the impact the airline has on the environment Business Solution Better utilize Big Data, analytics, cloud computing and social business 13 “Two years ago, we engaged IBM to help us transform our core IT Infrastructure to keep pace with rapid business growth projections and add to our competitiveness in the marketplace. Since then, our relationship with IBM has grown from strength to strength, allowing us to save approximately $6 million per annum currently.” Sudheer Raghavan,Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Airways. $6M in savings per annum due to the transformation of the core IT Infrastructure Can evaluate Carbon footprint at the fleet and aircraft levels. Most eco-friendly operations in the industry. Advanced analytics map the carriers carbon emissions and fuel usage. © 2013 IBM Corporation


IBM‟s Growth Markets Unit (GMU) is organized into eight Growth Market Teams with headquarters in Shanghai Central & Eastern Europe Korea Greater China India South Asia Latin America Middle East Africa 15 ASEAN Australia, New Zealand © 2013 IBM Corporation

The Growth Markets is one of IBM‟s 4 key growth initiatives and is on track to meet the goals set in the 2015 roadmap Growth Markets 2015 Roadmap Objectives Growth Markets 2012 Performance 2010–2015 ~ $17B incremental revenue Grow faster than market SMARTER PLANET CLOUD COMPUTING BUSINESS ANALYTICS >30 countries grew double digits Outpace Major Markets growth > 8 points Outpaced Major Markets by 8 points Approach 30% of IBM geographic revenue GROWTH MARKETS 80% of IBM ‟10 – ‟12 revenue growth 24% of IBM geographic revenue Drive margin expansion 61% of IBM ‟10 – ‟12 gross profit growth* *Sum of geographic profit not equal to IBM gross profit 16 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Growth Markets success is due to 3 strategies: expanding market reach; developing IT infrastructure; and leading in key industries Rapidly growing economies, urbanization and a demographic shift are impacting most industries and create a high demand for industry Industry Leadership expertise More than half of all global Internet users are in emerging IT Infrastructure Development markets1 440 emerging-market cities, very few of them “megacities”, will account for close to half of expected global GDP growth between 2010 and 20252 Market Expansion By Geography By Category By Client Growth Markets Strategy 1 Winning the $30 trillion decathlon: Going for gold in emerging markets, McKinsey Quarterly, August 2012 the potential of emerging-market cities, McKinsey Quarterly, September 2012 2 Unlocking 17 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Market Expansion – By Geography By prioritizing 20 countries, market expansion has been more effective with growth in these 20 countries outpacing the growth markets overall Russia Russi a Poland Czech Republic South Korea China Mexico Taiwan UAE Vietnam Saudi Arabia Philippines India Thailand Brazil Malaysia Singapore Australia Indonesia South Africa Chile PRIORITIZATION CRITERIA • IT Market Size & Growth • Physical Infrastructure • IT as a % of GDP • Political Environment • Economic Recovery • Macro-economic 18 • Business Environment • Human Capital • Government Effectiveness © 2013 IBM Corporation

Market Expansion – By Geography IBM‟s market expansion goes where the IT opportunities are biggest by also moving outside major countries and cities IT opportunity outside major cities: GMU 53%, China 64%, India 59%1 Casablanca Monterrey Mexico City Guadalajara Barranquilla Caracas Medellin Valenci Cal Bogota a Quito i Kuala Lumpur Fortaleza Recife Salvador Belo Horizonte Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo Porto Alegre Montevideo Buenos Aires Lima Arequipa Antofagasta Tucuman Cordob Mendozaa Santiago Riga Moscow Warsaw Prague Kiev Budapest Bucharest Zagreb Sofia Seoul Istanbul Beijing Lahore Busan Tunis Islamabad Delhi Cairo Shanghai Karachi Guangzhou Mumbai Dubai Hanoi Bangkok Manila Bangalore Singapore Jakarta Brasilia Darwin Perth Cape Town Johannesburg Durban Brisbane Perth Auckland Canberra Melboure Wellington Hobart Christchurch IBM‟s geographic expansion initiative includes: 19 1 IBM Market Insights estimate • • • • New branches and facilities Recruitment of new staff Recruitment of business partners Investment in training, marketing and citizenship programs © 2013 IBM Corporation

Market Expansion – By Geography In 2012 IBM opened 144 new branches in high-growth cities and regions to tap markets beyond the major cities Poland: Katowice & Wroclaw Mexico: Puebla In Mexico, the new Puebla office is IBM‟s sixth in Mexico after those in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro and Toluca. Qatar: Dohar The opening of a new branch office in Doha demonstrates IBM „s investment in the Middle East and the opportunities presented by high growth rates and an increasingly competitive market. Traditionally known for mining and heavy industry, today these cities have seen an increase in high-tech and growth in the small and medium sized business sector. Morocco: Rabat offices across Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in 2012 as part of a major initiative to capture regional business growth and increase its presence in the fastest growing markets in the world. A new office in Rabat enhances the company‟s existing Casablanca operation and strengthens IBM‟s ability to provide solutions and services to a rapidly expanding base of customers and partners. China: Yantai & Yinchuan India: Ludhiana The Ludhiana (Punjab) branch is IBM's seventh new office to be opened in India in the past 12 months. It follows Coimbatore, Indore, Guwahati, Dehradun, Raipur and Visakhapatnam. Brazil: Caxias do Sul Caxais do Sul has experienced strong economic growth in recent years becoming an important exporter of rolling stock, automotive parts and machinery. 20 Russia: Voronezh, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Krasnodar IBM opened 10 new branch Vietnam: Da Nang Da Nang is one of Vietnam‟s key economic, cultural, scientific and technological centers. In recent years, the Da Nang government has turned to technology to help enhance the quality of public services. IBM opened two new branch offices in the Chinese cities of Yantai and Yinchuan, bringing its total number of locations in the country to over 50. Philippines: Pampanga IBM opened a new branch in Pampanga, Central Luzon – a region which has two of the country‟s premier economic zones – Clark and Subic Bay Freeport Zones - and other industrial areas that generate jobs and revenue for the country. © 2013 IBM Corporation

Market Expansion – By Geography IBM accelerates the building of client relationships by recruiting trusted Business Partners in new markets Marketing & Training Over $1 billion invested by IBM in joint marketing efforts and training programs Expertise 133,000+ professional certifications held by Business Partners Financing of Partner Clients In November 2012, IBM announced $4 billion for its global ecosystem of Business Partners in financing for credit-qualified clients – 25% located in the growth markets. Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner Partner IBM Growth Markets Unit has over 64,900 Business Partners Note: each Partner arrow represents approximately 3,000 IBM Business Partners 21 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Market Expansion – By Category The social, mobile and data explosions are driving growth markets companies to embrace cloud, big data & analytics, mobile and social Enterprise Mobility Urbanization Billions of Devices & Sensors Mobile Connectivity Cloud Demographic Shift Billions of People Collaborating Economic Rebalancing 22 Data Explosion Social Networking Big Data & Analytics Social Business © 2013 IBM Corporation

Market Expansion – By Category What are big data & analytics, enterprise mobility, social business, and cloud? Collect Data Make Mobile Call Build social network Public or private cloud +Interconnect Social Data +Relevant context +Share ideas + Rapidly scalable IT resources +Analyze Data (in real-time) +Consistent brand experience +Respond to issues +Pay for what you use +Recognize Patterns ______________________ +Secure, trusted transaction __________________________ +Locate knowledge __________________________ +Self-service access __________________________ =Unlock Insights =Incremental revenue =Create advocates =Efficient & Agile IT solutions +Predict the Future +Execute Next Best Action 23 +Build relationships +Find better employees, faster © 2013 IBM Corporation

Market Expansion – By Category Countries and companies in the growth markets are leapfrogging legacy technologies and embracing the new worlds of big data, mobile, social & cloud BIG DATA & ANALYTICS In China, RenRen Games is using big data & analytics to better understand player demands and improve game design. MOBILE ENTERPRISE In China, Lenovo preinstalls 3 IBM mobile apps into it‟s enterprise tablet to enhance social business functions. MOBILE ENTERPRISE Daegu Health College in South Korea is using IBM mobile solutions to deploy mobile apps and meet the growing demands of its students. CLOUD In Sri Lanka, Lanka Bell is a privately owned telecommunication operator that has adopted IBM SmartCloud Provisioning to help revamp and advance its existing IT infrastructure. SOCIAL BUSINESS In Korea, Kyobo Life Insurance deploys IBM social business software to enhance collaboration among employees. BIG DATA & ANALYTICS In Brazil, AES Sul, an electric power company that serves 118 cities, is using Big Data Analytics software to identify fraud. CLOUD SOCIAL BUSINESS In South Africa, McDonalds is using IBM social business software to facilitate its expansion into new markets. 24 In Philippines, MediCard, a health maintenance organization (HMO) has selected IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Object Storage to deliver faster and easier access to electronic patient health records. © 2013 IBM Corporation

Market Expansion – By Client IBM is unlocking new opportunities within our client base by creating capabilities for marketing, finance and other line of business buyers Logistics Human Resources Customer Service Technology & Product Development Sales Finance Marketing © 2013 IBM Corporation

Market Expansion – By Client IBM‟s solutions for Lines of Business address the challenges faced by non-IT personnel in these rapidly growing markets MANUFACTURING ASSET MANAGEMENT ZA Pulawy, a fertilizer/chemical company in Poland, boosted manufacturing effectiveness by automating asset management using IBM Maximo and FileNet solutions. MARKETING - CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT Vectra Group in Poland uses IBM Unica to manage multichannel marketing campaigns targeted at cable TV, broadband Internet and fixed-line telephony subscribers. MARKETING SEGMENTATION FINANCE – BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Cora Romania, a retailer in Romania, deployed IBM SPSS to align product offerings with customer preferences through optimized segmentation. The Bangkok Hospital Group in uses IBM Cognos TM1 software to provide detailed reporting on operating performance, margins and rates of returns on investments. RISK - EXPOSURE Cetip, the leading marketplace for private fixed income securities and OTC derivatives in Latin America, chose IBM Algo Market Risk to calculate exposure associated with OTC derivatives positions. SUPPLY CHAIN OPTIMIZATION Kordsa, a nylon and polyester yarn, cord fabric and single end cord producer in Turkey, uses IBM ILOG to optimize management of its supply chain through better planning and scheduling. 26 HUMAN RESOURCES – STAFF TURNOVER Deloitte Australia is hoping to reduce staff turnover by identifying employees who are likely to leave the firm through the use of IBM SPSS predictive analytics software. FINANCE - CASH FLOW FORECASTING To help Australia Post overcome the problem of manual cash flow forecasting, it decided to implement IBM‟s SPSS predictive analytics software and Cognos TM1 enterprise planning software © 2013 IBM Corporation

IT Infrastructure Development Interactions between billions of devices, sensors and people requires powerful hardware, integrated software and industry-expert services SITUATION REQUIREMENTS Hardware Urbanization Massivescale Data Processing Billions of Devices & Sensors Demographic Shift • Efficiently handle massive data volumes, with minimal risk and maximum scalability • Efficient storage that handles data growth • Accelerate time to market and improve efficiency using cloud Software (for IT and Line of Business) Integrated Enterprise Software Billions of People Collaborating • Convert massive amounts of data into high quality decisions • Improve collaboration, with everyone • Deliver enterprise mobility • Build flexible processes and applications • Accelerate product and service innovation • Optimize IT and business infrastructure • Manage risk, security and compliance Services Economic Rebalancing 27 Industry Expertise • • • • Flexible deal structures Industry-specific business and IT consulting Outsource processes as required Financing © 2013 IBM Corporation

IT Infrastructure Development Demand for high-end IBM systems and software solutions is driven by growth in both public and private infrastructure HEALTHCARE SMARTER PORTS In Poland, the National Healthcare Fund is using a DB2 database and IBM System i5 platform to manage patient identification in the healthcare system. In China, the Zhou Shan Port is using IBM software to make better use of available data to improve port operations. GAS EXPLORATION China's Sichuan Geophysical Company of Petroleum Administration Bureau has adopted an IBM Smarter Computing solution based on PureSystems to speed up gas exploration & shorten time to "first gas". EMERGENCY RESPONSE In China, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport is using IBM‟s Intelligent Operations Center solution to improve emergency response times. ENERGY OPERATIONS ANCAP, an integrated energy company in Uruguay, deployed IBM Business Analytics to run the dayto-day operations of the company and has reduced reporting from 15 days to one day and budget consolidation from 60 days to just two. BANK TRANSFORMATION In Nigeria, Keystone Bank deployed an IBM Smarter Computing solution to improve the bank‟s back-end operational processes resulting in a 60% reduction in operating costs. 28 TRAFFIC SYSTEMS In Korea, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is deploying IBM software to track traffic conditions, rapidly identify problems and communicate bypass roads. © 2013 IBM Corporation

IT Infrastructure Development IBM Services delivers a broad range of solutions to clients to support booming economies ASSET MANAGEMENT OUTSOURCING In China, IBM Global Business Services helped Huaneng Group improve their asset utilization using an enterprise mobility solution. In Poland, Sharp Electronics Europe is outsourcing Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash and Sales Admin Support for their major European countries to IBM centers in Poland and India. SUPPLY CHAIN IBM Global Business Services helped China Tobacco Zhejiang Industrial Company deploy solutions to improve their supply chain management process. TRANSIT PLANNING In Turkey and the USA, IBM Researchers are helping city managers to plan new transit routes and improve transit planning. CUSTOMER SERVICE In Mexico, Banorte has signed a 10 year strategic alliance with IBM to set new standards in customer service using IBM consulting services and research & development. PENSION SYSTEM HR TRANSFORMATION In Korea, the National Pension Service has tasked IBM Korea with the design of their new integrated “green” data center. In China, IBM helped Asiainfo-Linkage, the second biggest BSS/OSS supplier in the world, to manage the HR transformation following a merger. LOGISTICS In Singapore, IBM services has helped DB Schenker, a global transportation provider, manage it‟s logistics IT systems across 20 APAC countries. 29 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Industry Leadership Urbanization, a demographic shift and economic rebalancing are driving demand for IBM‟s IT solutions and industry expertise NATURAL RESOURCES Agriculture management Electrical grids ENERGY Urbanization Demographic Shift Increased consumption Investment in physical capital Energy efficient systems Traffic systems TRANSPORT Port operations Emergency response GOVERNMENT Social services Education management Higher expectations of government HEALTHCARE INSURANCE Hospital management Online banking Fraud detection Economic Rebalancing Competition for talent & expertise BANKING Internet infrastructure Mobile connectivity TELCO Telecom data centers Online shopping RETAIL 30 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Industry Leadership Smarter Planet principles are delivering client value by solving industry specific problems in the growth markets Enable business service and product innovation Increase agility 31 Drive enterprise operations' effectiveness and efficiency Connect and empower people Manage risk, security and compliance Turn information into insights © 2013 IBM Corporation

32 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Industry Leadership Clients are using IBM‟s industry leadership to deploy the required infrastructure and expand their enterprise capabilities ENERGY HEALTHCARE TRANSPORT MRSK Holding, a large energy company, implemented IBM Cognos 10 to collect data from distributed branches across Russia for reporting purposes. In China, Municipal Government of Zhenjiang uses its Intelligent Operations Center to effectively collect and analyze data about transport flows and bottlenecks in real time. In Slovenia, Kemofarmacijia turned to IBM to increase their healthcare product web sales through more targeted advertisements and promotions. TELECOM GOVERNMENT IBM provided Mobilis, a leading telecommunications operator in Algeria, with an integrated solution that modernized its IT systems to take advantage of market growth in new services such as mobile data. BANKING In Argentina, Banco Nación, deployed collaboration software including Lotus Dominio, Lotus Notes, Sametime and the implementation of Websphere Portal. 33 In Vietnam, the city of Da Nang is delivering specialized e-learning courses to increase the use of technology by local government agencies over the next five years. INSURANCE Working with IBM Business Partner Musala Soft Ltd., Bulgarian Guarantee Fund developed a solution that uses sophisticated data mining and visualization techniques to uncover duplications and falsifications. NATURAL RESOURCES JSC Altyntau Resources, a leading gold producer in Kazakhstan, is implementing IBM Cognos to help the company improve gold yields and increase the profitability of its operations. RETAIL In Australia, David Jones is using IBM's Sterling Commerce order fulfillment and warehouse management system to help pickers find the most efficient routes to more than 75,000 storage locations on 8.5Corporation of © 2013 IBM kilometers shelving.

Summary: Growth Markets trends align with IBM Solutions and the IBM Growth Markets strategy Urbanization Billions of Devices & Sensors Demographic Shift Billions of People Collaborating Powerful High-End Hardware Industry Leadership Mobile Connectivity Data Explosion Integrated Enterprise Software Social Networking IT Infrastructure Development Industry Expertise Market Expansion IBM Solutions Growth Markets Strategy Economic Rebalancing Growth Markets Trends 34 © 2013 IBM Corporation


IBM invests in four core areas in the Growth Markets to help our clients 36 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Centers of Expertise are designed to meet any client need or outcome 37 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM invests in capability to support high value systems, solutions & services Global Delivery Center Software & Hardware Lab Russia Russia Research Lab Innovation Center Czech Republic Poland Client Center Hungary Slovakia Cloud Computing Center Micro-financing Hub Croatia Slovenia Industry Centers of Expertise Smarter Cities Center Morocco Ukraine Romania China Turkey Bulgaria Egypt Taiwan Hong Kong Thailand Vietnam Saudi Arabia Mexico South Korea India Costa Rica Venezuela Malaysia Nigeria Philippines Kenya Colombia Peru Brazil Indonesia South Africa Chile Singapore Australia Argentina New Zealand 38 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Recent Investments: First Research Lab in Africa Kenya Research Lab • Established in 2012, IBM Research - Africa is IBM‟s 12th global laboratory and the first science and technology research lab on the continent conducting both applied and far-reaching exploratory research. • IBM Research‟s presence in Kenya will engage local entrepreneurs and innovators to develop solutions to the challenges faced by the region and other fast-growing markets around the world. • Research will initially focus on water and transportation, vital for the African continent. 39 “IBM Research- Africa will conduct basic and applied research focused on addressing some of Africa's biggest challenges and opportunities and contributing to the building of a science and technology base for the continent." Dr John Kelly III, IBM Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research © 2013 IBM Corporation

Recent Investments: Smarter Data Center in Mexico Mexico Smart Data Center • This new Smarter Data Center is part of IBM‟s $70 million investment in Mexico toward high value technology initiatives. • The Center provides clients with unique tools for IT infrastructure planning and modelling as well as real-time virtual access to tools enabling monitoring of system performance for more informed and timely decision making. • Predictive and intelligent data analytics, will enable clients to maximize operational performance and decision making as well reduce costs. 40 “We are proud to be able to offer to Mexican companies new opportunities to innovate and achieve greater competitive advantage. We aim to support Mexico's and our clients' development and capabilities, seeking to provide high transformational value and contribute to our Smarter Planet agenda,” Hugo Santana, President & General Manager, IBM Mexico © 2013 IBM Corporation

Communities For more than 100 years, IBM has integrated corporate citizenship & social responsibility into every aspect of our business TECHNOLOGY, SERVICES & EXPERTISE Education Initiatives K-12 Volunteering On Demand Community Disaster Response World Community Grid SME Toolkit Corporate Service Corps Smarter Cities Challenge Tangible impact in local communities Used IT to enhance early warning systems and coordinate effective disaster response in Philippines Developed a plan to improve food safety and security in the meat production industry in Egypt Developed Postal Service transformation strategy, and information infrastructure for tracking cervical cancer vaccine in Kenya 41 Developed analytics solution to support deeper outreach and training of SMB entrepreneurs in Chile “EVERYTHING WAS MORE THAN WE EXPECTED. Most importantly we have a plan that we can implement directly,“ Sedef Özer, Head of Program Unit, izmir Development Agency. Turkey © 2013 IBM Corporation

Communities Pro-bono business and community service builds foundational relationships and has tangible impact in communities Corporate Service Corps Russia Smarter Cities Challenge Poland Romania 2013 Destinations Kazakhstan Turkey China Morocco Egypt Mexico Korea Bangladesh UAE Taiwan Cambodia Senegal Ghana India Nigeria Vietnam Philippines Thailand Colombia Sri Lanka Kenya Brazil Tanzania Malaysia Indonesia Peru Chile Argentina S. Africa Australia New Zealand • Corporate Services Corp - over 2,000 participants to nearly 30 countries & close to 200 teams by the end of 2012 • Smarter Cities Challenge – over 100 IBM leaders to 16 cities 42 © 2013 IBM Corporation

People and Skills IBM invests in developing and retaining top talent and creating skills for the future Expertise developed through more than 5 million learning hours & a technical community of more than 120,000 professionals A culturally diverse workforce across more than 140 countries and 10 time zones IBM works with more than 1500 universities in the Growth Markets and provides funding to approximately 75 universities 43 33% of the recipients of IBM's PhD Fellowship program came from the Growth Markets Attracting and retaining top talent and recognised as #1 most admired company in the IT industry – Fortune 2012 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Section 5 WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD? 44 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Driven by real world challenges, IBM Researchers across the Growth Markets are working on projects with a common goal: progress AFRICA Focused on Next-Generation Public Sector solutions so that information is collected and analysed from various sources to improve planning, scheduling and tactical decision making for the region. BRAZIL Collaborating with colleagues in 11 other labs across the globe, the Researchers use the unique environment to create new transformative technologies and advances around natural resource discovery, smarter cities and human systems, smarter devices and service systems. 45 CHINA Analyzing real-time data such as timetables and capacity utilization around traffic conditions to improve congestion so passengers can make choices on the best method of transportation to take. INDIA Focused on promoting advanced telecommunications and mobile solutions. AUSTRALIA Pushing the boundaries of life sciences with a focus on natural resource management, disaster management and healthcare analytics. © 2013 IBM Corporation

We are making progress with a new era of computing powered by cognitive systems 46 © 2013 IBM Corporation

IBM Watson combines transformational technologies and represents the beginning of a great shift in a new era of computing 47 © 2013 IBM Corporation

Imagine if…. … financial advisors had access to everything they need to know about a customer‟s portfolio, with a click of a button, to usher that customer into the retirement they deserve? We need to better serve our 2 million wealth customers That‟s exactly what a major financial institution in Australia did. Watson can enable smarter, faster financial recommendations – yielding a customer experience that is simple, personalised and steeped in data-informed insights Joyce Phillips, CEO, ANZ Bank 48 © 2013 IBM Corporation

In the future....cognitive capabilities will be infused into aspects of technology to enhance our senses and enrich our lives 5 in 5 5 senses 5 innovations 49 This year IBM presents the 5 in 5 in five sensory categories, through innovations that will touch our lives and see us into the future. © 2013 IBM Corporation

5 in 5: Touch 50 © 2013 IBM Corporation

5 in 5: Sight 51 © 2013 IBM Corporation

5 in 5: Hearing 52 © 2013 IBM Corporation

5 in 5: Taste 53 © 2013 IBM Corporation

5 in 5: Smell 54 © 2013 IBM Corporation

© 2013 IBM Corporation

This presentation was created by IBM GMU Marketing & Communications  Karen Davis  Helen Kingham  Tony Hocevar  Michele Wilshire  Kelly McKenzie  Natalie Harms For information or queries about this presentation please contact: Karen Davis, Director, GMU External Relations – 56 © 2013 IBM Corporation

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