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Published on December 24, 2009

Author: kauleca09


:  Presented by Hemant Luthra Manisha Mittal Nilay Mehta Richa Gupta Rohit Kaul Swati The Fame : The Fame Among America top 10 most admired companies by fortune magazine. Appreciated for recruiting and retaining the best talent across the world. Success attributed to skilled diverse workforce Attributes of success : Employee talent Innovation Use of corporate assets Social responsibility Quality of management Financial soundness Long-term investment value Quality of products/services Attributes of success History of Diversity : History of Diversity 1953-Thomas.J.Watson jr. issued letter to management. Late 1950’s-Letter used as foundation of company policy in negotiation to establish IBM Subsidiaries in southern US. 1964- EEO Became a legal obligation as per Civil Rights Act. 1970- Women and Minorities Recruited actively & creation of well Structured career development plan. Cont. : Cont. 1970 &1980- Expansion throughout the world . 1990- diversity council and network groups formed to promote diversity. Early 2000 – skilled workforce gave edge to IT GIANT . Concentrated on reducing the wastage of talent. 2004 – HCMS Software developed to implement a talent model . BACKGROUND OF IBM : BACKGROUND OF IBM 1911-: Computing-Tabulating-Recording company(CTR)=International time recording co.+computing scale co.+tabulating machine co. 1914-:Thomas J.Watson Sr joined CTR as GM 1924-:CTR renamed as IBM(international business machines corporation) Watson as president-:self-respect & self-confidence. Optimism Of Watson : Optimism Of Watson 1932-:Formation of ‘Education Department’. 1933-:Schoolhouse at Endicott, New York 1934-36-:Group Life Insaurance,Survivor benefits,paid vacations 1935-:THINK(magazine for employees) 1935-:1st Woman training classes 1937-:1st payment for six annual holidays World War II : World War II 1942-:Funds & Program for disabled people 1943-:Hiring of disabled people 1943-:Ruth M.Leach,1st female corporate,vice-president of IBM 1944-:UNCF watson joining the advisory board 1952-:son of Watson Sr became president 1961-:non-discrimination policy 1966-:’Special Care’ Slide 9: 1981-:Michael Coleman featured in journals 1985-:10,250 employees 45%woman,22%minorities Mid 1980-1990-:slowdown of IBM 1986-87-:reduction of operating costs 1988-:Employer of the year 1993-:Louis V.Gerstner Chairman & CEO 1997-:1st Global Women’s Leadership Meeting Slide 10: 1998-:Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership in Work Force Diversity 2000-:Global work/life Fund of US$ 50m 2002-:Samuel J.Palmisano appointed as CEO 2005-:Working Mother Magazine 2006-:72 diversity council & 167 diversity groups 2009-:Ranked 1st ethical corporation,by Covalence Work Force Diversity at IBM : Work Force Diversity at IBM Thomas J. Watson Jr. issued letter in 1953. He stressed equal opportunity of employment in this letter. The company maintained a diversity Calendar – a list of important days for different communities. Also issued a floating cultural Holiday policy. Contd. : Contd. In 1995, Gerstner commissioned eight executive diversity task force- Asian, Black , Men and People with disabilities and Women etc. In mid 1997, diversity network groups were formed. Region/nation specific councils were formed. ‘ Shades of Blue’ was structured. Specially Enabled People : Specially Enabled People Well Structured Plan Line Champions Campus recruitment Diversity Website By 2003 -11 Registered DNG 3 A’S - Accommodation - Accessibility - Attitude Website : Website Separate sections Information regarding the company policies and practices AAT AAT’S were formed to handle requests for reasonable accommodation from people with disabilities on case-by-case basis. Manager Medical Professional HR Professional Accommodation Contd. : Accommodation Contd. Teams to take care of accommodation across the world Global building accessibility assessment checklist 1) New Construction 2) Renovation Of Existing Buildings 3) Case By Case Situations WORK / LIFE BALANCE : WORK / LIFE BALANCE Working for IBM means having quality-of-life benefits beyond just compensation. We are committed to helping our employees get the most out of life. Flexibility. To allow employees a great deal of flexibility to coordinate their professional and personal obligations, the options we provide include: PRINCIPLES OF WORK/LIFE BALANCE : PRINCIPLES OF WORK/LIFE BALANCE Employee responsibility Positive impact. Flexibility while balancing working and personal needs. Employees must be treated as individuals. Ongoing performance and contribution must be there. Achieving work/life balance is difficult but possible and continuous activity. BUT HOW TO IMPLEMENT?? : BUT HOW TO IMPLEMENT?? Job sharing policy Part-time employment Flexible working hours. Working from home. Compatibility of family and work. Men at work Social activities and well being. Get balanced. WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE : WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE INITIATIVES TAKEN TO ENCOURAGE WOMEN : INITIATIVES TAKEN TO ENCOURAGE WOMEN SCHOOL SPEAKERS PROGRAMS GO GIRL, GO FOR IT!! EXITE- exploring interests in technology and engineering. TECHNOLOGY CAN TAKE YOU ANYWHERE!! Talent Management : Talent Management Redeployment. Developed a talent marketplace in 2004. Training reduced the attrition rate. Talent Management Model : Talent Management Model Macro Level Talent Required due to corporate strategy. Changing Demographics. Aspirations of potential candidates. Micro Level Future talent need Retaining the existing talent Developing and deploying the talent at right place Redeploying the talent Pension Case : Pension Case In the pension case, a former IBM employee named Kathi Cooper served as the lead plaintiff in a class-action suit brought on behalf of 250,000 current and former IBM workers. The suit argued that IBM's "cash balance" pension plan was discriminatory because it allowed younger workers to accrue benefits in the plan at a faster rate than older workers. Employment retaliation case : Employment retaliation case An IBM employee named Michael Saville worked for the company for 32 years before accepting early retirement in October 1998. Saville filed suit in August 2000, arguing that he was forced to leave the company in retaliation for his complaints that IBM was violating federal labor law by requiring employees to work overtime without being paid.The company responded in court filings that Saville was offered a choice to take early retirement or undergo a performance review due to unsatisfactory job performance and not because of his complaints about overtime. Important Facts : Important Facts The company promotes social networking. Has presence in over 170 countries. It has over 398,455 employees worldwide. Biggest issue was 401(k) benefit plan. Uses green sigma plan. Conclusion : Conclusion Diversity in workforce helps to serve customers better. Basically helps the small firms to grow. Looks for enterprises owned by minority groups. Heterogeneity increases inflow of ideas. Diversity increases retention. Slide 28: 1924 2009 THAN KYOU

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