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Published on December 17, 2007

Author: Haralda

Source: authorstream.com

The Caribbean:  The Caribbean Beer, Wine, and Spirits By: Melissa Gumm, Megan Riepenhoff, Sophia Schell, Matt Whaley The Caribbean:  The Caribbean COUNTRIES Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Bahamas Jamaica Cuba Barbados TOPICS Society Economy Beer, Wine, & Spirits International Business relationship Beer of the Dominican Republic:  Beer of the Dominican Republic Beer- Cerveza Presidente, a pilsner beer brewed in the Dominican Republic by Cervecería Nacional Dominicana since 1929 Symbol of Dominican pride Cerveza Presidente, is now available by the box in New York City The Cervecería Nacional Dominicana has entrusted Martlet Importing Company, owned by Molson Breweries USA, a subsidiary of the Miller Brewing Company, with the distribution in New York City. Spirits of the Dominican Republic:  Spirits of the Dominican Republic RUM Among the 15 rum breweries, the principal ones are Brugal, Barcelo and Bermudez Visiting this rum brewery, the biggest of the country, is very interesting. After been closed for several times, it is now reopened to people. (Brugal) This is another way to gain revenue. It can be tested pure or in cocktail, such as the Pina Colada (rum, coconut milk, crush ice and pineapple juice) or the Daiquiri (hum, lemon juice and crutch ice) and finally the Cuba Libre (with Coca-Cola). Actually a job in the Republic (rum testers). One of the most respected jobs. Bartenders are also highly regarded jobs. Puerto Rican Beer:  Puerto Rican Beer Because the island does not produce wine, it is entirely proper to order a cold beer before even looking at the menu. Beer, of course, is called cerveza throughout the Spanish-speaking world, the most popular brand on Puerto Rico is Medalla. They have 2 micro breweries in Puerto Rico La Villa de Torrimar Cervecería India Puerto Rican Spirits:  Puerto Rican Spirits RUM Puerto Rico is the world's leading rum producer 80% of the rum consumed in the United States hails from the island Christopher Columbus brought sugarcane, from which rum is distilled, to the Caribbean on his second voyage to the New World, and in virtually no time it became the regional drink. Bacardi is the Puerto Rican rum most widely consumed in the United States. It is followed by other popular brands, including, Ronrico, Castillo, and Don Q. The ánejos rums carry such labels as Bacardi Gold Reserve, Ron del Barrilito, and Seralles' El Dorado Your best introduction to Puerto Rican rum making is to visit the Bacardi distillery in Cataño, just a short ferry-boat ride across the San Juan harbor Jamaica:  Jamaica Small island south of Cuba- slightly smaller than Connecticut Pop. 2,695,867 GDP per Capita- $3,800 One of the biggest exports is rum- Abundant sugarcane 28.1% of all exports are to the U.S. (#1) 45% of all imports are from the U.S The economy depends heavily on tourism and Bauxite. Stagnant since 1995 Problems: High interest rates, sliding exchange rate, and widening trade deficit. Has led to civil unrest, poverty, and serious violent crimes. Jamaican Rum:  Jamaican Rum Appleton rum- country’s leading rum producer Sells over 1 mil. Cases per year #1 imported rum into Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Peru Jamaica’s top 5 rum importers are Mexico, Canada, U.S, U.K., and Peru Rum/Alcohol sales also dependant on tourism Influences run heavily through traditional medicine, ritual, and every day life. Jamaican Beer:  Jamaican Beer Not a large producer of beer Desnoes and Geddes largest producer in Jamaica Produce Red Stripe, Red Stripe Light, and Dragon Stout Also have licensed rights to produce Heineken and Mackeson Stout for distribution in the Caribbean Market Bahamian Rum/Beer:  Bahamian Rum/Beer 2% of total GDP is rum/beer Rum Produced : Ole Nassau Don Lorenzo Rum Bacardi (a distillery in Nassau) Commonwealth Brewery brews Guinness and Heineken beers for shipment to the U.S. and some European countries. Kalik beer owns more than 50% of market share in economy Not shipped out of the Bahamas Barbados:  Barbados The Barbados Dollar is converted at the rate of $1.98 BDS to $1.00 U.S. The BDS Dollar is fixed to the U.S Dollar and does not fluctuate. Barbados has a population of 277,000. Judicial, political and administrative institutions are closely modeled on the British system. Government actively encourages foreign investment in the industrial sector. GDP per capita- purchasing power parity - $15,000 Exports: $227 Million Imports: $987 Million Exports: sugar and molasses, rum, other foods and beverages, chemicals, electrical components U.S. is both major import and export partner The Beer of Barbados:  The Beer of Barbados Banks Beer, the beer of Barbados, is a premium pilsner style lager with a smooth, fresh aroma and a medium alcohol content. Consistently the #1 choice among beer drinkers in Barbados since it was first produced in 1961. Opening day of the Brewery was a "1000 gallon opening" during which each guest was expected to drink no less than four beers. No rum, whisky or gin was to be served. The brand Banks Beer is not currently available outside of the English-speaking Caribbean because of ongoing negotiations regarding the trading name. Cuba:  Cuba The country is now slowly recovering from a severe economic recession in 1990. Communist Government Legal system is based on Spanish and American law GDP per capita: purchasing power parity - $ 2,700 Exports: sugar, nickel, tobacco, fish, medical products, citrus, coffee Imports: petroleum, food, machinery and equipment, chemicals Spain is their major import partner, and the Netherlands is their major export partner Cuban pesos per US dollar - 1.0000 (nonconvertible, official rate, for international transactions, pegged to the US dollar); convertible peso sold for domestic use at a rate of 1.00 US dollar per 27 pesos by the Government of Cuba Cuban wines and beers:  Cuban wines and beers Bodega Sant Cristobal is still today the only company producing wine in Cuba. The first Cuban wines in history were made in 1997: the Sant Cristobal line, one white and one red for catering; the Castillo de Moro line, high quality white and red wines; and, lastly, white and red table wine. Current production has come to 1,250,000 bottles, distributed throughout South America. Cuba’s first beer, La Tropical, is brewed with our original Cuban formula dating back to 1888 La Tropical is classified as a "Pilsener" style beer Slide16:  Argentina: Population of 38,740,807 2nd largest country in South America Chile: Population of 15,665,216 Thinnest country in the world bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains Chilean Trade:  Chilean Trade The per capita purchasing power parity is $10,100 Last year the Chilean peso was up more than 20% over the dollar US Chile free trade agreement eliminates tariffs over a 12 year period on agricultural products The largest part of the best Chilean wine is sold outside Chile, with the US being the leading export market Chilean Wine :  Chilean Wine Over 400 years of winemaking tradition In a year it exports $502 million in wine to 85 countries Only country home to original vines from France which were destroyed due to a phylloxera plague, this distinguishes Chilean wines and allows producers to change a premium Trade in Argentina :  Trade in Argentina Early 1990’s brought economic stability which allowed wine producers to improve production Desired wines to enter new markets Investment in Argentinean wine companies by US and France 1994 Argentina exports 389,000 gallons to US 1998 3.3 million gallons Increased Exports thanks to modernization of winemaking techniques, pricing, improved quality About Argentine Wine :  About Argentine Wine 5th largest wine producer in the world Home to 1,500 wineries 60% of production is red wines 20 different grape varieties 2 large companies dominate the industry Penaflor- Argentine table wine and US good value wines Bodegas Esmeralda- premium wine The End:  The End

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