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Published on September 7, 2007

Author: Spidermann

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INFORMATION ARCHITECTURES FORSEMANTIC WEB APPLICATIONS:  INFORMATION ARCHITECTURES FOR SEMANTIC WEB APPLICATIONS Kimmo Salmenjoki, Yaroslav Tsaruk Univestity of Vaasa Gurusamy Arumugam Madurai Kamaraj University Key issues of information system building:  Key issues of information system building Used to be Data communication Nowadays System integration User involvement Service and lifetime aspects The classical web environment:  The classical web environment Used to develop to contain shared information architecture within some application domain The most notable the library information system and their organization is DC (Dublin Core) Nowadays it needs practical expandability to other application domains It is a reminder about complexity in developing widely shared vocabularies and their sharing Different approaches for unified service based IS development:  Different approaches for unified service based IS development MODE project:  MODE project MODE stands for 'Management of Distributed Expertise in International Randamp;D Collaboration'. MODE addresses the implications of networked manufacturing, marketing and customer support in its business process and operation modes The aim of MODE project:  The aim of MODE project Create a unified and wide action plan for technology oriented development projects within the Ostrobothnia region by establishing hierarchical models, through which different actors can find each other in the various collaboration networks. BSN network:  BSN network BSN is a network of higher education institutions, regional development organisations and other organisations in the Baltic Sea Region (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden). Its purpose is to develop the Baltic Sea Region in accordance with EU policy BSOU project:  BSOU project Baltic Sea Open University Creation of a virtual university The list of courses provided by education organizations (BSN partners) Provide joint degree for their students Relation between projects:  Relation between projects MODE project BSN network partners BSOU (Baltic Sea Open University) project As content for BSOU portal using information about BSN network’s partners Problems of establishing common terminology among BSN network partners:  Problems of establishing common terminology among BSN network partners Heterogeneous of partners, which come to the BSN network: Difference in structure of organization and education process Language Culture Basis for meta data placement in information architecture of the educational domain:  Basis for meta data placement in information architecture of the educational domain Ontology of Mode project:  Ontology of Mode project Fragment of metadata in XML Schema format:  Fragment of metadata in XML Schema format andlt;xsd:schema xmlns:xsd = 'http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema' xmlns:edu = 'http://people.jyu.fi/~yatsaruk' version = '1.0'andgt; andlt;xsd:complexType name = 'Department'andgt; andlt;xsd:sequenceandgt; andlt;xsd:element name = 'Name' type = 'xsd:string' /andgt; andlt;xsd:element name = 'Domain' type = 'xsd:string' /andgt; andlt;xsd:element ref='edu:Location' /andgt; andlt;xsd:element name='Courses' /andgt; andlt;xsd:sequenceandgt; andlt;xsd:element ref='edu:Course' /andgt; andlt;/xsd:sequenceandgt; andlt;/xsd:sequenceandgt; andlt;/xsd:complexTypeandgt; andlt;/xsd:schemaandgt; 'Department' class definition Fragment of metadata in RDF Schema format:  Fragment of metadata in RDF Schema format andlt;rdfs:Class rdf:ID='Department'andgt; andlt;rdfs:commentandgt;Class for departmentsandlt;/rdfs:commentandgt; andlt;rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource='#EducationalUnit'/andgt; andlt;/rdfs:Classandgt; andlt;rdf:Property rdf:ID='name'andgt; andlt;rdfs:commentandgt;The name of Institution or Departmentandlt;/rdfs:commentandgt; andlt;rdfs:domain rdf:resource='#EducationalUnit'/andgt; andlt;/rdf:Propertyandgt; andlt;rdf:Property rdf:ID='Location'andgt; andlt;rdfs:commentandgt;Location of organisationandlt;/rdfs:commentandgt; andlt;rdfs:domain rdf:resource='#EducationalUnit'/andgt; andlt;/rdf:Propertyandgt; andlt;rdf:Property rdf:ID='FieldOfScience 'andgt; andlt;rdfs:commentandgt;The field of science of institution or departmentandlt;/rdfs:commentandgt; andlt;rdfs:domain rdf:resource='#EducationalUnit'/andgt; andlt;/rdf:Propertyandgt; andlt;rdf:Property rdf:ID='Courses'andgt; andlt;rdfs:commentandgt;Contact person of organisationandlt;/rdfs:commentandgt; andlt;rdfs:domain rdf:resource='#Department'/andgt; andlt;rdfs:range rdf:resource='#Course'/andgt; andlt;rdfs:range rdf:resource='http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#Seq'/andgt; andlt;/rdf:Propertyandgt; Comparison of RDF and XML formats:  Comparison of RDF and XML formats General architecture of system:  General architecture of system Software architecture for pilot system:  Software architecture for pilot system The pilot version of BSOU portal:  The pilot version of BSOU portal http://ttwin.techno.uwasa.fi/kmo/ Conclusion:  Conclusion The process of building knowledge based applications needs accurate knowledge design The project meta data could be split: Strategic tasks Project metadata Contextual connection Thank you for your attention:  Thank you for your attention Please questions …

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