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Published on March 31, 2014

Author: udaykumar168

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Team1 ISA

Group I 26th March 2014 IT Innovation Assignment

 Innovation and Constituents of Innovation  Need for Innovation  Innovative IT System  New Business Model  New Business Model - Feasibility Study  New Business Model – Components of IS  Pros and Cons  References

Wiki – It is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Business Dictionary – The process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which a customer will pay. Yale ITS - Innovation can be defined as the process of implementing new ideas to create value for an organization. This may mean creating a new service, system, or process, or enhancing existing ones. Innovation can also take the form of discontinuing an inefficient or out-of-date service, system, or process. Greg Satell (Digital innovation guru in a HBR article) - It seems obvious to me that a common sense definition of innovation is that it is a process of finding novel solutions to important problems.

Creating a completely new technology/ product Increased quality/accessibility/productivity over existing product/technology Implementing a long standing idea through emerging technology Using existing technology to create a new market or need

 Most insights into innovation as a process however focus on similar points.  Establishing a clear problem/need and defining it well.  Who is best placed to solve it? Identifying the domain.  Then left to creative solutions.

 Sector -Healthcare  Customers - Multispecialty Hospitals  Need – Continuously monitoring the health of the patients to prevent any emergency healthcare issues and taking appropriate medical action. Both patients and hospitals want an Information System to automate the process of health monitoring on-the-go. Need

Step1. Data Tracking With the help of a medical implant in human body, UHMS will track the healthcare indicators and maintain database Step2. Data Transmission With the help of wireless network systems UHMS transmits data to concerned databases without any data loss. Step3. Data base Maintenance UHMS maintains a central database within a hospital for each individual patient and helps manage data. Step4. Health Monitoring Function With the inbuilt business logic UHMS monitors the health indicators continuously and necessary alerts are generated. Step5. Necessary Medical Actions UHMS identifies the necessary medical actions like – Calling ambulance, Informing relatives, medical staffs and doctors

Name - Universal Healthcare Monitoring System (UHMS) Clients – Multispecialty Hospitals Purpose – UHMS continuously monitors the health of an individual. It keeps track of health indicators like levels of glucose, cholesterol, lactate, ATP and others. Hospitals can use UHMS to facilitate timely actions and prevent any healthcare issues. UHMS also interacts with the traffic control system. IT System

No “Continuous Healthcare Monitoring” systems which track the health indicators of the patients and keep different stakeholders informed. No system that alerts the stakeholders during emergencies. No central repository which helps different hospitals to share data. Current System New Business Model - UHMS system is a disruptive model which continuously monitors the health of an individual and keeps different stakeholders informed. Improved Productivity - It improves the productivity of the medical staffs and hence improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare. Technological Enhancement - It also takes necessary actions like Calling ambulance, Informing relatives, medical staffs and doctors.  It also facilitates the data sharing among hospitals if all the parties are in consensus. UHMS System

UHMS creates a new business model in healthcare sector by facilitating the continuous healthcare monitoring . Clients - Multispecialty Hospitals Stakeholders – Doctors, Medical Staffs , Emergency Staffs , Patients Revenue Model – Development, Installation and Maintenance New Business Model

Economic - UHMS is a promising IT system that generates revenue from multispecialty hospitals. Legal – Patents have to be applied and also won in a few cases. Technical – UHMS relies on the medical implant and flawless communication network. The database has to be very efficient. Business logic has to be impeccable with an easy interface. UHMS also has to be very secure and not prone to malware attacks. Human Resource - UHMS believes in minimal human intervention and relies on automating most of the medical tasks. It strives to be more precise, effective and removes human errors. It does not require much expertise for the users. The software developers need to know the medical practices and terminologies. Operational - Schedule management requires fast development of UHMS and it can be implemented in the multispecialty hospitals which have emergency facilities and have proper infrastructure like hardware and softwares Feasibility Factors

Hardware – UHMS relies on the medical implant (like chips), batteries, servers and installation facilities. Software – Compatible operating systems , database management System Network - UHMS interacts with wireless network, cables, routers Data - Patients health indicator ,Standard health threshold levels Business Process – UHMS implements on business logic that automates the medical actions using proper computer languages and DBMS. Components of IS

UHMS is healthcare monitoring on the go.  UHMS reduces the risk of emergency and accurately measures the healthcare indicators.  In the long run UHMS will be a cost efficient healthcare system.  It increases efficiency of the healthcare system by leaps and bounds.  It acts as a substitute for a normal health check-up and removes dependency on the availability of hospitals. Pros

•UHMS will face practical difficulties in administering the chip to a large population. • Affordability of the UHMS by the poor masses is a challenge. • UHMS doesn’t serve the purpose for complex health issues. •Interaction with the emergency staffs for transport and traffic management involves real time challenges. It also depends on the geography. Cons


Founded in 1981 by John Sortino Successful in the 90s with ‘Beargram’ service-gifting by calling on a toll free telephone number Developed gift bag boutique services-handbags, accessories and pyjamas to tap into high sales during festive seasons-under CEO Elisabeth Robert In 2003, they acquired florist Calyx and Corolla

After 2005, only 3 core product lines remained- teddy bears, pyjamas and Calyx flowers Economic slowdown of 2008-many employees laid off In 2009, John Gilbert became the new CEO while Bob Stetzel became the CIO

Only 7 employees with excellent expertise in narrow specialities under Stetzel’s management Too much time spent on troubleshooting Less time spent on development of new applications and implementation of new versions of packaged software Company’s IT infrastructure not yet captured or codified with minimal change controls

Core transaction infrastructure was strong with good recovery mechanisms Contained several individual packages connected by middleware instead of a single ERP structure Individual packages were of different versions, languages and tools depending on individual preferences

Selection of new enterprise software to replace existing accounting systems Buying new supply chain software to enhance operational capabilities Building of Customer Relationship Management Package New data warehouse to increase business analytics capabilities Development of new products (suggested by the CEO)

 To eliminate the complex middleware and find a suitable alternative for the same.  To invest in a fully featured ERP or not ?  How to integrate the system properly with the existing database?  Siloed expertise problems.  Limited IT workforce.  Important tasks are left behind while addressing support calls  Improvements in Supply chain management.  Various channels(phone, web, retail etc) use different software interfaces

 To increase revenue and ways to leverage their well known brand.  Supply Chain Management and Customer relationship management problems.  Whether it is possible to cross sell pajamas and other related products?  Whether they should produce artificial intelligent toys or not?  How to manage middleware “The black box”?  Limited finances

 Documenting the business logic of middleware.  ERP is not viable to implement at this time, can be implemented in phases.  Knowledge sharing programs between the IT associates.  Hiring temporary employees.  Prioritizing tasks properly.  Doing a market research to identify the target audience and improving the marketing system to target the main customers.

 To have a reliable and content delivery system to handle traffic spikes during peak sales time.  Using Data warehousing and data mining to get information about the customers and buying patterns  Cataloging of all computing hardware and apps  Using social media to increase customer awareness.  Using forecasting techniques to estimate the demand.

 Proper documentation  Implementing supply chain management software.  Hiring more workforce.  Implementing Customer relationship management.

http://www.extremetech.com/computing/151134-worlds-smallest-blood- monitoring-implant-talks-to-a-smartphone-but-whose http://www.business.gov.au/BusinessTopics/Innovation/Pages/Whatisinnovation.as px http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Innovation_system

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