Ian Titchener - Nobody Cares About Your Music (Darker Music Talks January '14)

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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: tommydarker

Source: slideshare.net


Video: http://www.tommydarker.com/music-talks/archive/ian-titchener-nobody-cares-about-your-music/

Nobody! Cares! About! Your! Music Ian Titchener @ITitchener #DarkerMusicTalks

A Brief Background • Straight into the Music Business on leaving School! • Bocu Music Publishing - Abba etc.! • St Pierre PR. Marvin Gaye/Jerry Lewis/Toni Basil! • Rush Release Limited. Promotion/Marketing! • Brothers Records & Publishing! • Attitude Music JV with Universal

A Brief Background • Boom Management. Artist Management ! • Death Row/RWP. Director of Music Operations! • All Terrain Entertainment. The Brit Bus Tour. Managing Director! • The Music Consultancy! • IKB Media. Artist Management/Publishing etc! • Voting member for the Brit Awards

The Reality:

No one gives a shit

Audience & Demographic Who do you appeal to?

Audience & Demographic • Putting tracks out without identifying your potential market first is wasting your time and energy! • Determine the appeal of your music, whatever the genre, look at artist’s within that arena and try and ascertain the sites that are working best for them Then work those areas, start interacting, start building up your fan base and developing this alongside fans from any gigs you’re doing.

Audience & Demographic • If you’re a jazz artist don’t waste time trying to appeal to rock/pop etc fans, concentrate on building genuine fans who will have an immediate interest in what you are doing. Once this has built nicely, then start trying to integrate into other areas. ! • The demographic is important to ascertain as they will respond differently across the different platforms. You may find, for example, that similar artists are not connecting on Instagram but are getting lots of traction on say Facebook and Google+ or etc.! • It’s obvious but is often something not considered and can result in a scattergun approach of just throwing out your music/information to people who…..don’t give a shit.

Brand =

 Business A subtitle here?

Brand = Business • If you are serious about moving your music career forward as far as you possibly can, you need to take care of the business side as well as the music side. The two things go hand in hand, nowadays more than ever; you need a brand and the brand is YOU. If you don't take it seriously why expect anyone else to.! • A good starting point is to ensure your artwork, design, logo etc. Is as good as anything else out there, you cannot underestimate the power of presentation. 
 It's no good trying to compete in the marketplace if your image and artwork looks like it was thrown together as an after thought. I would always recommend finding a professional who can take your ideas and turn them into something that truly works.

Social Networks Just a select few of the many outlets available

Information Overload • Too many ignore the basics and get bogged down in the constant deluge of information being delivered on Twitter/Facebook etc. ! • Articles such as; 10 best ways to engage your fans / 8 ways to sell your CD's
 Twenty ways to reach your audience / How to reach a smartphone audience
 How to reach your goals / How to communicate values etc.

Information Overload • In a two week trial I ran off over 60 ‘help’ pieces just from Twitter links. ! • Many regurgitate the same information and unfortunately much of it just leads to confusion, misinterpretation and diverts from the important issues. ! • Just because it's online. does not guarantee it's going to be successful.



The Internet A double edged sword

The Internet • For the one part brilliant as it can give you direct access to fans, online press, radio. TV, sales etc BUT you are competing against millions of others to try and build a fan base, generate traction and maintain interest in you and your brand.! • The accumulation of followers by legitimate means (NEVER buy numbers) does not equate to action outside of the online space. You can have 100,000+ followers but this does not mean they will buy a ticket to a gig, pay for a track or interact at all.

The Internet • When starting an account on any of the online sites (Twitter/Facebook etc) remember you have to maintain them and make them engaging and places fans will want to revisit. Try and let your personality come through and ensure you regularly update any site that you choose to engage in. The same applies to your website, which you should have, make sure it's always updated, there's nothing worse than checking out a website to see its a year out of date.! • Always use a consistent ‘handle’ or ‘username’ across your networks for continuity and to make it easier for the audience to find your other social media outlets.

The Traditional Model The old way is still essential.

The Traditional Model • Alongside the ‘new’ model, (the numerous online sites that can be accessed to engage fans and hopefully online media), it is still vitally important that the more “Traditional’ model is a major part of any release plans. This includes radio, National, Regional & Community stations, TV including the numerous satellite channels and later in a campaign the print press.

The Traditional Model • The exposure that can be gained by developing coverage at radio and TV can prove far more effective than being purely reliant on the internet sites. Despite the often quoted ‘acts’ that have succeeded in becoming hit artists solely from internet exposure, the reality tends be be somewhat different and somewhere there’s usually a clever PR campaign involved. One of the few 100% real hits developed initially from the online exposure was the Rage Against The Machine vs X Factor xmas No1 but even this ‘movement’ was furthered by Jon Morter by cleverly utilising the traditional print press, radio and TV.

The Traditional Model • Obviously if you are planning on releasing a track/s, album, video etc, you can attempt to do everything yourself but in reality you’d be better placed talking to and utilising the services of a Promoter(Plugger) who will be able to determine the best route to market. As with the artwork/design professional, the plugger can become part of your ‘team’ moving forward. The important thing to remember though is to be realistic. You are not going to put out a debut single on an indie label and get playlisted at Radio 1, (also remember their demographic is 15-29). What is more important is to start with the smaller stations, specialist shows etc. and start putting down the ‘building blocks’ that you can build your career on.

Build a Team

Build a Team Ideally, you should gradually build a team around you and your ‘brand’. This could consist of; • Management! • Press Agent! • Booking Agent! • Distributor! • Lawyer ! • • Designer! Publisher (either a straight publishing deal or an administration deal) and Social Media. • Plugger!

Build a Team • These areas will have cost implications either in cash terms or percentages, some would prefer to attempt to do everything themselves and this is a personal choice. ! • Personally I feel you have a far greater chance to build a career by being prepared to involve professionals and being prepared to pay for the services received. Obviously if you are building your brand and being creative about doing so, the monetary aspect should start taking care of itself. ! • Management should not be charging you a fee/retainer, only sign a deal based on a percentage.

In Conclusion

No one gives a shit

Make them give a shit

In Conclusion • Get your product right! • Identify your audience! • Build a professional brand that appeals to your target audience! • Be realistic in your initial aims! • Blend the new model with the traditional! • Engage your audience! • Worry about the NOW! • Perseverance is key

 Titchener @ITitchener! ! #DarkerMusicTalks

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