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Information about IAMFA Benchmarking Best Practices

Published on October 2, 2014

Author: joemay001

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Presentation by Keith McClanahan from Facilities Issues Inc., coordinator of the 2014 IAMFA Annual Benchmarking Exercise

1. Benchmarking Survey Results and Trends Keith McClanahan Facility Issues (928) 213-9767 keithmcc@facilityissues.com 2014 IAMFA

2. Benchmarking Bench . mark . ing: The search for industry best practices that lead to superior performance

3. IAMFA – Prior Conference Feedback  Hot topics: expand hot topics discussion to provide more value  Networking time…  More of it…  Use lunch time for networking – not presentations  Fewer presentations with more time for discussions…“just a few” presentations

4. IAMFA – Prior Conference Feedback  Provide the final report after the conference  Design the conference to provide maximum value to the attendees  More discussion of report results  Understand reasons for high/low cost variations  Ask people to talk about significant changes

5. IAMFA – Steering Committee Brent Adams, Library of Congress Jennifer Fragomeni, Exploratorium Kendra Gastright & Steve Hinz, Smithsonian Institution Oren Gray, J. Paul Getty Trust (retired) Patrick Jones, Art Institute of Chicago Guy Larocque, Canadian Museum of Civilization Keith McClanahan, Facility Issues Linda McMillian & Jack Plumb, National Library of Scotland Rich Reinert, Philadelphia Museum of Art Tony Young, Carnegie Museums

6. IAMFA Steering Committee Major Responsibilities…  Review and adjustment of survey questions for meaningful results  Assistance in identifying new participants  Format and layout of report  Guidance in establishing the Benchmarking Practices and Learning Workshop  Always looking for ways to improve & add value

7. IAMFA – Schedule

8. IAMFA Benchmarking Process: 1. Define Benchmarks & Reach Consensus 2. Enroll 3. Gather Data 4. Publish Comparisons

9. IAMFA Benchmarks 2013 Report 2014 Report

10. Benchmarking Groups Include…  IFMA’s Utility Council  Museum and Cultural Institutions (IAMFA)  Facility Managers Roundtable (FMRT)  Research Facilities Benchmarking Group (Labs)  Outsource Providers

11. IAMFA Benchmark Comparisons

12. IAMFA Benchmarks

13. IAMFA Benchmark Comparisons

14. IAMFA Benchmarks

15. IAMFA Benchmarks

16. IAMFA Benchmark Comparisons

17. IAMFA Benchmarks

18. IAMFA Benchmark Comparisons

19. IAMFA Benchmarks

20. IAMFA Benchmarks

21. IAMFA Benchmarking Process: 1. Define Benchmarks & Reach Consensus 2. Enroll 3. Gather Data 4. Publish Comparisons 5. Focus on Those That Appear Better

22. Improved reliability and energy savings

23. Use of daylighting

24. Facade reconstruction

25. Chiller replacement projects

26. Additional/upgraded emergency generation

27. Increasing use of temporary space

28. Increased use of VFDs

29. Waterless urinals – do not seem to be working wellç

30. Waterless urinals – do not seem to be working well

31. Starting to see more use of grey water

32. IT and Facilities seem more coordinated

33. Motion sensors on everything…

34. Upgrades to Maintenance Management Systems and Building Management Systems

35. Upgraded employee amenities

36. IAMFA Benchmarking Process: 1. Define Parameters 8. Repeat & Reach Consensus 2. Choose Partners 3. Gather Data 4. Publish 7. Track 6. Implement 5. Focus on Those Comparisons That Appear Better Ideas

37. More Information…. Website: http://www.FacilityIssues.com Thank You

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