iAccess Language: iPad Apps for Building Vocabulary, Grammar and Understanding (Meier, 3.1.14)

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Information about iAccess Language: iPad Apps for Building Vocabulary, Grammar and...

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: SCAAC-N

Source: slideshare.net

iAccess Language iPad Apps for Language Development Gwendolyn Meier, SLP, MT © 2014

Agenda • Speech vs. Language • Language Goals • App Matching • Ready-to-use Apps • Creative Apps

• Slideshow • Slides Handout • Handout

Hi! Who’s Here?

Speech vs. Language The means of communicating Shared rules of the symbolic system • Voice • What words mean • How to make new words • How to put words • Fluency • • Articulation together What word combinations are best in what situations

What are your student’s language goals?

Language Goals • Multi-word utterances, Grammatically correct sentences • • Story problems (math) Parts of speech: • Answering Questions: WhQuestions,Yes/No • Adjectives (colors, number, describing words) • Categories, Word Relationships, Similarities and Differences, Compare and Contrast, Definitions • Prepositions (under, between, above) • • Pronouns (he, she, they) • Verbs: Past tense, future tense Negatives, Synonyms, Antonyms...

Language Domains • Vocabulary (aka. semantics, word meanings, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, pronouns, )

Language Domains • Vocabulary • Grammar (aka. syntax, word order, verb agreement, complete sentences)

Language Domains • Vocabulary • Grammar • Concepts (categories, opposites, location, direction, time relationships, emotions)

Language Domains • Vocabulary • Grammar • Concepts • Understanding (receptive language, making sense of what you hear and read)

App Match First ask: What is the goal? Goal Goal Goal

App Match First ask: Then ask: What is the goal? Is there an app for that? app Goal Goal Goal app app

Bad App Match 1. Really great looking app. 2. How can my student benefit? app oal G

App Match 1. Really great looking app. 2. How can my student benefit? app oal G

Warning #1: Keep the Goal in Mind • This is what your SLP will do when they individualize any learning activity to your student’s needs • Needs lead goals • Goals lead teaching activities

The iPad’s Usefulness • Maximize the iPad’s utility • iPad can be used as a tool for both consumption of information • And production • Multiple uses add value to the iPad in schools

Consumption • • • • Learning Reading Watching Taking IN information • • • • • • Educational Games Instructional Videos Social Stories Visual Schedules Leveled Readers Electronic Textbooks

Production • Practicing • Writing • Making a project • Showing what you know • Communication • • • • • • • Material to talk about Graphic organizers Sequenced stories Interactive storybooks Communication displays Video production Written work (reports, poetry, summaries)

Warning #2 1. Keep the goal in mind 2. Apps are not therapy in and of themselves • But they can help us to help students!

First Phrases • By: Hamaguchi apps • Early language development • 2- to 4-word phrases • Animations bring verbs to life • Record your voice speaking the phrase • Text - ON or OFF

First Phrases • Easy - touch anywhere and it reads to you • Normal - touch each part of the phrase • Challenge - drag words in order Easy, Normal Challenge

Let’s play a round • Level - Normal

Let’s play a round • Level - Normal • Text OFF

Let’s play a round • Level - Normal • Text OFF • 3-part phrase on the iPad!

First Phrases Additional Language Targets: • Unlock Girl and Boy characters to create your own phrases and target pronouns (he and she) • Pause the video and talk about what the character did (past tense)

Picture the Sentence • • By: Hamaguchi apps Auditory processing • Auditory working memory - hear and retain • • Attend to the important elements • Find a corresponding picture Create a picture of what you hear in your mind

Picture the Sentence • Hear and see a phrase (option for audio only) • Wait time between is optional (5-40 seconds) • Then choose the best picture

Picture the Sentence • 3 Levels of Difficulty Easy - visuals stay, slow presentation • Intermediate - visuals flashed, moderate • • • Advanced - no visuals, moderate-fast Text with the presentation - ON or OFF

Picture the Sentence • • • Visual cues - color drawings, stick figures, none Nouns or pronouns (he, she, they) Simple sentence types: • • • • subject+verb subject+verb+object subject+verb+prepositional phrase subject+verb+object+prepositional phrase

Picture the Sentence “The children are drinking orange juice on the couch”

Picture the Sentence “The children are drinking orange juice on the couch”

Picture the Sentence • Progress tracking

Fun with Directions & More Fun with Directions • • • • • • By: Hamaguchi apps Auditory memory Auditory processing Following directions Colors (FWD) Spatial concepts

Fun with Directions FWD Concepts: • Location words (bottom, middle, top) • Actions (erase, touch, open, close, push, give) • Colors More FWD: • Location words (above, below, behind, in front, on, under, up, down) • Actions (put in, take out, turn on, turn off)

Fun with Directions • Easy • (No foils) Open the refrigerator. Color the ball. Close the window. • (Field of 3) Open the door on top. Give the girl a bed.

Fun with Directions • Intermediate • (F:5) Touch something that says meow. • Look on the middle shelf. There is something yellow. Put it in the basket. • Open a red door on the top row. On the bottom row, open a red door.

Fun with Directions • Advanced • (F:5) Touch something you make by blowing on it. • Look for something on the middle shelf that goes on a foot. Put it in the basket. • Open the second door in the bottom row. • Give the boy without a hat or glasses something that you put food on. It goes on a table.

Fun with Directions • Progress tracking - similar to Picture the Sentence

Preposition Builder • By: Mobile Education Store • Drag the word to fill in a blank • Reading required

Preposition Builder • Settings changes the set • Correction procedure • Progress tracking

Preposition Builder Most Important: • Settings • Play

Preposition Builder

Preposition Builder

Preposition Builder +Correction+

Rainbow Sentences • By: Mobile Education Store • Formulate sentences about what you see • Order the words

• • • Word grouping Color coding Progress tracking

Rainbow Sentences • Listen back - Play • Check your work - I’m done • Extra step: Recall and retell your sentence

Rainbow Sentences

Categories Learning Center • By: Smarty Ears • Categorization: Important skill for language development and processing • Organizing thoughts and ideas • Prerequisite for describing skills, recognizing similarities and differences, comparing and contrasting

Categories Learning Center • 5 games • Multi-player (up to 4) • Progress tracking

Categories Learning Center • Sorting 1 & 2 Dissimilar Objects Similar Objects

Categories Learning Center • Where does it go?

Categories Learning Center • Category Naming (no prompts, monitoring required for scoring) • Category Selection (4 text prompts)

Categories Learning Center • Extension activity Name one MORE member of this category (not pictured)

Tactilly • By: Tactilly, LLC • Create personally relevant photo albums • Use your own photos or pics from the web • Hotspots that talk • Unlimited pages

Tactilly • Any Language Domain can be addressed • Albums for each student’s goals • (Speech too - articulation targets with an auditory model) • Consumption - Albums made for them • Production - Students can create too!




Tactilly • How could your students benefit?

Book Creator • By: Red Jumper Studio • Create “books” that include photos, video, text, drawing, music • Add narration to make an “audio book” students can read to themselves • Read or even present from iBooks

Example & How To

Book Creator • Expository writing - gives information • Narrative writing - tells a story • Create personalized, talking flashcards for any subject

Planets flashcards

• Export to iBooks and read on the iPad (within the book) • Export as a PDF and email it • Print from your iPad or computer

Book Creator • Consumption - books you write for them • Production - books they write themselves (or with help) Written by three, 4th grade students who have autism FREE in the iBooks Store

Book Creator Endless possibilities: • “What I did on my vacation...” • Record lines for a play to aid memorization • Create a Social Story for a new experience • Video yearbook

Book Creator • How could your students benefit?

Puppet Pals Puppet Pals HD: Directors Pass Puppet Pals 2: All Access (Any photo) (Heads only)

Puppet Pals • Create short animations • Use your own photos or images from online • Help reluctant public speakers present to the class • Help English language learners practice

Puppet Pals • Storytelling • Historical retell • Book reports • Oral reports • Math ?!

Math Story Problems / Word Problems • Let’s try one

Making of the Math Movie • Take a picture of the worksheet • Go online to gather images of the other necessary “Actors” & Backdrop • Books, Buster, slobber, bookshelf • Optional - Write your script • Rehearse • Record

My Play Home • Virtual, interactive dollhouse • Categorized contents by room • Various characters • Many actions possible • Hours of fun!

Let’s take a look!

My Play Home Stores • 4 Stores with employees • Grocery, Produce, Ice Cream, Clothing • Two apps connect

My Play Home • Solo play • Great for promoting symbolic concept development, reinforcing categories • Together play • Unlimited expressive and receptive language possibilities!

My Play Home Word Comprehension • Backyard: Touch the watering can, Point to a flower Following Directions • • Kids Bedroom: Put the girl in bed • Kitchen: Open the fridge and take out a piece of pizza Bathroom: Turn on the shower then brush the boy’s teeth Prepositions • Bathroom: Put the shampoo under the sink

My Play Home Time Concepts • Living room: Before you go to the kitchen, turn off the stereo Problem Solving • Kid’s Bedroom: What will make it brighter in this room Social Skills • Any: Provide dialog for the characters, greet, ask questions, comment

Barrier Games • • 2 or more players • • Same set of materials • • Without any visual cues Some kind of barrier(s) so that players cannot see each others materials (books, file folders, or binders can work as barriers) Giving directions on how to arrange the materials Goal: All players’ materials look the same at the end of the activity

Barrier Games Pick a room or store and arrange items and people in a certain way. Take a screen shot, send it to a computer and print • Receptive: Give the student the iPad with a “tidied” room and give spoken instructions on where things should go, which elements to change • Expressive: Give the student the print out and have them tell YOU where each element needs to be placed

• Receptive: Give the student the iPad with a “tidied” room and give spoken instructions on where things should go, which elements to change

• Expressive: Give the student the print out and have them tell YOU where each element needs to be placed (you have the iPad)

Dr. Panda’s Day Care • Similar features, plus ongoing actions • Present progressive tense -ing Bouncing Rocking

Guided Access Disable the Home button locks you into an app Restrict touch access to certain areas of the screen

Warnings 1. Keep the goal in mind 2. Apps are not therapy in and of themselves • But they can help us to help students!


• Slideshow • Slides Handout • Handout

Thanks for listening Gwendolyn Meier, SLP, MT Villa Esperanza Services Speech & Language Center gmeier@villaesperanzaservices.org

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