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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: redeapp

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Organizational collaboration and communication in a digitally connected world

IABC Kentucky Emerging Media Summit Organizational collaboration and communication in a digitally connected world Jonathan Erwin

About Rel=author • 22 Years of start up or early stage companies • Been acquired 5 times (4 public companies, 1 Private Equity group), Bought/Integrated 2 from large public companies. • Sales & Marketing where timely customer and employee communication and engagement are paramount • Realized that we have come a long way to get to Facebook with a billion users and computers that fit in our hand and started Red e App to merge the worlds.

Not much changes as we grow older does it? Desire to work together. A desire to do it in close proximity. And making sure everyone has a voice.

Sometimes organizations ignore the obvious.

Sometimes we need to reach over to a neighbor.

All employees, just want to be a part of the Big Picture. Provide a contribution. Be heard. Contribute. Everyone follow?

Beyond just the decorated cubicle.

Less of this.

Ultimately we want to compress time and distance. If we open ourselves up to the potential results collaboration and social methodologies can provide.

We have to remove barriers.

Break down walls. When I refer to walls, I am mostly referring to paradigms, traditional work process, and methodologies. Staring out a window means you aren’t in engaged.

What does it take? Not culture club . . .

Culture Informs Social Tools • Wiki’s • Blogs • Instant Messaging • Forums • Video • Mobile strategies

Why? • What is the ROI on passion? • Commitment? • Advocacy? Energy? • Above and beyond? Cost reduction (Time and Distance are compressed) • Operational Efficiency (Speed to act and speed to problem) • Faster innovation through cocreation (Collaboration) • Quality customer experiences (Informed work force) Endorsement? • Career development / mentoring (Fluid Communication, continuously coach, motivate and lead) • • •

Who is using it?

Prime Example • 460 restaurant chain • Uses Yammer to teach managers new recipes with the best and fastest way to make them. • No spiral bound notebooks • No waiting on the quarterly exec visit • Instant feedback and free wheeling discussions and videos with results in days

Shameless Mention • Red e App is living the same mission • Same Results • But to the purely mobile, remote or even hourly employee • Engaging the mobile employee securely on their own mobile devices • Imagine uni-laterally messaging more than 30,000 global employees and setting, changing or reinforcing focus and mission around a new product launch in under 30 seconds

Give me something more than this….

Or this guys going to come show you how it’s done.

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