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Published on March 5, 2008

Author: Patrizia

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Slide1:  2007 An Introduction to Interface Analysis Associates Slide2:  Company Information > IAA Background Interface Analysis Associates is an interface design, usability testing, and workplace ergonomics consulting firm. Founded in 1992 we have now designed, evaluated, or tested more than 2000 products and services, for more than 400 clients. We specialize in the research, design, testing, and analysis of software and hardware user interfaces, computer, and other high technology consumer products, medical devices, office environments, and aerospace systems. We believe that interface design, usability, and ergonomics dramatically impact the utility of a product or work environment, as measured by the productivity, satisfaction, and safety of those who interact with it. To each project we bring the highest level of knowledge in interface design, human factors, ergonomics, and usability testing, along with the practical skills necessary to pragmatically apply theory and principle to product and workplace research, design, testing, and analysis. Ergonomic evaluation of lab workers. (Client: Quantum) Slide3:  Company Information > IAA Background At IAA our goal is to make the interaction between people, products, and the environment safe, productive, and satisfying. In applying a business-centered approach to ergonomics and user-centered design, we: - create positive user experiences - increase sales and transaction volumes - increase user safety and comfort -reduce customer support costs - reduced injury rates - foster customer loyalty Ergonomic evaluation of office workers. (Client: MMC Networks) Slide4:  Company Information > IAA Services IAA services include: - user interface design - usability evaluation and testing - workplace and product ergonomics and safety evaluation - usability process implementation - regulatory and legal assessment, and - human factors / usability education and training Ergonomic Evaluation of Ultrasound Scanners. (Client: Siemens-Acuson) Slide5:  Company Information > Why IAA? IAA is the leading Human Factors and Ergonomics consultancy, with clients ranging from US and Foreign governments -- through Industry giants and Fortune 100 companies -- to inventors and starts-ups. Our recent clients include: Apple Computer, Philips, Ford Motor Company, Adaptec, Abbott Labs, John Deere, McAfee, NASA and The Wrigley Company. IAA has extensive experience evaluating a diverse set of work environments and educating workers on fundamental ergonomics principles. Dr. Anthony Andre, Principal of IAA, has devoted his career to educating others on the value and practices of ergonomics and usability. He teaches graduate courses on these topics as an Adjunct Professor of Human Factors/Ergonomics and Industrial & Systems Engineering at San Jose State University. IAA is a small firm designed to give the full attention, skills, resources and experiences of senior personnel to each client and project. Ergonomic evaluation of office workers. (Client: MMC Networks) Slide6:  Markets and Industries Serviced Interface Analysis Associates services the following core domains: - computer-based offices - production facilities -high technology business and consumer products and services - web-based business and consumer applications and services - medical appliances - automotive systems - aerospace devices and procedures - public environments Ergonomic test of a Computer Mouse. (Client: Logitech) Slide7:  Markets and Industries Serviced > Client List Interface Analysis Associates has provided design and testing services to more than 400 companies. A representative list of PAST clients includes: Ariba Software Dell Computers Dole, Inc. E-Color FogDog Sports Harcourt On-Line Education Hewlett Packard Honeywell IDEO Kodak Lockheed Martin Microsoft Corp. Rockwell Collins Shell Oil Siemens Corp. Sun Microsystems TIVO Logitech, Inc. Slide8:  Markets and Industries Serviced > Client List Interface Analysis Associates has provided design and testing services to more than 400 companies. A representative list of RECENT clients includes: Abbott Laboratories National Aeronautic and Space Administration Adaptec, Inc. Center for Advanced Aviation and System Design California Association of Rehabilitation and Reemployment Professionals Doodlelab, Inc. Ford Motor Company Metron, Inc. MontaVista Software, Inc. Pelco Security Systems PlaceWare, Inc. RealityWorks The Wrigley Company Philips Medical Clarus Systems, Inc. Deere & Company Slide9:  Core Competencies The core competencies that Interface Analysis Associates brings to every project we undertake include, but are by no means limited to: 1. More than 12 years of practical experience evaluating, researching, designing, and testing a broad spectrum of business and consumer products and services. 2. The unique ability to bring an entire firm’s focus and expertise to bear on a single client project, with the purposeful incorporation of human factors and ergonomics, along with iterative reviews and testing. 3. A business-centered approach to design that is exemplified by our focus on the client and user’s needs, given the practical constraints that must often be taken into consideration. 4. A degree of professionalism, whereby we exceed every client’s expectations along all the dimensions that form part of any business relationship. Ergonomic evaluation of injured office workers. (Client: TDS Architects) Slide10:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Projects Client: BART Description: IAA evaluated both the workstations and software used by train controllers at BART’s central command center in Oakland, CA. Several deficiencies were identified in the layout or configuration of workstation components. Note the extreme level of wrist extension created by the orientation and height of the keyboard in the image to the left. Slide11:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Projects Client: Dole Foods Description: Dole asked IAA to evaluate their field operations, process operations and office settings. IAA provided ergonomics training to over 250 employees and provided practical suggestions for improving the ergonomic conditions (and thus reducing injuries and worker’s compensation claims) in all 3 work domains. Slide12:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Projects Client: Quantum Description: IAA evaluated both the lab and office settings of this silicon valley computer company. We provided ergonomics training to key individuals and managers in the form of a full-day workshop. IAA has provided office ergonomics training to many companies and organizations, and thousands of computer workstation users and health & safety professionals. Slide13:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Projects Client: Hewlett Packard Product: Notebook Computer Description: IAA conducted several usability tests aimed at optimizing various aspects of the HP notebook computer, including the keyboard tactile feedback, key labels and graphics and pointing devices interaction. The goal was to provide a more comfortable notebook interaction experience and to help reduce repetitive stress injuries (RSIs). Before Slide14:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Projects Client: Medquest Product: Heart Assist Pump Clothing Description: IAA helped design a more comfortable and distributed garment for holding the various accessories required to operate a heart pump. Previously, patients had to wear a gun-holder like apparatus that was uncomfortable, inflexible and hard to hide under clothing. The new design evenly distributes the weight, allows the patient to place the batteries or controller in a variety of locations and is easily hidden under clothing. Slide15:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Projects Client: HealthyComputing.com Description: Dr. Andre is a member of the Editorial Board for HealthyComputing.com and regularly contributes to the web site (see image). Slide16:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Training Description: Dr. Andre has educated over 2,500 health and safety professionals, as well as thousands of office workers, through his ergonomics training seminars. Our workplace ergonomics clients include: "Best ergo seminar I ever attended!" Steven D. Koobatian, Ph.D., President, Vocational Designs, Inc. "Dr. Andre's presentation kept our attention the whole time. We came away with practical ideas on how to change employees' behaviors vs. buying the latest ergonomics gadgetry." Chris Huber, Manager, Safety and Health Dept., Zenith Insurance Co. "I have been to many ergonomics seminars, and I found this one to be exceptional! The presentation was great in that everyone from the technician to management level was able to apply something new and relevant to improve their ergonomics programs. I highly recommend this seminar." Feride Diri, Ergonomics Program Manager, Sun Microsystems "He is, without a doubt, the best speaker at Ergocon" John Moore, Group Health It is not often that you find an extremely knowledgeable, capable, and experienced professional, who is also a very dynamic,outstanding and entertaining speaker. Dr. Anthony D. Andre is such a person. He combines the rare ability to impart valuable information in a most enjoyable manner. His material is practical, relevant and to the point, and he presents it in a memorable manner. He's the best! Louise Kanter, RN, PHN, MSW, NMT, CIE - President, ErgoHealth "Dr. Andre presents a fresh perspective to the true cumulative nature of CTD's.  It is the most worthy presentation for my employees since it primarily focuses on what employees have been exposed to over their lifetime as contributing factors and secondarily concentrates on proactive prevention for home and work." Mike Broaddus, Safety Manager, Artesyn Solutions Slide17:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Education Client: CARRP (California Association of Reemployment & Rehabilitation Professionals) Description: Dr. Andre is a co-chair of the annual CARRP conference and organizer of the workplace ergonomics track. Each year, in addition to being the key presenter, he is responsible for assembling the entire set of ergonomics speakers. For more information, visit http://www.interface-analysis.com/CARRP Slide18:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Projects Client: Abbott Labs Product: Cardiac Monitor Device Description: IAA tested a new product design (using a prototype) against the previous design and that of a competitor. Nurses and anesthesiologists were brought in and asked to setup the device for use on a fictitious patient. The results validated the new design as being more usable, comfortable and preferred over the old design and the competitor product. In addition, ways to further improve the design were revealed. Slide19:  Core Competencies > Ergonomics Projects Client: Philips Product: Defibrillator Description: IAA conducted a competitive usability test of the 4 leading automatic external defibrillators (AEDs). The results were used to quantify usability differences between the products for marketing and sales support purposes. The results have been submitted for publication in a leading medical journal and were presented at the recent AMA conference. Slide20:  Our Ergonomics Philosophy Published in Business and Legal Reports, Inc: Workplace Ergonomics, 2000 Slide21:  Contact Information Main Office Research Lab Interface Analysis Associates Interface Analysis Associates 6800 Redwood Retreat Rd. 1131 S. De Anza Blvd. Gilroy, CA 95020 San Jose, CA 95129 408-848-6014 (Office) 408-342-9052 (Office) 408-966-9355 (Mobile) 408-342-9052 (Fax) andre@interface-analysis.com (Email) uselab@interface-anlysis.com (Email) www.interface-anlysis.com (Web) www.interface-analysis.com/ IAA_usability_evaluation/uselab.html (Web) Slide22:  Dr. Anthony D. Andre, PhD. > Biography As part of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Graduate Program at San Jose State University, Dr. Andre is an Adjunct Professor in the departments of Psychology and Industrial/Systems Engineering. Since 1993 he has taught graduate seminars and courses on professional ergonomics, introduction to ergonomics, engineering psychology and user interface design, cognitive engieering, usability testing, research methods and human cognition. Dr. Andre was honored by the American Psychological Association (APA), Division of Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychologists, as the first recipient of the Earl Alluisi Award for Early Career Achievement. He is also a Contributing Editor of Ergonomics in Design, former Director of the HFES Bay Area Chapter, current Faculty Adviser of the SJSU chapter of the HFES, Advisory Board member of Healthycomputing.com and the CTD Resource Network, and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley Ergonomics Institute. Dr. Andre is the author of over 100 publications, is cited in several major textbooks and newspaper articles, and has presented numerous invited addresses, panel presentations and technical lectures on various human factors and ergonomics topics. His workshops on workplace ergonomics have been attended by representatives of such leading organizations as Apple Computers, Bank of America, Chevron Oil, Fiskars, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Intel Corp., NEC, Sun Microsystems, Thomson Multimedia/RCA, and UCLA. ANTHONY D. ANDRE is the Founder and Principal of Interface Analysis Associates, an ergonomics and usability consulting firm specializing in the design, evaluation and testing of work environments, software/hardware user interfaces, computer input devices, ergonomic products, high-tech consumer products, medical systems, and aerospace/automotive systems. Dr. Andre has consulted to many companies and organizations both in the US and abroad.

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