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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: mjgds

Source: slideshare.net


Created by the MJGDS 2nd Grade Class, February 2014

I SPY Book By the MJGDS 2nd Grade Class February 2014

I SPY a ruler, an ear of corn, A dog, a stapler, and a little red thorn. By Andrea R.

I SPY a king, a girl, an ape, A queen, a nurse, and a white shape. By Elliana T.

I SPY a lion, a seal, a roach, A snake, a bed, and the word coach. By Evan W.

I SPY a spider, a shark, a head, A panda, a fish, and something dead. By George S.

I SPY an elephant, a rhino, a king, A hippo, a frog, and the letters in wing. By Hallel S.

I SPY a pencil, a coin, a kid, A dog, a crab, a horse, and a squid. By Lucy G.

I SPY a kid, a frog, a head, A zebra, a net, a fish, and a bed. By Jacob G.

I SPY a car, a train, a frog, A duck, a lion, a bed, and a dog. By Jacob M.

I SPY a penny, a zebra, a dog, A fish, a giraffe, a spider, and a frog. By Jake R.

I SPY a seal, a wolf, a dog, A shark, a penguin, a pig, and a frog. By Jett S.

I SPY a table, a horse , a squid, A penny , a dog, a net, and a kid. By Lily D.

I SPY a fly, a stingray, a ham, A penguin, an otter, and a clam. By Madelyn M.

I SPY a leopard, a clam, a fish, A dinosaur, a horse, a dog, and a dish. By Maria B.

I SPY a snake, a duck, a frog, A guy, a penny, a cow, and a dog. By Maya L.

I SPY a whale, a cow, a rhino, A net, a starfish, and a tiny Dino. By Sam K.

I SPY a giraffe, a tiger, and a marker, A monkey, a spider, and the letters in Parker. By Sophia M.

I SPY an ant, a cub, and grapes, A marker, a fly, a battery, and apes. By Talia Z.

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