I may be on the business side, but this is MY PORTFOLIO

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Information about I may be on the business side, but this is MY PORTFOLIO

Published on February 6, 2014

Author: SirAlexRusso

Source: slideshare.net


I am an advertising student, and this is my portfolio, so far. As I grow, the portfolio will grow with me, but this is only the beginning.

Alexander Russo Account Services GLAD Canada Campaign Dentyne Campaign Winning pitch to Dare Alexander Russo Resume Bell Canada Cause Marketing Campaign Starbucks VIA Campaign

Dentyne Campaign Winning pitch to Dare GLAD Canada Campaign Alexander Russo Resume Bell Canada Cause Marketing Campaign Starbucks VIA Campaign

Strategy Brand History Audience Insights When the gum was first advertised in 1956 it quickly established itself as a gum that “brushes your breath” some earlier taglines that were used were along the lines of “the gum that cleans teeth”. In addition to claiming the oral hygiene appeal in the category, Dentyne also became the first gum that was available in pellet format. Positive: Current Situation “I usually just buy the gum closest to me” “Dentyne seems old, its been around for a while” “Choosing a gum isn’t important to me” Dentyne earns most of its sales from loyalty. The brand has been around for much longer than many other brands on the shelf, so consumers trust it as a reliable product. On the other hand, Dentyne has always utilized advertising to its advantage. With annual sales of $91.82 million, the brand is doing well for itself. Demographics Age: 22-29 (bulls-eye 25) Gender: Male/Female (50:50) Geographic: National (English Only) Marital Status: Single/in a relationship Socioeconomic Class: Low to middle-class IND. Income: $25,000+ Occupation: Student or a mix of blue collar to white collar careers Education: Post secondary/ graduate school level educations “I like sharing my gum with people I find attractive” “I always like to have a pack of gum on me” “Chewing gum makes me feel more confident” Negative: The Winning Strategy Our biggest insight was that people wanted to share their gum with other who they found attractive, so we came up with a way to use Dentyne as a weapon for getting a little closer with that person. After testing the product, we decided that each had their own meaning, for example, Spearmint had a “we’re just friends” taste. Our ads for Spearmint would then portray people using the gum in that way, however, this was not the case for all the flavours. The flavour Midnight Mint is Dentyne’s naughty gum, so if you gave that out it had a very different message; it said “it’s good to be bad”. We wanted the target to see how they could use different flavours within the situation they were dealing with. They strategy was built so that the target would feel that they would not only need one pack of gum, but that they might potentially need 7.

Creative Billboard Print In collaboration with: Hayley Steinman Andrew Schuler

Bell Canada Cause Marketing Campaign GLAD Canada Campaign Alexander Russo Resume Dentyne Campaign Winning pitch to Dare Starbucks VIA Campaign

Strategy Cause Problem Comparitive Content Analysis There are many young future hockey stars that are passionate about the sport they play. They lace up their skates, step onto the ice, and give it their all. Hockey, by nature, is a violent sport. If players are not aware of their surroundings at all times they may run into team mates, or an oncoming player. The category has not seen much awareness or buzz around concussions in professional hockey, nor has it seen any in minor league hockey. Many sport-type ads revolve around equipment, or ticket sales, or performance enhancers. This means that the category is fresh and unexplored, and anything can be said. This campaign has the freedom to explore any selling strategy as there is nothing it can be related to. It’s a fresh idea in a category that hasn’t been exploited yet. They can skate into the boards or even get hit with a puck in an unprotected area. There are many variables that may cause in-game injuries, however, one of the biggest factors is checking. Players are allowed to check other players off the puck, these sometimes get more violent then they need be. Client Profile Of course, Bell Canada did not always associate themselves with hockey. Like any small business, they had one purpose: to connect people. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell decided to start up a Canadian telephone business, leasing pairs of wooden hand telephones and slowly acquiring clients. Most recently, Bell Canada completed one of the biggest moves it has ever made. In partnership with Rogers Communications, in August 2012, Bell Canada completed the purchase of Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment. Rogers and Bell hold a 75 per cent stake in the company that owns the Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors, Marlies and Toronto FC as well as real estate and television properties: Leafs TV, NBA TV Canada and Gol TV as well as two services that have not yet launched, Mainstream Sports and Live Music Channel. Media Rationale These platforms were all selected based on how the primary target consumes their media. Television will generate the most response from this target as they spend a lot of time watching prime time and late night TV. All of the platforms are great at generating awareness for the “Forecheck the Concussion” campaign and will deliver the message of the campaign effectively. Out of Home will also be very effective for generating a response as the target spends a lot of time in hockey rinks large and small. Whether it is waiting for their child to finish a hockey game, or in the ACC watching the Leafs loose, it is a great area to reach them. These graphs give a brief overview of the selected media and why they were chosen for this campaign, below there will be more detailed information.

Creative You can see their tears, but they can’t see yours. Concussions can cause vision loss for your future hockey star. Make a difference on the ice, off the ice. Forecheck the Concussion Transit Card Print Depression is just a 10 letter word for postconcussion symptoms. Concussions have long term effects, like depression, that could affect your future hockey star. Make a difference on the ice, off the ice. Forecheck the Concussion

Starbucks VIA Campaign GLAD Canada Campaign Alexander Russo Resume Dentyne Campaign Winning pitch to Dare Bell Canada Cause Marketing Campaign

Strategy Campaign Promise Major Competition Starbucks VIA Ready Brew is identical in quality and taste to Starbucks quality in store coffee. Nestlé: Nestle produces the main competitor to VIA. The companies total revenue in 2011 was CAD$90.65 billion (CHF$83.64 billion) and also compete in the categories of baby food, dairy, breakfast, bottled water and pet food. Positive support: -Taste Testers cannot tell the difference -Easy pour packets -Gives you the cup of coffee you want Negative support: -Too strong for many -A bit pricey for those who are not loyal to Starbucks -The companies environment can be bothersome at times Communication Objective The primary objective of this campaign is to raise the standard of instant coffee in the market with the VIA Ready Brew brand. Currently, consumers are under the impression that they do not need the highest quality of instant coffee available. They are more concerned with greater value for a lower price. The goal of the campaign is to change the perception of the market to have them perceive the brand as the only quality choice that’s worth a few extra dollars. Kraft Foods: Kraft produces all Maxwell House brands, including the line of instant coffee. The companies’ total revenue in 2011 was CAD$55.78 billion (US$54.365 billion). Kraft Foods competes in the categories of cookies (chocolate, oatmeal, fancy), macaroni and cheese and chocolate brands like Cadbury. Smuckers: Smuckers is the parent company of Folgers instant coffee and also produces fruit spreads, ice cream toppings, beverages and natural peanut butter. Positioning Map Starbucks VIA Ready Brew in comparison to its main competitors based on the value obtained per purchase Price (High) Desired Responses “Essentially, I could have Starbucks quality coffee anywhere I go” “I love Starbucks” “I wonder if VIA actually does taste the same as Starbucks” “Ha, that slogan is catchy” “Well I love Starbucks, so if it’s the same I guess I love VIA” “The same taste as Starbucks? I am going to buy a pack and try it out” Value (Low) Value (High) Price (Low)

Creative Transit Print

GLAD Canada Campaign Starbucks VIA Campaign Alexander Russo Resume Dentyne Campaign Winning pitch to Dare Bell Canada Cause Marketing Campaign

Strategy SWOT Analysis The Strategy During the holiday season, the target has a lot more on their mind than just doing their grocery shopping rounds. They are worried about buying gifts, and budgeting properly so they do not run out of money for Weakness: As a brand, Glad deals with more other necessities. The strategy here was to than just garbage bags. Because they have remind mom that Glad is still there during such a large spectrum of products, a moththe holiday season. She may be caught up er disappointed by another product under in her busy life, but when she sees that Glad Glad’s brand name, might not trust their has garbage bags so strong that Santa uses reliable garbage bags. them, it will generate a response and drive a sale. These ads will appeal to the target on an Opportunity: However, because Glad has emotional and rational level. They will find it been around for many, many years, they can humorous but they will also understand the possibly market themselves with more balls. message that Glad is communicating which Meaning, because mothers know Glad has will ultimately increase market share in the a lot of cleaning supplies, and because they holiday season, where the more expensive have been around since the target was young, garbage bags might have been ignored. Glad can use this as a form of nostalgia as Coca-Cola does in their ads. Strength: Glad has claimed its spot as the strong everyday garbage bags in the market. They are great quality and fulfil the promise. Threats: Ultimately, there are many other garbage bag brands out there. Glad has to get loyal consumers to stay loyal, but to also attract new consumers. While the other bags may not be as strong, their price may appeal to people in the target, which is where Glad can possibly feel some losses. Product Quality Glad promises that its garbage bags are the strongest out there, so their product must match what they are saying. As many of us in the industry know, a product that doesn’t deliver its promise is not a very successful product, Glad has fulfilled their promise. Their bags are strong, Competitive Advantage Glad garbage bags offer something more to the market segment than other garbage bag brands can. For starters, Glad has a variety of different types of garbage bags. From inside bags, to out-door bags, Glad has the job covered, or so to speak. However, they are not the only brand with different styles of bag, Glad has something else going for them. Their strength is unmatchable to every other garbage bag brand on the market, and they use this to their advantage. Being the first ones to claim strength in the garbage bag market, Glad has used this USP for years, and it has worked very well for them.

Creative Christmas Merry from: Print Print

anr Alexander Russo Objective To obtain an accounts level position in advertising where I may utilize my creativity, excellent interpersonal skills and advertising knowledge to make a positive contribution within your organization. Education • Seneca College (2012- Expected 2014) Creative Advertising Diploma • St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic Highschool ‘11 Graduated with OSSD Skills • Risk taker • Works very well in teams • Creative thinker • Intuitive strategist • Able to build rapport with clients • Excellent interpersonal communication • Organized deadline master • Grace under pressure • Detailed knowledge in MS office • Detailed knowledge in CS6 Professional Winning Dentyne IMC pitch to Dare ‘13 • Utilized full advertising knowledge Experience • Planned and executed a 360 campaign • Further established team-based skills Vector IMC pitch to Leo Burnett ‘12 • Applied all current advertising knowledge • Basic development of a 360 campaign • Learned the fundamentals of team building Professional • Attended NYC Adweek ‘13 Development • Volunteered ADCC portfolio review night • Attended IAB MIXX Canada References available upon request 88 Braden Way . Vaughan . Ontario . L4H 2W9 . 647 802 0330 . xrussoalex@gmail.com

Thank You GLAD Canada Campaign Dentyne Campaign Winning pitch to Dare Alexander Russo Resume Bell Canada Cause Marketing Campaign Starbucks VIA Campaign

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