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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: Dunbarmerrill

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I’m Dyslexic... Never allow your circumstances to dictate who you are and what you're capable of. More @: http://www.thedailydunbar.com/

I’m Dyslexic I’m dyslexic; I remember struggling… greatly, in elementary school. I remember my, telling my parents and other teachers that I was either slow or lazy. She wanted to hold me back a year and repeat fourth grade. The only problem was I knew I wasn’t lazy or slow… I was probably a little AAD. But I never allowed myself to accept these destructive labels that not only no teacher should ever say, but also are detrimental to children’s development through out the rest of their lives. I never allowed myself to drop below the standards I knew I was capable of… I worked harder than the other students around me knew… I didn’t want anybody to think I was dumb. After years of tutoring and encouraging support from my grandmother, who would do things like make me recite my multiplication tables at breakfast every day, I conquered a learning disorder that teachers and counselors were too busy slighting me with insults, to even consider. I went from being an extremely poor student to one of the top in my classes. In high school, when everyone else was leaving early I was going to another class. I used to bring my English teacher’s, Mrs. Young, required reading to work with me when I was a valet, and read between cars coming in. I spent high school and college reading the same pages over and over. I took only AP (Advanced Placement) English classes from 9th grade on, which was difficult, as I still read at the pace of an average 4th grader. I learned that I had a deepened sensitivity for audio and visual explanations and once I understood an argument or narrative I would express myself in my writing with contextual and precise diction. Editing was always a pain in the ass though, because it would still take me forever to read even my own work. I scored highest in my class on the AP exam and was voted “MOST INTELLECTUAL” as a graduating senior from a demanding private school. The point is, don’t ever let someone else’s opinion define you. Never allow yourself to believe what someone else tells you you’re capable of… Only you know that. Believe that… and believe what you know.  

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