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Information about i-lovelearning London 2016 | Netex 2017 Preview [EN]

Published on November 28, 2016

Author: NetexCompany

Source: slideshare.net

1. Cover Slide Netex 2017 Preview


3. The running order: • 2017 – key themes • Consumerisation and Interoperability • Learning Stories • Micro Learning • Agile Factory • Smart Content

4. Mobile is Lifestyle and not a Technology anymore.

5. “Consumerisation” + Interoperability


7. Choose the channels that you need. • From any device. • Upgrade at any time.


9. 3 is the magic number


11. A new learning approach SCENARIO You are in a middle of creating estimates for a project and need to add a data filter to a column in MS Excel sheet. It’s been 3 months since the Excel course and you can’t remember the steps… What will you do? A. Use Company Training Portal B. Ask a Colleague C. Use Google D. Read the manual

12. Apply Find WORK DAY PERFORM Apply Apply PULLLEARNING -NOTPUSH Learner’s decide WHAT WHEN HOW they want to learn. Multiple Micro Moments of learning to Perform Objectives. 53% of people quickly put into practice their own self-directed learning Towards Maturity. May 2015

13. CONTENT DESIGN: Microlearning with learningCoffee 5 mins 10 mins Design content (5-10minutes) based on the Performance Objectives Identify content resources and structure based on subject matter (Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, etc.) Mobile ready user interface and multi-device responsive content. Easy Access through Searchable Content

14. OUR ECOSYSTEM Microlearning with learningCoffee

15. AgileFactory

16. Agile custom development service for high volumes of digit content needs 1. All corporate training around an uniform instructional, pedagogical, GD-UX, and technological criteria 2. An elearning strategy that improves time to market and saves money 3. An efficient and innovative development process which erase repetitive and non valuable tasks 4. An agile aproach with a permanent iteration and feedback. The eternal beta stage

17. Different working centers or territories which become learning silos Quality control issues, differnt formats, learning structures… High Demanding Organizations in terms of content production and delivery Too many elearning providers: Low efficiency

18. From classic Addie to….

19. Course Story Micro learning Video Activities Consulting Selection & Picking (Pret a porter) Production, editing & building Delivery Interaction Learning formats Learning resources To template and resource driven agile development

20. It is core for the definition of the production process and the deliverables Leearning needs & ID Technological analysis UX Look & Feel Resource characteristics. Process flow & definition Consulting phase

21. An agile philosophy focused on the process

22. The management tools are a fundamental part in the implementation of an AgileFactory App for just in time orders & budgeting

23. Be Smart and Adapt

24. A technology for building a new content concept. An authoring tool for building SMART CONTENTS SMART CONTENT A technical infrastructure for real time collaboration with learners

25. 5 digital service layers for making your content unique. SMART CONTENT Each layer can provide complementary services to other layers.

26. EMBEDDED AUTHORING Instructors modify published contents. Instructors add their own content as part of the course. Instructors add interactive activities on top of published content Launch assignments in real time. 1

27. LEARNING ANALYTICS Get useful information about your learner’s progress in real time. Make predictions based on future behaviour 2

28. COLLABORATION Classroom management features. Video-conference as a book feature. WebRTC standard. Real time feedback in free response activities. 3

29. GAMIFICATION Seamless integration of mini-games on top of published content. Transform your sessions into a gamified environment. 4

30. ADAPTIVE CONTENT Adaptive tools focused on empowering instructors to provide a differentiated instruction. Content recommendations & adaptive learning paths for the reinforcement of basic concepts. 5

31. info@netexlearning.com +44 (0) 845 463 8200 UK | SPAIN | INDIA | MEXICO Thanks for your attention!

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