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Published on November 23, 2009

Author: HurriKaty

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Day 3 of Lucy's Bachelorette Challenge. FINALLY!

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the long overdue (I'M SORRY) Day 3 of I Love Lucy: A Munster Bachelorette Challenge. Yesterday saw a lot of things, including Georgie completely freaking out, and Lucy in the end realizing that Zephyr completely wasn't her type, or even a one woman type to begin with, and sent him packing. Will Georgie be able to redeem himself, and will I not take a month to do the next day? Read on.

At the house down the road, Abe sat, staring at the television, processing the events that he'd just seen. “Wow, I have to admit. That was.. brutal. I mean, not as brutal as the bachelorette challenge I was in, but still.”

Katy was in awe too. From what everyone had told her, these things were supposed to be fun. She hadn't expected everyone to freak out on her like that on the second day. “ .. I.. I don't know what happened! Everything was going so well and..”

“ Well?” Fudge spoke up from where he and Barty had been standing by the wall, watching the day with them. “ I don't know what you consider well, sorceress, but you've confounded all of us, and I can't blame those poor men for being thrown off guard with your potions and trickery. You have some explaining to do.”

The boys had never seen anyone run so fast. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to get this girl angry, but she clearly had a lot to hide.

Barty wasn't having it. He'd had enough of being pulled around, and one way or another, he was going to find out exactly what was going on and who this woman was. “ You can't just hide up here forever, you know. You have to send us back eventually...”

“ .. Woah” Katy peered up, happy to see it was at least the sanest member of her boys that had come up after her. “ I.. I didn't know you had a kid.”

“ Well, there's a lot of things you don't know about me. Isn't that right, Gabe?” The little boy peered up from his mom's arms and smiled a familiar smile. “Right, momma!”

Now Barty was even more confused. He didn't remember a baby being there when they'd gotten there, and hadn't even heard a sound until now. “ He's a cute one. Looks familiar. Who's his daddy?”

“ Oh, nobody important. We should go back downstairs.

Lucy was not looking forward to this. Not at all. It was the third day, and quite frankly, she liked all of the remaining men. Eliminating people wasn't going to be getting easier.

And neither was this. She could almost hear the music from Jaws playing as she stepped toward the hot tub that had led way to disaster the day before. Well, she'd signed the contract. She might as well go through with it.

Things were further complicated by the fact that it was raining. What kind of person hot tubbed in rain?

Apparently, that type of person was Elm, as he was the first in after her by only mere seconds. "You don't mind if I sit here, do you? Seeing as I missed my opportunity yesterday." "Not at all."

David was next, taking the same spot he had yesterday. "Time for our daily soak in this contraption, then, is it? At least I am more acustomed to this state of dress today.."

Finally, Jake slid in to the last spot. “ So that's everyone, then? I hope my hair won't bother you too much. I'm told it's distracting.”

It was at that precise moment that Georgie rounded the corner, watching the last spot in the tub get taken. “Well good afternoon to you all... Oh bother, I'm too late, aren't I?”

Lucy heard him, but she didn't know what to say. Maybe it was actually a better thing if he wasn't in the hot tub. It didn't seem to make him happy. She wanted him to be happy.

It was Jake who snapped her out of her thought process. “Lucy, are you alright? You seemed lost in your own head for a second there.”

“ I would assume that Lucy is simply relieved that Georgie won't be overexerting himself in the hot tub today.” David had a certain knack for saying the things that everyone else was thinking. Lucy found it admirable, but it didn't exactly calm things down. “ Come on, man. We're here and Georgie isn't. That's all that matters.”

“ Well, you are the one that asked what was wrong, Mr. Finch. And Lucy doesn't seem to mind, do you?”

“ I don't exactly mind, but you're starting to make me think that I'm going to have to throw you all in a wrestling ring and have you settle everything that way.”

Over in the other tub, Georgie was getting to know Phoenix in all sorts of ways that he didn't care to. “ So, Georgie. Just you and me over here, then, huh?” “ Please, put some pants on, Mr. Olpshkinimi.”

Jake was the first one to break the ice and get the guts up to start a splash fight with Lucy. “ See? We have way more fun when the buzzkill isn't here.”

“ That's not cool, Jake. Just because he doesn't like getting splashed. And I shouldn't have done it to him, should I?” “ How would you have known?” She was glad Jake was here again. It was like she was talking to an old friend when he was around.

Elm put an end to that conversation, sick of hearing about Georgie this, Georgie that, constantly. “ So, Lucy. How do you feel about remote controlled robots?” “ Well, that was a random question, but I guess it would depend. Are they being used for good or bad? And what exactly is the function of these robots?”

“ Remote controlled robot? Is that some kind of dish that's served where you two are from?” Jake turned around and stared at David. “ You really don't know what a robot is? Man, I think you and Georgie both come from a different planet.”

” I'll be glad to knock you into the same time frame as the rest of us, David.”

“ I'd just like to take this time to say that I am not going to waste my precious hottub moments splashing my competitors when I could be talking to you.” “Well, at least one of us has some sense here, huh?”

Georgie didn't know how it was possible, but he felt slightly relieved to not have to deal with the hot tub today. He would have to make it up to Lucy later, but he knew he could do it. She was wonderful . Phoenix however, wasn't as relieved. He was certain that everyone had talked to her more than he had, and missing this opportunity wasn't going to help things, at all.

Lucy was glad everything had gone so well today, and was even happier when Georgie took the opening to sit next to her at dinner. As much of a nuisance as he had been yesterday in the hot tub, she wanted him around.

“ Lucy, I hope you were enjoying yourself earlier, regardless of me not gracing you with my wonderous presence.” “ Well, would you look at that. You do have a sense of humor under there.” Her mind wandered to the list of tasks she had for the day, and then she spoke up again. “Hey, would you mind putting on something a bit more casual and coming outside? I have something to show you that I think you'll like.”

She loved the way his face lit up at even the simplest of requests. “ I would love to, Lucy. Give me a moment.”

Lucy led him out back to an area near the hot tub that had previously been fenced off. “ So, what do you think?” “I think.. that you are going to have to explain to me what this device is for.”

“ This, Georgie, is basketball.” “Basketball? Oh, if that's anything like your football game, I do think I will like it.” A voice popped up from out of nowhere, nearly scaring both of them out of their shoes. “ You seriously don't know what basketball is?” Georgie seethed. What was he doing here, on HIS date time?

“ It's a game like football, but a bit different. You just throw the ball and try to get it.. into the hoop. Or miss. Like me. Crap.”

Georgie picked up the ball, staring ahead. He always seemed so into things that seemed so normal for her. “ Well, I would think this should be simple enough. After all, how hard can it be to get a ball through a hole?”

“ Oh, drat” Georgie stomped his foot as the ball bounced off the hoop, right back down to the ground below, hearing a snort behind him but resisting the urge to turn around and choke his competition. “ Oh, that was close. Don't worry, Georgie. You just need practice, I'm sure. That wasn't bad for a first shot.”

For two people that were terrible at this game, Lucy and Georgie had a wonderful time playing it. Eventually, Elm wandered off to eat, leaving them to their privacy. Every time the ball would bounce back and nearly hit one of them in the head, they'd laugh and silently curse the skies. “ Why won't it go in?” “Because the ball is a sentient object that hates you, Georgie.” “..Really?”

“ It was a joke, Georgie.” “Oh, I was going to ask, how would that work?” Where had the time gone? Her and Georgie had so much fun together that before she knew it, 30 minutes had gone by. “ Oh, heck. Sorry Georgie, but I have to do this with everyone before I get to bed tonight.”

“ I understand, Lucy. I had a wonderful time as it was.” “So.. I guess this would be when you'd go get someone else to come out, then?” “ I.. think so.”

Out of all the things Georgie had done so far, kissing her was probably the least expected thing yet. But for some reason, despite the fact that there was a strict no kissing policy in place until the final 3, she found herself failing to care. For someone who came from a place as old fashioned as Georgie seemingly did, he was rather good at this kissing thing. Maybe it ran in his family.

“ I apologize, Lucy. That was entirely inappropriate and badly timed of me.” “Don't apologize for anything, ever again.” It was lucky that they broke everything up when they did, because David came out of the door not a minute later. “ I'm not interrupting anything, am I?”

“ So, I'm told we're playing some sort of sport out here, then?” Lucy looked up, still a bit disoriented from what had just happened. “ .. Oh, yeah. It's called basketball. I think you'll like it.”

Lucy explained the best she could, just like she had with Georgie. Him and David were similar, but at the same time, different. They both gave off the vibe that they were from a completely different times than the one they were living in now, but David seemed to adjust much faster than Georgie had. He picked up everything twice as faster as Georgie did, and nobody had to spell anything out for him. “ Throwing a ball through a hoop? Sounds simple enough to me.”

“ Easier said than done, isn't it, David?” “Well, it was only my first try, Lucy. You cannot fault me for that.”

“ I also cannot help but feel as if I may be distracted by something.” It seems interferring in dates was becoming a running theme in the house. But Lucy didn't have the heart to tell Georgie it might be best to walk away.

“ Not like I'm any better at this, David.” “Yes, and aren't you the so called expert at this games?”

“ Aw, heck. Hey, I said I knew how to play. Not that I was any good at it.” “ I must admit, many of the ladies back where I am from would not even be willing to be let themselves seen in such an outfit, much less try a game like this.”

David told her a lot about where he was from during their game. He told her how they didn't have any televisions, or anything electronic. How different the houses, clothes, and even the hairstyles looked. It was like something right out of her books, and explained a lot about him. She imagined Georgie must have came from a place quite like it as well.

Lucy had been feeling tired by the time Elm came out, but seeing that it was him perked her right back up. “ Basketball? That's what those two were all confused about when they got back inside? I've played loads of this.” “ At least I know I won't have to explain it to you.”

Lucy had to admit, she was a little impressed when Elm neatly threw the ball overhead, bouncing it right into the hoop above. “ Finally, someone who can actually back up their bragging in this house.”

Elm went on as Lucy missed another shot. “ I don't think I have any reasons to brag to you at this point. I would think we're past the bragging about petty things stage of this competition.”

Lucy snorted, trying to hold back a laugh. “ No, now we're at the try to kill one another during private dates stage of the competition.” “I have no idea what you mean.”

“ Oh, come on Elm. Don't think I saw you making snide remarks during my date with Georgie. And then he stood behind us my entire date with David, grinning like a doofus. I'm surprised that I haven't seen Jake standing in the window with an axe at this point.” “ I don't think I want to see Jake with an axe. Especially not if he's got his bandana off.”

“ Oh, damn. I don't think I've made more than 5 shots all night. Sorry for being such a crappy opponent, but I think you've got me beat clean, Elm.” “ You could just be out of your element. I think we all are here. You just need to get the rust off.”

It was entirely possible that Elm was right. By the time Phoenix showed up, she'd made at least 3 more shots. “ How did I not notice a basketball hoop was out here by the tub? Maybe I would have made it to the hot tub today if I had.” Lucy briefly wondered if Phoenix should need a reason to make it out to the hot tub faster, but pushed it to the back of her mind. This was time for her and Phoenix's date.

They did have a good date. Lucy should have been surprised that Phoenix was good at this, but for someone who claimed to be sick all the time, he sure was athletic. Not that she didn't believe him.

“ Huh, would you look at that. I win another round.” “Darnit, Phoenix! You're too good at this to make any suspense.” She had to admit. She was being throttled by him in this game. Absolutely massacred. If he wasn't so nice about it, she might have ended up kicking him.

Her mind just kept going back to that. Phoenix was nice. He was good at this game. They got along. But that was all she knew about him. Was there really anything else there?

She tried to push it out of her mind, because she knew she got along with Jake, and it was his turn. “ Basketball? Kind of an odd thing to do on a date, isn't it?” “ About as odd as what your hair does when you take that bandana off.”

“ I have to warn you, I've been practicing all night. Which is why I likely reek now.” “ Maybe just a little.” Having Jake around in the house was great. He was someone to talk to, joke with, someone to ramble on about her problems with the other men in the house. Someone who wouldn't get jealous just from her talking about them.

That thought bothered her as she made another perfectly aimed hoop. Shouldn't he be jealous? If he was interested in having her as a girlfriend, he would be, right? But he didn't seem to mind. She just couldn't figure out if it was a good or bad thing.

As she taunted Jake for his stupid dance after making a basket of his own, she realized she was having so much fun with him, she couldn't stand the thought. Having to send someone you really like home, just because he doesn't go crazy when you talk to another guy? If anything, that meant he wouldn't be a possesive boyfriend. All in all, she was glad when these dates were finally done, and she could get some rest.

She loved sleeping in this house, because it was the one time she didn't have to worry about every move she made. About whether she was going to set someone off again. She could dream, and dream she was back at home, and that she was young once more and her family were all alright back there.

It was a rather nice day when she got up, so before gathering the men to do what she was beginning to call the “Parade of Cheesy Flirts” in her head, Lucy went out onto the balcony to get fresh air. It was a nice day. It felt like it'd been forever since she'd just sat by herself.

Of course, you could never be alone in this house for too long. “ Early morning for you, isn't it, Lucy?” “I could say the same for you, David. What got you up so early?”

“ I was always woken up early in my house back at home by someone or another. It happened so often that now I simply wake up this early on my own. I heard the door and came out to make sure you were alright.”

“ Well, I gotta say. I'm doing a lot better now that I have you to look at.” “That's the silliest thing I've heard all week, but thank you very much.” So much for putting off the parade of cheesey flirts.

“ You know, I quite enjoy our daily moments together, Lucy. I'd say we need more of them, wouldn't you?” Holding his hands like this made Lucy realize he was right. Between Elm and Georgie trying to rip her in half, sometimes she forgot how much she likes David as well. “ Yeah. Yeah we do.”

“ If you want to talk, all you have to do is ask, David. I'm not going to ditch you in the middle of a conversation for someone else like you seem to think I am sometimes.” “ I would hope not, Lucy. Because I find myself liking you much more as every day goes.”

“ You know that I feel the same way, David. And don't you ever think otherwise.” “ I won't. I will be taking my leave for breakfast now. I expect someone else will be up to join you shortly.”

She had a few minutes to herself as the sun rose before Phoenix managed to make his way up to the balcony. “ So, I'm that ugly that you can't even look at my big ugly face, then?” “Har, har, Phoenix. Glad to see you.”

“ Ok, now I can really see you. There, you just caught me off guard.” “Wouldn't be the first time.”

“ Oh, I bet you've taken a lot of ladies off guard with that pretty face of yours, haven't you?” “.. Maybe a few.” She didn't get it. She was using the same cheesy lines as she was on the other guys, but something just wasn't there like it was with most of them. She had to keep going. She had to at least try for his sake.

“ Is there something wrong, Lucy? You don't seem too into this. You don't have to force yourself to flirt with me if you don't want to.” “ I do want to! I swear. How could I not want to when you're just so cute?”

Well, he couldn't argue with that. He did think he was pretty cute. All he knew was that he hoped he'd misread that look in Lucy's eyes when he asked if something was wrong. Because it looked to him like she didn't much care about flirting with him at all.

She was happy to see Jake. If this had been at any other time, maybe she could have talked to him about the thoughts she was having about eliminations. And who they were about. But she didn't think that was quite a good idea at the moment. “ Woah! What a view. Why didn't I know this was up here?”

“ I think I like the view, too, Jake.” “ Pssh! You can't use those lines on me. I invited those lines.”

“ Really? Zephyr told me he invented them.” “Oh, har-dee-har-har.” She shouldn't be joking, but around Jake, in these kinds of situations, it just happened. It was natural for them to be joking like this.

“ I gotta admit, I'm kind of glad he's gone. He wasn't right for you, y'know? Not that I'm winning any awards for husband of the year.” “ He wasn't that bad. I mean, apart from me never seeing him and then him constantly hitting on me when I did. But he wasn't as great as you, handsome.” .. Wait, Jake had been married? She would have to ask him about that, but not now.

“ You're not as bad of a guy as you seem to think you are, Jake. Whatever you did, I don't care. You're here now, and you've been nothing but nice to me.” “Thanks, Lucy. That means a lot coming from you.”

Lucy didn't even think it had been a full minute when she heard feet lumbering up the stairs and the door slam behind her. Only one person could be that excited to see her. “ Georgie?” “How did you know it was me, Lucy?”

“ Oh, I'd know you anywhere by this point.” “ Really, and how is that?”

“ Only you would have ran up the stairs fast enough for me to be able to hear it from out here.” “I don't know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.” It occurred to her at that moment how much he'd loosened up since he first came here. It'd only been two days since Georgie showed up as the little skittish man who didn't even know what football was, but now it was seemingly like he'd been here forever.

“ It's definitely a good thing.” She took his hands like she had with David, quietly hoping that he wouldn't have the same personal space issues he'd shown in the past.

“ You know, Lucy. I do quite like it when it is just you and me up here. Much better than the chaos of being down there around all those other men.” “ I like it too, Georgie.” For some reason, Lucy didn't let go of Georgie as fast as she had with David. She didn't know why, but she just didn't want to.

But she had to, eventually. There was still another person she had to talk to, one that meant just as much to her as he did. “ Woooah, it's gorgeous out. Perfect day to go blow something up.”

Lucy couldn't help but laugh. Elm seemed to get that response out of her. “ That sounds like a great time. If not slightly painful.” “Hey, it's only painful if you get in the way.”

“ I bet you'd be good at all sorts of explosions, if you get my drift.” “ .. That is probably the dirtiest thing anyone has said to me all week.” Lucy had to admit. That one went a bit too far. But it was Elm, he would get it.

“ You realize how silly this all is, right, Elm?” “I think the entire concept of fighting over a girl in this setting over a bunch of forced flirts is silly. You're just lucky I like you.”

As silly as they both claimed it was, she stood there just as long as she had with Georgie. With neither of them, there was really not even anything to be said. With both of them, they just stood their, looking at each other, until one of them politely excused themselves. She was getting in far too deep.

She could never eliminate someone in good conscience on an empty stomach, so went to get an early breakfast. She knew exactly what she had to do. But it was getting harder and harder to send these guys home.

It didn't even surprise her anymore when Georgie and Elm were the ones who sat next to her. And heck, she didn't even mind. What did bother her were the holes they had begun to stare through each other. “ Georgie.” “Elm” “ Hello.” “ Hello.”

It was Georgie that broke the deafening silence that followed the awkward stare off. “ So, then. I would imagine that it would be getting to be that time again, Lucy.”

Lucy stopped, looking at her watch before realizing that he was right. “ Yeah. It would. Would you guys excuse me for a second? I have to go talk to someone.”

“ Phoenix? Is that you in there?” Phoenix sighed. He knew exactly what was coming. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who were the favorites in this house, and he wasn't one of them. “ Yeah. It's me, isn't it?”

“ I.. yeah. It is. I'm really sorry. There's nothing wrong with you, I swear. It's just..”

“ We're not connecting, and you've connected with all the other guys. I know. I understand.” She had never been more relieved to hear someone say they understood in her life. She could tell by his face that he wasn't happy, but at least he'd seen it coming.

“ Exactly. Like I said, I'm really sorry. I'm glad you're not too mad. I don't want you to hate me.”

Phoenix stood to his feet, just in time to be on the receiving end of a very large hug from the bachelorette. “ I'm not mad. Disappointed, yeah. But I couldn't be mad at you for following your heart.” “Thanks. There is someone out there for an awesome guy like you. I'm sure.”

So Phoenix became the 3 rd man to leave the house, and for the first time, Lucy was genuinely disappointed to see someone leave. If this is how she felt when Phoenix left, it was just going to get harder and harder. And she didn't like that thought at all.

And that, folks, was day 3. Thank you for bearing with my utter procrastination, and hopefully Day 4 and the rest will come much faster. For those interested, the scores were... Georgie – 100/46 - 146 Elm – 100/41 – 141 David – 74/36 – 110 Jake – 81/26 – 107 Phoenix – 41/26 - 67

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