I have food sample phobia!

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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: KathrynCWheat

Source: slideshare.net


Can't you just imagine all of the germs crawling around on those food samples?I can’t possibly be the only one who has this. Am I?

I  can’t  possibly  be  the  only  one  who  has  this.  Am  I?  You  know  the   samples  in  the  grocery  store  that  are  just  sitting  there  with  no   attendee?  I’ve  personally  seen  people  put  their  hand  in  and  handle   several  pieces  before  pulling  out  the  one  they  want  to  try.  Ok,  ask   yourself,  where  have  those  hands  been?  Not  only  that,  people   sneeze  and  cough  into  those  things.  Yuck!  Seriously,  those  samples   have  to  be  the  germiest  (yes,  it’s  a  word)  pieces  of  food  EVER!  Why   would  anybody  want  to  test  his  or  her  immune  system  to  that   extreme?  

Another  one  that  gets  me  is  the  candy  bins  in  the  middle  of  the  mall.   They  are  eye  level  to  children  and  you  can  bet  that  every  5  year  old   that  can  reach  it,  has  stuck  their  hands  into  those  bins.  They  love  to   roll  their  hands  around  in  there  feeling  all  of  the  candy.   EWWWWWW!  I  have  2  kids  and  I  know  exactly  where  those  little   hands  have  been.  Trust  me,  you  don’t  want  those  germs  in  your   mouth.   Speaking  of  the  mall,  what  about  the  guys  in  the  food  court  that   block  your  way  trying  to  get  you  to  take  a  sample?  I  see  people   grabbing  these  

  all  the  time  but  I  also  see  them  picking  one  up,  looking  at  it,   breathing  on  it,  putting  it  back  and  getting  another.  Or  perhaps   offer  it  to  someone  who  takes  it  but  then  decides  they  don’t  want  it   and  put  it  back.  It’s  changed  hands  twice  at  that  point  and  still  gets   put  back  up  for  the  offering.  Uhhhh,  no  thanks!   I’m  not  a  germophobe!  Really!  I’m  ok  with  a  little  dirt  but  it  makes   my  stomach  hurt  at  the  mere  thought  of  putting  any  of  that  food   into  my  mouth.  I  am  not  a  fan  of  what  I  like  to  call  “the  quick  weight   loss  diet”.  Need  I  say  more?  

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