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Published on December 10, 2008

Author: share090909

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YP-S3 is right here and I want you to see through then, you gonna understand all aspects of YP-S3.

http://www.noteforum.co.kr/news/index.htm?action=view&nm=4042&start=0&is_num=6 YP-S3 Review Thanks to the success of the P2 released last year, people are looking at Samsung MP3 players differently. Until last year, even though Samsung MP3 players had ranked the first in the domestic market, mania didn’t like them much. However, after the P2 with many functions such as wide LCD, touch screen, Bluetooth, and so on, they don’t think of Samsung of the brand of guarantee service. The better completion gets, the more popular brand not only for normal users, but also for mania. This product Samsung Yepp S3 is released to follow the P2, T10, the rounding design is impressive, and supports various functions. Stylish design and great grip are charming. Let’s take a look at what functions it supports with their performance. (I’ll handle the SD210 speaker released with the S3)

That is a full kit, and you can see it uses high quality plastic case like other products do. 24 pin cable for transfer and recharge is provided, and the earphone, stereo cable are included. (This is a test product, so the warranty and S/W CD will be included in the market.)

The portability is quite good with 44x95x9.8mm of size and 53g of weight. (Not the same as the best portability of the S2, considering the functions, the portability of the S3 is really good. It’s 10g heavier than and 1.9mm thicker than the 10, but I couldn’t really feel it.) The overall design is similar to the P2 or T10. However, it is finished with rounding, and high grossy UV coating is adapted to satisfy users for design, and offers better grip. (Compared to the T10, the functions are downgraded, but the design is upgraded. I think it appeals to users who like rounding shape and cute things.)

Like other Samsung products, various colors of products are released. (Black / White /Red /Green /Blue 5 colors will be released)

It’s the front. At the top, there’s a 1.8 inch QCIF TFT LCD, and at the bottom, there are touch buttons. (There’s a big quality difference between the S3 and the T10 with 320 x 240 QVGA 2 inch TFT LCD. It’s more similar to the LCD of the S5.) Touch sensitivity is satisfactory, but there was a problem of fingerprints, because of the high grossy UV coating.

It’s the top. There’s a strap ring to hang a strap or a necklace.

It’s the bottom. There is a 24 pin terminal to transfer data with the USB cable and to recharge. It’s slim, but it has adopted the 3.5 pi earphone terminal, so most of the earphones can be used conveniently. (With the TTA cell phone charger, you can charge it easily)

The right side of the product. You can see the power switch supporting the hold function.

It’s the bottom. There’s a built in 580mAh battery, and 4 hours of video and 25 hours of music play is possible. At the left side, there’s a reset button in case of malfunction. At the bottom, there are functions, approval mark, capacity, and so on.

The size comparison. It’s similar size to the T10. (The grip is really great.)

Basic accessories. 24 pin data cable, earphone, and stereo cable are offered.

It’s the SD210 external speaker released with the S3. (SD210 is sold separately.) Like the picture, it can be used as an external speaker, and a cradle. (If you don’t put the protection film on, the P2 and S3 will be scratched. I think the SD210 can solve the problem.) It’s impressive that the air duct makes the sound quality better. At the back, there’s a line-in terminal to connect the 24 pin USB and external devices, and volume control dials. A battery is not included, so it should connect the power adapter included to listen to music, and without the adapter, you can listen to music with the power of the MP3 player. Because the size is small, I though it plays a bit weak sound, but I could check the vivid strong sound it made. High tone was a little bit scratched, but the sound was really loud to vibrate devices, and the bass was satisfactory. (The sound is strong enough to fill your office or room.)

Not only the S3, but also the P2 and T10 can be used with the SD210, and the PB2 is also possible. (As you saw in the picture, the guide are provided for the T10 and S3 to prevent devices from shaking.)

I’ve checked the design and features. Let’s find out what functions it supports. As you confirmed in the former picture, there are 8 menus. Other than the music, it supports video, album, and text viewer, so it will be very useful, I think. (Except the Bluetooth, it supports every function of Samsung products.)

Music play menu. As in the picture, both DB search with artist, album, and genre, and tree search with music browser are possible. DNSe 2.0 has been adapted, so the sound quality was really good like other Yepp series. (I checked the sound quality of the earphone for test. The change of sound by each EQ was so distinct, and I liked the strong bass. Compared to other products, the high tone was a bit sharp, not much, and the vocal sound was impressive. I think it would give you satisfaction with listening to music.)

The setting menu. The sound effect and DNSe setting are possible (As you see in the picture, User EQ, 3D, Bass settings are supported), and play mode and speed adjustment are also supported. 3 types of skins are provided. Album information and album art can be displayed. And random function is also supported.

It supports video playback function. There was a big difference from the quality of the T10 supporting QVGA and 30fps, but it was okay. @ Video encoding is made automatically in SMS, so there’s no inconvenience, I think. On setting menu, you can see the add bookmark function and 3 DNSe.

It’s the photo menu. Because thumbnails are displayed, you can see the pictures you want easily. Multi tasking with music is possible, and slide show, magnifying, and rotation are supported. You can choose your skin as your background with the skin storing function. (I think the picture menu is more useful for background than watching.)

It’s FM radio. Since preset and auto preset are supported, you can listen to the radio without other settings. (I listened to the radio inside. I heard some noise of radio broadcasting, but the sound was vivid and continuous, so it wasn’t inconvenient at all.) It’s a setting menu. Auto and manual preset setting are provided. You can set the sensitivity and local setting, and FM radio recording and recording quality set are also possible.

It’s a prime pack providing additional functions. You can see it supports 4 kinds of functions. The picture at the top is a text viewer, and multi tasking with music is possible, and the font size can be changed. 6 types are offered. (Due to the smaller LCD size, it was a little bit tight. But the readability was good, so I wasn’t tired in my eyes at all.)

It supports 5 kinds of games. (Contents for killing time) Alarm function is also supported, and you can confirm the world clock. It’s a file browser. You can set and delete the play list for music files, and files in other menu can be deleted. (Direct execution is possible)

It’s a setting menu. Like other Samsung product I’ve reviewed, you can see it provides detailed setting. In menu style, the design of menu and font can be changed. Like the picture, it supports 3 kinds of menu designs, and if choosing my skin, the background selected in the picture was displayed. (3 kinds of fonts were supported)

In the sound menu, you can set the master EQ, beef sound, and the limit volume. With the display menu, you can set the screen off, screen saver, and the brightness. (It was impressive that the UI of the screensaver was so splendid.)

Library auto update function is supported, and you can select the language of menu and contents. (Menu : 31 languages, Contents : 33 languages) Also, date and time can be set.

It’s a system setting. Sleeping mode and starting mode are supported, and with auto turn off setting, you can use the battery efficiently. (Initialization, format, and checking the system information are possible)

With the S2 recently released and the S3 I’ve reviewd, Samsung has made a perfect lineup for MP3 players. (Highest quality P2, high quality T10/S5, general S3, cheap S2. With the lineup, they’ve made an environment to enjoy high quality DNSe sound easily. Without much money, we can buy Samsung MP3 players, I think.) The most impressive thing of this product is a sensitive design. Unlike the P2 or T10, it is finished with rounding to improve grip, and also it’s cute and elegant. (Not only with the design of the body, but also with the elegant UI design, users will be satisfied, I suppose) The various functions are also impressive with the good design. It was released as a distribution model, but it supports most of the functions except the Bluetooth. So, I would say it’s a cheap product with various functions. (The sound quality was really satisfactory with DNSe 2.0) But the slow response time the S5 had was still not content. (When pushing a touch button, due to a delay, it was bothering me.) And if the price difference from the T10 is not big enough, it will be a so-so product. (The function and design are largely similar to the T10, but the

performance difference is big. If the prices are similar, it seems most of the users will select the T10.) The performance of the speaker SD210 was very impressive. (I want to praise it with the sound and the compatibility) I think it’s enough to appeal to users who want a reasonable price and stylish design MP3 player.

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