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Published on April 18, 2013

Author: beriram

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: Everyone at some point of their life has dreamt of starting a business thinking they know exactly what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. But only a very few dare to put their dreams to action by venturing into business wanting name, fame, and wealth. They want the world to recognize them and their biography to be along side legendary people. This is a story of an entrepreneur. Probably most entrepreneurs. Money Impossible : The fantasy chaser: Money Impossible : The fantasy chaser By aRBe 11.30 PM Wednesday: 11.30 PM Wednesday PowerPoint Presentation: The next billion dollar legend? ME ! The light bulb over my head confirmed that my idea was incredibly priceless. 1.30 AM Thursday: 1.30 AM Thursday 9.30 AM Thursday: 9.30 AM Thursday “In 2-3 years my company would be acquired for a few hundred million just like hotmail, youtube , instagram were” I informed my friends kissing my job goodbye. PowerPoint Presentation: Great ideas made money and hadn’t we often heard how people made it big because of a single idea? PowerPoint Presentation: Earlier too I had thoug ht of several great concepts that could ma ke m e rich and famous, but didn’t venture out of fea r PowerPoint Presentation: “Launch before someone does. Throw yourself into the water; you will learn to swim.” urged my inner voice. PowerPoint Presentation: I was warned by my family against it, but that further increased my resolve Friends are forever: Friends are forever A few friends however encouraged my pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur PowerPoint Presentation: Connecting to Fast Profits On paper, the business seemed very successful, just by capturing 2% market ... PowerPoint Presentation: ...Expecting windfall profits, I formed a company. The company along with me seemed destined for greatness. PowerPoint Presentation: I put in my lives savings, borrowed from family and friends, jumped into the glamorous dream, one, few would dare Party time: Party time The early days were exciting. I conferred the title of CEO on myself….. Yuhoo! That would be me: Yuhoo ! That would be me Travelling business class, staying in star hotels, vacationing on exotic beaches, cruises……, PowerPoint Presentation: ……..sponsoring sporting, fashion, and movie events, I would be rubbing shoulders with heads of state, sports persons, and film stars. Do gooder angel: Do gooder angel And of course, some amount for charity was always on agenda. Beginers luck: Beginers luck The previous company that started in this office went on to purchase their own premises, I was told by the reality agent At work: At work After interviewing several candidates and getting interviewed by a few…. PowerPoint Presentation: …I hired a “strong” team of “talented” and passion sharing suitable "good fits" for the company’s operations. PowerPoint Presentation: Considerable time, effort, and money was spent in training, coaching, and motivating the new hires. Money yesterday, gone today: Money yesterday, gone today By the time things got into their place “pay and bill” day had arrived leaving me poorer by a few hundred thousand PowerPoint Presentation: Exciting meetings and reviews, more reviews, more meetings. Designing, redesigning applications, product, and website… PowerPoint Presentation: …..I soon realised meetings were occasions that frittered hours and saved minutes in books. PowerPoint Presentation: In due course we ended up making something else than was originally planned. PowerPoint Presentation: Despite hiring sharp employees, I ended up with some tantrum throwing, excuse giving, nightmarish folks who often put the process at risk. Rework, Redesign, Rerisk PowerPoint Presentation: Some tough obstacles I encountered during initial stages seemed very thrilling to solve. Fruit: where? What?: Fruit: where? What? Bringing the product to market had taken countless forgettable experiences and nine-ten months…. PowerPoint Presentation: … But being turned down by many retailers and traders for partnering , took only nine to ten days . Pa(y)n days: Pa(y)n days …..And hello, pay days were burning a hole in my pocket Congratulations: legal cases make you famous: Congratulations: legal cases make you famous My company often got caught in amazing pieces of red tape, patent, tax and legal issues making me “ almost famous ”. PowerPoint Presentation: How funny? I thought I was the hero, but it was my employees who had girlfriends and enjoyed weekends. PowerPoint Presentation: torn between such unfair complexities of business in and outside the organisation, I began to have nightmares. : Regardless, I pursued my plan vigorously putting in all my energies and resources trying to make my business a success…… PowerPoint Presentation: …sacrificing my family, health, hobbies and social life. Social disconnect PowerPoint Presentation: Four months later, a small distribution partnership break trough that I needed. PowerPoint Presentation: Wealth and fame were, once again, within sight. . PowerPoint Presentation: They couldn’t sell fast enough as I soon learned that it wasn't easy to get rich overnight. PowerPoint Presentation: Having customers was great, but dealing with them was a different ball game altogether. PowerPoint Presentation: I was deluged with feedbacks that were unusually contradictory, frustrati ng me . The learning circle: The learning circle Customer is always right was what MBA taught me, so in my anxiety to please all I ended up in a far worse position than where I previously was. Pay blues: with office came hefty bills: Pay blues: with office came hefty bills The only one in the whole company who feared and hated pay day: ME Then Now PowerPoint Presentation: The company's days were now burdened with troubles around funds flow, staff attrition, sales, and trying to establish its own identity. PowerPoint Presentation: Living on knifes edge all the time, sorting my way through paradoxes talking millions and billions when making presentations ... PowerPoint Presentation: ….but not having money to pay even utility bills had me exhausted and burned out. PowerPoint Presentation: By now a lot of money had been put into rent, staff, marketing collateral and writing miles & miles of code… PowerPoint Presentation: ….but sales and funding weren’t coming sending me deeper and deeper into the red. CEO by any other name, a janitor: CEO by any other name, a janitor I was the operations man, I was the driver, the receptionist, the accountant, the janitor, the electrician, the purchase manager…… PowerPoint Presentation: Thrice the time…1/3 rd the work Tasks delegated to the other staff members was playing out like a long running soap opera PowerPoint Presentation: But… it did not matter,…. it did not matter if I had fed my family, it no longer mattered if I had taken salary, PowerPoint Presentation: I did not bother if I had paid my house rent, child’s school fees, and bills……… PowerPoint Presentation: but, I swiped cards, borrowed money at exorbitant rates of interest, pledged family’s gold, all to keep my venture moving. PowerPoint Presentation: Entrepreneurs dream of autonomy, escaping the traditional "9 to 6" job, working late, being my own boss, with limitless income potential was no longer exiting PowerPoint Presentation: Ditching my steady paycheck to turn my idea into reality seemed like a disastrous decision. I was beginning to wonder whether it was even worth it… daily marathon of work with very little glamour. : I was beginning to wonder whether it was even worth it… daily marathon of work with very little glamour. Poisoning the pond: some employees called sick in time of criticalities. Few who did just minimum work, came across as stubborn with bad attitude affecting the enthusiastic others who worked hard. Poisoning the pond PowerPoint Presentation: A relative I brought proved to be undependable who later turned against me and spread canards to my friends and other relatives. in desperate times turn to god: in desperate times turn to god As business struggled to keep afloat, I went to temples seeking divine intervention. PowerPoint Presentation: ……to holy men and astrologers to know my fate. PowerPoint Presentation: I persisted and continued to trick myself to be persistent hoping my exercise pays off. PowerPoint Presentation: Working 100 hours per week handling product and business development, sales and marketing, project management all at once…… PowerPoint Presentation: ………while paying bills, rents, salaries and other expenditure on borrowed money had my head spinning. PowerPoint Presentation: The company was regularly in deep trouble and always on the threshold of going broke. PowerPoint Presentation: Every time calamity surfaced, I would pull a trick out of thin air to keep business alive . PowerPoint Presentation: ……..I cursed myself for gambling everything on making a success of my business.. PowerPoint Presentation: The nay sayers were now thriving on drama enjoying seeing me fail. their words stinging too deeply, leaving me bruised PowerPoint Presentation: Sticking to my guns, I wanted to rise from the ashes like the phoenix and prove my critics wrong. PowerPoint Presentation: Desperate for sales I offered discounts and gifts to distributors and retailers. sales showed an uptick. PowerPoint Presentation: We took every order without declining, hoping to add to the top line. PowerPoint Presentation: Some retailers ordered small, Some big. They were used to getting credit and I had no option. PowerPoint Presentation: A few distributors were on fault finding mission, inturn helping my marketing team give excuses for low sales. PowerPoint Presentation: Some distributors sent repeat orders for large amount. We requested them to pay for the previous order never to hear from them again. PowerPoint Presentation: while with the others I spent more on recovering than was due I watched helplessly my money burning and flying: I watched helplessly my money burning and flying Starting a business was really easy, sustaining it was bleeding me to death PowerPoint Presentation: Realization dawned that many of my “ friends”’s encouraging words had vanished when fate turned south PowerPoint Presentation: I was paying hell of a price for trying to make myself a businessman, which got so bad that at one point I was suicidal. PowerPoint Presentation: Wanted my family to be happy but realized that I was taking their happiness away. PowerPoint Presentation: Today, I desperately wanted go back in time and kick myself for all the stupid things I had done. PowerPoint Presentation: Only an entrepreneur could laugh in adversity PowerPoint Presentation: never thought it would happen to me Eventually debt caught up. And then came the absolute shot –abuse and ugly accusations. PowerPoint Presentation: leaving me lost in my sad dreams, for the moment the sound of emptiness seemed to be the only thing in my life. Everything was gone and there was nothing left. The day my life fell apart: The day my life fell apart In a state of shock surrounded by the ruins of my empire I once dreamt of building.... My body no longer contained the strength to hold itself straight. PowerPoint Presentation: I just want to live again It isn’t going to be easy to start a new life……..... memories of the horrific past keep haunting me PowerPoint Presentation: Acknowledgments and disclaimer I own none of the images, cliparts , musics , and drawings displayed here. They have been taken from office.microsoft.com. This is purely a non commercial show. aRBe

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