HZGD#22 - PERMACULTURE *Sustainable living and farming and *the Hangzhou Permaculture Education Centre (HZPEC 杭州朴门)

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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: HangzhouGreenDrinks



PERMACULTURE Sustainable living and farming and the Hangzhou Permaculture Education Centre (HZPEC 杭州朴门)


1. An introduction to permaculture (sustainable/organic) living - Buildings/facilities, Food production and Waste recycling.

2. The development of the Hangzhou Permaculture Education Center and Organic farm over the past 1.5 years.

3. Future projects and fund-raising activities at the Hangzhou Permaculture Education Center.

4. Seeking donations/sponsors for future projects (In fact "donors" at HZGD#22 will be rewarded with some of the natural products made by the HZPEC - e.g. organic soap, pork sausage, etc.!!! Yes!!!)

18 Feb 2014 @Vineyard
Hangzhou Green Drinks
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HZGD#22 - PERMACULTURE Sustainable living and farming and the Hangzhou Permaculture Education Centre (HZPEC 杭州朴门 ) Speaker: Lia Zhu (Zhu Yawen 朱雅文 ) 18 Feb 2014 @Vineyard Hangzhou Green Drinks WeiBo 微博 : Email: hangzhougreendrinks [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Speaker: Lia Zhu (Zhu Yawen 朱雅文 )

Hangzhou Pumen

The HZ PEC “Pumen” site showing different land uses and roads/trails The HZ PEC team and volunteers

Click to edit Master subtitle style Natural forest, Fatu Hiva Island Food forest

Backyard Permaculture Click to edit Master subtitle style

Building paths Building mulched mound garden beds

A HZ Pumen “mandala” food garden with central pond utilising natural land contour to help water filling

Companion planting rather than mono-culture planting reduces the risk of pest insect attacks

Building a large pond on site – shaping and water storing capacity enabled by a local pig

Terrace permaculture Terrace rice fields in Guangxi Province, China.

Terraces used on HZ PEC site – Terrace walls are also used as “ladders” for growing vine plants

There are no “weeds”, only mulch / compost that hasn’t been cut yet

Building a long food growing mound along a water flow channel – Base of wood for 5 - 10 year nutrients – Layer of mulch for first year nutrients – Layer of topsoil

Park-Urban community Gardens Original site Note the newly constructed swale now being used to catch rain water

Paths have been constructed so visitors don’t accidentally damage the plants

A natural building constructed on a training course in Thailand

Using rocks, clay and reused bottles to make a bench seat

Using bamboo and other plant materials to make fences and vine climbing frames Your “trash can” – The rubbish resulting from 3 shopping bags of shopping can be fitted inside…

Example Building a thermal radiating bench seat – a well designed system, with an efficient combustion chamber and storage mass, can store heat for up to 36 hours and warms not only the seat but also the room – Smoke is vented outside

Teepee used as an outdoor kitchen This is a 5.5m structure made with fire hardened bamboo struts and stitched canvas A significantly larger structure is being planned

Other things we do Locally picked berries Dried fruits and nuts and pickled veges

Sun drying of fruits, veges and even meats can give these foodstuffs a long shelf life

An example of a sustainable Aquaponics System charlie vinz from chicago

The plan for an on site aquaponics system featuring natural rain water collection, water recycling, and fish growing in the base area The pump will be powered by a solar panel

Thank you! See also: 中文 Chinese " 杭州朴门 " 背景资料 - English 英文 HZ PEC news report Contacts 联系方式 : If you want to contact Lia to find out about taking a course or volunteering at the HZ PEC, then send HZGD an email and we’ll pass it on. 如果你想给小朱联系 ( 比如问她怎么参加杭州朴门的培训活动 ) 请发给 HZGD 一个 email. HZGD Email: hangzhougreendrinks [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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