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Information about HYPOTHESIS

Published on July 8, 2009

Author: physiosyed

Source: authorstream.com

HYPOTHESIS : HYPOTHESIS K. SYED, MPT (Ortho) HYPOTHESIS : HYPOTHESIS It is a tentative prediction or explaination of two or more variables The hypothesis is the most important mental tool the research has. It is important integral component of modern scientific research K. SYED, MPT (Ortho) PURPOSES OF HYPOTHESIS : PURPOSES OF HYPOTHESIS It provides bridge between theory and reality and in this sense unifying of two domains It provides powerful tool, for the advancement of knowledge since they enable the researcher to objectively enter new areas of discovery It provides direction for any research Endeavour by tentatively identifying the anticipated outcome. It is guide to the thinking process and the process of discovery It serves as a framework for drawing conclusions K. SYED, MPT (Ortho) advantages : advantages Hypothesis builds researches confidence in his results Sound hypothesis gives direction to the inquiry A good hypothesis enriches theory K. SYED, MPT (Ortho) Characteristics of Hypothesis : Characteristics of Hypothesis It should be clear and precise It should be capable of being tested It should state relationship between variables It should be limited in scope and must be specific It should be understandable It should be consistent with most known facts It should be test with amenable time It should be comprises needed explanations K. SYED, MPT (Ortho) Classification of hypothesis : Classification of hypothesis Directional hypothesis Non directional hypothesis Research hypothesis (Alternative) Statistical hypothesis (Null) K. SYED, MPT (Ortho)

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