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Published on March 14, 2009

Author: hypnosis

Source: authorstream.com

Hypnotize People Conversationally : A Quick-Start-Guide Hypnotize People Conversationally www.HypnoDepot.com Step 1: Establish Rapport : Step 1: Establish Rapport Mirror the hypnotic suject(imitate behaviors, body posture & breathing pattern) www.HypnoDepot.com Step 2: Induce Trance : Step 2: Induce Trance Use conversational (hypnotic) language patterns to induce and deepen a hypnotic trance www.HypnoDepot.com Step 3: Check Trance : Step 3: Check Trance Look for signs of hypnosis. If person is hypnotized, move on to step 4. If not, move back to step 2. www.HypnoDepot.com Step 4: Implant Suggestions : Step 4: Implant Suggestions Use indirect suggestions to “program” your hypnotic subject to do what you want them to do. www.HypnoDepot.com Step 5: Posthypnotic Suggestions : Step 5: Posthypnotic Suggestions Use posthypnotic suggestions to enforce your commands in the post-hypnotic state www.HypnoDepot.com Step 6: Learn more : Step 6: Learn more To learn more about conversational hypnosis visit www.HypnoDepot.com

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