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Information about Hydrogen Station Design from CaFCP

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: Cwhite3655

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Bill Elrick's presentation from the GNA/ACT Expo webinar on February 19, 2014. Bill gives an overview of hydrogen stations in California, commonly used equipment, and codes and standards information.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles: Beginning the Commercial Launch Bill Elrick Technical Program Director

Why hydrogen? • • • • • • Excellent energy carrier Nonpolluting Reduced GHGs Economically competitive As safe as gasoline Every region can make its own fuel

Where do we get H2? Renewable sources Traditional sources Solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass, algae Natural gas, methane, gasoline, nuclear, coal

The cars are coming

Other fuel cell applications • Transit » Already meet or exceed US DOE performance and reliability goals » Next focus on cost reduction and full replacement of conventional fleet • Medium- and heavy-duty » US DOE development of new FC platforms » Seeking volunteer fleets for demonstrations • Material handling and lift trucks » Capabilities and cost effectiveness has led to private company transition without co-funding (Sysco, FedEx, Whole Foods, BMW, etc) 5

California hydrogen infrastructure goals • 68 stations –minimum to start the market (CaFCP Roadmap) » Clusters – 45 stations • • • • • Santa Monica and West LA Torrance and Nearby Coastal Cities Coastal / Southern Orange County South San Francisco Bay Area Berkeley » Connectors » Destinations } 23 stations • 100 stations –facilitate market growth (AB8) » Expansion of cluster, connector & destination station communities » Develop new communities 6

Hydrogen stations are: • Public stations » Dispensers & storage equip added to existing gas stations » Purpose-built stations (only for H2) • Private stations for fueling company vehicles » Transit buses » Forklifts On-site production Tanker delivery 7

Retail hydrogen stations Newport Beach • Retail fueling location • Onsite production (SMR) • Two dispensers on an island under the canopy Harbor City • Retail fueling location • Gaseous H2 delivery • ~1200-1500 sq ft footprint 8

Co-located hydrogen stations Emeryville – transit & public fueling • Buses fueled inside fenced yard » Hydrogen delivered as liquid • Cars access fuel from street » Hydrogen produced using solar power 9

Renewable hydrogen stations Fountain Valley • H2 from wastewater • 100kg/day of H2 for vehicles • Produces 11% of the facility’s electricity and provides heat for wastewater treatment

Hydrogen station equipment Gaseous Liquid Electrolysis SMR Pipeline • Gaseous compressed storage • Liquid storage • Vaporizer • Electrical supply • H20 purifier • Electrolyzer • NG supply • SMR unit • PSA • H2 supply • Scrubber • Greater storage capacity • Larger footprint • Fuel boil off potential • On site production • Carbon credits • Larger footprint • More expensive • On site production • Larger capacity • More expensive • Larger capacity • Larger footprint • More equip. • Smaller footprint • Flexible placement • Least storage capacity • Compressor • Buffer storage • Booster compression (opt) • Chiller • Dispenser 11

Station zoning, codes, & permitting • Primary permitting guidelines established: » California Fire Code » NFPA 55 – Gaseous & Liquid Hydrogen Storage » NFPA 52 – Vehicle Fuel Dispensing • NFPA 2 – Hydrogen Technologies Code » H2 safety » Installation & operation of H2 fueling stations » Associated hydrogen storage and repair facilities • Typically, adding H2 fueling to existing station is “by right” process w/no zoning changes 12

Workshops, training and resources • California Fuel Cell Partnership » Fire and Safety Resources, Permitting Workshops • US Dept of Energy and NREL » Intro to H2 for Code Officials, H2 Station Development & Setbacks, Codes & Standards for CA H2 Dispensing, National C&S Template • State of California » ZEV Action Plan, ZEV Community Guidebook • Clean Cities Fuel Retailers Toolkit 13

Projected hydrogen station costs • Argonne Ntl Lab • 25 unit serial production, 200 kg/day capacity • Based upon station builder feedback and predictions • Release in 2014 14

Station funding • California » Stations co-funded by CEC - up to 70% of capital costs and 3 years O&M in recent solicitation » AB8 secures $20M/yr for up to 100 stations » SCAQMD funds for upgrading existing stations » Clean Vehicle Rebate Program • Federal » 10% federal credit for alternative fueling properties » EV tax credit » Clean vehicle fleet rebates • Many, many more… 15

In summary • Vehicles ready to launch • Basic safety codes and standards established • Many applications to consider » Passenger cars, M/HD, transit, forklift, stationary, etc • Retail focused infrastructure » Consider leveraging these public access locations first • Resources and materials exist » » » » CaFCP California (Gov’s office, ARB, CEC) and other states DOE, National Labs and H2USA ACT EXPO FCEVs – the next step in the evolution of electric drive! 16

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