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Published on February 28, 2014

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Hydro Chem Systems Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. Hydro Chem, Hydro-Chem Systems
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    5550 Clay Avenue S.W. Grand Rapid, MI 49548 Phone 800‐66‐1992 | Fax 616‐531‐8692 |  Cleaning Consultants • Automated Wash Systems • Detergents • Water Treatment • Pressure Washers • Cleaning Supplies 


5550 Clay Avenue S.W. Grand Rapid, MI 49548 Phone 800-666-1992 | Fax 616-531-8692 | Cleaning Consultants • Automated Wash Systems • Detergents • Water Treatment • Pressure Washers • Cleaning Supplies


SCU35009KAF Specifications Operating Pressure Discharge Capacity Single Axle Trailer 200 Gallons 9 GPM * Optional Dual Guns 4.5 GPM Each 2 Guns Adjustable Flow Custom trailers 3500 PSI 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 GPM (GPM) Temperature Gas Engine Adjustable to 200° + 2-Cylinder Electric Start New! 30 HP Kohler 52” X 12’ Trailer & Recycling System Show with optional Sign on Rack 52” x 14’ Trailer 535 Tank & AZV88 Huge Power - Super Low Price! Custom truck & trailer units available and can be built to your specifications. Heat Exchanger Coil Burner Housing Diesel Burner Gas & Diesel Tanks Triplex Ceramic Plunger, General Pump Belt Drive 1/2" SCH80 Stainless Steel Enclosure 115 volt Oil Fired 18 gallons each Generator Optional Ladder / Sign Rack 115 Volt 2900 Watt 2.9Kw. Pump NEW! Weight 765 pounds (dry) Dimensions Warranty 48”L x 38” W x 41” H 1 year labor Ltd. 3-year engine Ltd. (New) 5-year pump warranty Ltd 6-year coil warranty Ltd Optional Equipment Rotary Surface Cleaners 16’’ to 38” Flat & Roof Cleaning Sandblasters Sewer Jet Kit Turbo Nozzles Hose Reels Wheel Kits Waste Water Recovery & Filtration Systems. Trailers Etc. NEW! STAINLESS STEEL FRAME UPGRADE included Dan Swede Your Sales Engineer PH 800-666-1992 Ph 616-531-6420 Cell 616-490-4594 Fax 616-531-8692 Web Email:

RUN 3500 PSI @ 8 GPM UP-TO 200°F + RUN TWO OPERATORS 4 GPM @ 3500 PSI LIST PRICE $12,895.00 / SALE PRICE: $ 9,795.00 HydroSC35008 5008K New Hydro-Tek SC35008KAF COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL Clean Buildings, Parking Lots, Malls, Gas Stations, Municipality, Interlocking Brick Pavers Gum & Mildew Removal RESIDENTIAL Houses, Roofs, Drive Ways, Fences, Decks TRANSPORTATION Tractor Trailers, Trains, Aircrafts, Heavy Equipment 3500 PSI @ 8 GPM BELT DRIVE 120 VOLT BURNER NEW! 27 HP KOHLER ENGINE 3000-WATT GENERATOR! Features: Adjustable Temperature up to 200°F Plus Belt Drive Triplex General Pump, 115-Volt Diesel Fired Burner Upgrade! 120-Volt 3000-Watt Generator with 2-Auxiliary Power Outlets CALL 800-666-1992 7 FOR THE SALES DEPARTMENT Complete Custom Truck & Trailer Packages Available!

SC35008KAF Specifications Operating Pressure Discharge Capacity Single Axle Trailer 52” X 12’ Trailer 200 Gallon Tank AZV88 335 Gallon Tank 3500 PSI 8 GPM Optional Dual Guns 4 GPM to 2 Guns Adjustable Flow 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 GPM (GPM) Temperature Gas Engine T300 Trailer 300 Gallons 6.5’ X 14’ Trailer 535 Gallon Tank Custom Built Trailers Custom Built Trailers 2- 270 Gal Tanks 535 Gallons Huge Power - Super Low Price! The Ultimate Line SC35008KAF Delivering 27 HP 3500 PSI @ 8 GPM and is set-up to run at HP a full flow to one operator or can be divided to run two operators at 4. 5 GPM @ 3500 PSI of cold or hot water, for the serious cleaning contractor. Dual gun optional Full line of features includes; belt drive pump, adjustable 200° 3000 00temperature up-to 200 +, new 120-volt 3000-Watt generator for burner system. Best of all is the quality you expect from Hydro Tek & Hydro Chem Systems. Custom truck & trailer units available and can be built to your specifications. Pump Adjustable to 200° + Cylinder Electric Start 27 HP New! NEW! Heat Exchanger Coil Burner Housing Diesel Burner Gun / Hose Generator NEW! Weight Dimensions Warranty General Triplex Ceramic Plunger, Belt Drive 1/2" X SCH80, Stainless Steel Enclosure 115 volt Oil Fired Opt. 2-100' hose & guns 115-Volt 2900 Watt 680 pounds (dry) 51"L x 34"W x 41"H 2-year engine Ltd. 5-year pump warranty Optional Equipment Rotary Surface Cleaners 16’’ to 38” Flat & Roof Cleaning Sandblasters Sewer Jet Kit Turbo Nozzles Hose Reels Wheel Kits Pressure Gauge Waste Water Recovery & Filtration Systems. Trailers Etc. Stainless Steel Frame Upgrade Available Dan Swede Your Sales Engineer PH 800-666-1992 Ph 616-531-6420 Cell 616-490-4594 Fax 616-531-8692 Web Email:

   HCS 48” Surface Cleaner  5550 Clay Avenue S.W. Grand Rapid, MI 49548 Phone 800‐66‐1992 | Fax 616‐531‐8692 |  Cleaning Consultants • Automated Wash Systems • Detergents • Water Treatment • Pressure Washers • Cleaning Supplies     

UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCES IN THE PERFORMANCE OF A PRESSURE CLEANING SYSTEMS BY COMPARING THEM TO THE PERFORMANCE OF LANDSCAPING EQUIPMENT Note: we do not sell landscaping equipment productivity comparison only. Hydro Chem Systems, Inc. Phone 800-666-1992 Cell 616-490-9594 Fax 616-531-8692 Website email

One of the main questions we are always asked, is what is the difference between a commercial beltdriven pump and an economy direct-driven pump on a pressure washer? Commercial and Industrial Grade Belt Driven Pump verses High-Speed Direct Driven Pressure Washer. 1. Belt driven pumps Fig #1 can rotate up to one million less times day, compared to a direct drive pump. Fig #2 Rotational speed is measured by RPM’s or Rotations Per Minute this is when a pump or motor make one complete 360° rotation. I will try to explain it this way, think of driving a car or truck at 65 miles per hour that is stuck in 1st gear. You can only image the damage that you would do to your vehicle. That is what it is like for a high-speed direct drive pump working day after day. Belt drive pumps are the opposite they are compared too driving in 5th gear when on a highway no problem everything is running at a low RPM. 2. Heat coming off a typical air-cooled engine normally is around 350° F to 400° F. Figure #1 A direct driven pump is mounted directly to the back of an air cooled engine running at 350° F to 400° F. That extreme amount of convection heat transfers directly into the pump. On fig#1 you also notice that the muffler is very close to pump and unloader, that means radiant heat from the muffler is also transferring to the pump assembly. Finally you have metal to metal heat transfer, since the pump driven by the crankshaft of the engine. All together that is enough heat to cook a turkey. Belt drive pumps Figure #2 has no extreme heat transfer problems. The pump is not connecting directly to the engine or is it in the 350° F. airflow (air-cooled engine). Ambient temperature air is drawn in from the front recoil side of the engine and then passes over the outside cooling fins of the engine and exits around muffler side of the engine at around 350° F. plus. Take a look at the belt drive pressure washer figure #2; you will see how the muffler is on the left side of the fuel tank and in rear of the engine where the heat exits the engine. Notice that the belt driven pump that is mounted on the far right side of the frame. (Best) 1. Vibrations from the direct drive pump mounted to the engine also can increases pump wear and can often damage the crankshaft of the engine. When we pull the pumps off the engines, very often the crankshaft keyways are damaged; some pumps actually fuse themselves to the engine needing to be cut off. Reference: I had 145 pressure washers on rental at our rental centers in South Florida. I have tested all types of pressure washer pumps, but nothing last longer than an industrial grade belt driven pumps. If you any questions, please contact are highly trained sales staff 800-666-1992 or

Invest in the Best. HCS’s Eco-friendly trash can cleaning systems, fast, effective and fuel efficient. HCS system heats the water to over 200 + degrees eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful organisms like E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Mold and more! Why heat the water? You would not wash dirty dishes in cold water, why would you attempt to clean trash cans with without hot water / steam? HCS’s high-volume hot water cleaning systems makes all the difference in the world. Hydro Chem Systems, Inc. Phone 800-666-1992 Cell 616-490-9594 Fax 616-531-8692 Website email

Dirty trash cans attract cockroaches, maggots / flies, mice, rats, possums, raccoons and bears, and other pests that can bring all kinds of health hazards to your home. Our systems are designed to clean two (2) trash cans at the same time! Doubling the amount of trash cans you can clean per day. We have the most powerful trash can cleaning systems on the market with systems up to our 30 HP Kohler 3500 PSI @ 9 GPM high volume hot water. Full 8 stage filtration waste water filtration system. You can reuse and recycle your waste water. Our systems can vacuum up recovery waste water from up to 100’ away from the trailer. You can pressure clean Walmart, Target, Lowes and Home Depot stores as well as restaurants at night. Hydro Chem Systems, Inc. Phone 800-666-1992 Cell 616-490-9594 Fax 616-531-8692 Website email

Hydro Chem Systems uses the highest quality commercial grade hot water pressure cleaning system. Our Systems open up other opportunities like pressure cleaning dumpsters and dumpster areas, restaurant drive-through store fronts, driveways, sidewalks and homes etc. Pressure cleaning contractor training and pricing guide is included with purchase. Ask about our hose reel package with 100’ inlet hose and 200’ high pressure hose. We also offer high-speed surface cleaners with and without vacuum recovery. Hydro Chem Systems, Inc. Phone 800-666-1992 Cell 616-490-9594 Fax 616-531-8692 Website email

“Committed to CLEAN Since 1971” 5550 Clay Avenue SW Grand Rapids, MI 49548 Phone: 800-666-1992 Fax: 616-531-8692

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