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Information about Hydro Chem Systems Fleet Wash Brochure 800-666-1992

Published on February 16, 2014

Author: Dan_Swede

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Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. is an innovative LEADER in Automated Truck Wash Systems. We listen to your needs and customize a system to meet them! Almost no two systems are a like; but with years of experience, superior concepts and results-driven engineering, we will deliver an automated truck wash system to meet your expectations. See Hydro-Chem Systems ability to meet customer's expectations through unparalleled innovation. 800-666-1992 sales@hcsclean.com

Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. 5550 Clay Avenue, SW| Grand Rapids, MI 49548 PH: (800) 666-1992 | FX: (616) 531-8692 Email: sales@hcsclean.com Web: www.hydrochemsystems.com Automated Fleet Washing Systems HCS products surpass all others for industrial cleaning.

Who we are, and what we do......... Hydro-Chem Engineering Hydro-Chem Systems is an innovative LEADER in Automated Vehicle Wash Systems. We understand each customer has unique needs and requirements. We develop a comprehensive system plan customized to meet their needs! Almost no two systems are alike; but with years of experience, superior conceptual design, and results driven engineering, HCS will deliver an automated vehicle wash system to meet your expectations. Since 1971, HCS has been providing superior equipment, systems, processes, and vehicle wash chemistry through out the United States. We manufacture drive-thru systems, as well as other types of washing equipment for the needs of smaller fleets. We also formulate and manufacture detergents using the latest chemical technology to fit your application. Finally, we service everything with our own professional staff. HCS is a one-stop shop for your fleet and commercial vehicle cleaning/washing needs. We offer FREE preliminary estimates, and can also consult with your engineers and architects to offer our preplanning expertise. By having us coordinate with your contractor, we can make your wash system installation virtually worryfree. We do not sell boxes. We sell clean vehicles through superior solutions, ideas, and technology. Our experience helps avoid costly mistakes! Biosecurity Wash 4 Chassis & Wheel Wash Units 6 Commercial Truck Wash 8 Irregular Fleets Municipalities 12 Rail 14 Refuse 15 School Bus Fleets 16 Transit Fleets 18 Trucking Fleets 2 10 20 sales@hcsclean.com

Commercial Automated Wash System Commercial Rolling Guiderails Detail Spinner Package High Performance Blower System Spot Free Rinse Wash Smart Driver Pace Light Hydro Sheen Wax Arch Spinner Rinse Arch Front Blast Angled Side Blasts Loop Sensors (Vehicle Detection) Rear Blast Top Pre-Blaster Fresh Rinse Arch 3 Brush System Side and Rear Wrap (Optional) Undercarriage Blast Rear Blast Arch Enhanced Chassy Wheel Cleaning Spinners Detergent Arch with Multiple Options Undercarriage Wash Oscillating Side Dual Side-Only Blaster Arch Brushes (Optional) Pre-Soak Arch with Multiple Options Heavy Duty Guide Rails Side Pre-Blaster Hydro-Chem Systems custom manufactures all of our systems. Of the typical bay parts shown, the components can be mixed and matched to achieve a layout based on your site requirements. Most systems are touchless--however, some may choose to have our brushes enhance the touchless CLEAN! Other options in the equipment room may include, water softener, water heater (for detergent water), waste water reclamation, and spot-free Reverse Osmosis Water. Call for a customized quote today! 4 Smart Driver Pace Light Concentrated Rear Cleaning Manifold Detergent Arch Bus Soak Manifold Two-Step Automated Wash System Pre-Soak Arch Customized Lighting sales@hcsclean.com

Biosecurity Wash Hydro-Chem Systems was asked to develop an automated bio-security wash for a major feed facility in the Midwest. Our customer has successfully eliminated cross contamination from one farm to another for years with the use of our wash system. Customization is the key to our customers ease of use. Our latest system offers two wash options; a full wash followed by a final rinse with an EPA registered quaternary sanitizer, and a second option that incorporates a quick undercarriage and chassis application of the quaternary sanitizer. Customers realize a quick return on investment when they install our automated wash system with a cost-per-wash of less than $5 for the full wash and under $1 for the sanitize only wash. The bio-security wash takes less than 3 minutes to complete and eliminates several hours of manual labor in washing and sanitizing various vehicles for this poultry industry supplier. 6 sales@hcsclean.com

Chassis & Wheel Wash Units Hydro-Chem Systems customizes Chassis Wash Systems to meet the needs of the fleet. Heavy dirt or winter conditions can add hundreds of pounds to a vehicles weight. Our systems are being used to remove large amounts of dirt from vehicles and snow removal for factories trying to eliminate the weight of snow build up. In many northern states, HCS has designed systems to remove the corrosive contaminates that build up on the underside of the vehicle from the road surface in harsh winter conditions. Recently, we have developed a salt neutralizer that can be applied at the end of the wash. Whatever the need, HCS will customize a solution for your fleet. Before 8 After sales@providingclean.com

Commercial Wash Our success in the commercial truck wash industry traces back to our proud corporate heritage, when HCS owned and operated a very successful commercial wash. We understand what it takes to clean a truck because we have the experience and expertise from being on the front line and in the trenches, cleaning trucks of all shapes and sizes. Before 10 Automated commercial washes can incorporate a variety of different options, including: a 750 GPM pre-rinse arch, application specific detergents, automated brushes, multiple rinse technologies, water reclamation, spot free rinse systems and dryers. HCS provides custom cleaning solutions to businesses across the world. We are uniquely qualified to design a commercial wash system based on the enormous amount of experience gained by owning a truck wash, and our many installations of automated wash systems. Let us put the full range of our experience and expertise to work for you. Minimizing the cost per-wash translates into maximum profits. After sales@providingclean.com

Irregular Fleets Hydro-Chem Systems has been a LEADER in TOUCHLESS washing since 1971. You cannot effectively brush an irregular shaped vehicle, therefore, you must clean it with touchless technology. Through our innovative detergent application methods and high pressure rinse technologies, HCS can provide you a CLEAN fleet. Before Before 12 After After sales@hcsclean.com

Municipalities Hydro-Chem Systems engineers customized wash systems to meet the diverse needs of our municipal fleets. One feature often utilized in our municipal fleet wash systems is the ability to sense a vehicles height and eliminate the waste of detergents or additional rinse volumes above smaller vehicles. Because our comprehensive approach to system design considers the entire fleet, we are able to customize the system to minimize the cost-per-wash instead of installing a standardized system. These wash systems take only 90 seonds to keep your fleet image CLEAN and free of corrosive contaminates. 14 sales@providingclean.com

Rail Refuse Hydro-Chem Systems built it’s reputation in touchless vehicle washing, and the refuse industry was the perfect fit, because you can’t clean a refuge truck with an automated system utilizing brushes. With our unique detergent application system and custom rinse methods we can provide the fleet with CLEAN vehicle in less than 90 seconds with minimal maintenance. Hydro-Chem Systems has enhanced the CLEAN in the rail industry and can custom build a system to meet any fleet need. By using various cleaning methods your fleet can keep a like new image for years. If you have a current wash system that is not doing the job, our engineers can provide assistance to modify/upgrade the system to improve your CLEAN. HCS was invited to provide solutions for two problems at one of our competitors washes. First, the cars were not getting rinsed properly, so we added our Vortex spinners to improve rinsing on the top and inside of the step areas. Before After Secondly, the rust and oxides from the tracks stained the sides of their stainless steel cars. Their current soaps were unable to clean it effectively. Through lab testing and field trials, HCS custom blended a detergent to bring their fleet back to a “like new” condition, without the use of additional labor. Now this customer’s fleet shines. 16 sales@hcsclean.com

School Bus Fleets Hydro-Chem Systems uses its touchless cleaning technology on most school bus fleets because the typical brush system can not clean without miss-aligning mirrors or leaving areas untouched. This means additional physical labor to finish the job. An HCS automated bus wash system will clean the entire bus in less than 90 seconds. Before After We control water volume and pressure to impinge areas that need more, while reducing it in areas such as the windows, where it is undesirable to have high water impact. Our undercarriage wash also keeps the underside free of corrosive contaminates to extend the life of the bus. Doing this ensures easier maintenance procedures. 18 sales@hcsclean.com

Transit Fleets Hydro-Chem Systems customizes each transit wash. Whether it is an automated brush wash, touchless wash, or an automatic hybrid fleet wash system, our systems are built to deliver trouble free performance for many years, because we use components of the highest quality. A hybrid fleet wash system offers a transit fleet the best of both worlds. Brushes are very effective on the flat side of a bus and reduce the cost-per-wash, but are less effective in the wheels, as well as the front and rear of the bus. Our unique design along with superior engineering combines touchless technology for these areas, as well as automated brushes for the flat sides. Every wash is carefully designed to eliminate labor and maximize the return on investment. With the HCS wash you can clean your transit vehicle in less than 90 seconds. 20 sales@hcsclean.com

Trucking Fleets Hydro-Chem Systems has a strong desire to partner with you! We listen to your needs and customize a system to meet them! With HCS you can keep your moving billboard clean in under 2 minutes for less than $5 per wash. We strive to achieve the lowest cost per wash possible while attaining the ultimate goal of a CLEAN vehicle. By minimizing the total cost of each wash your investment is maximized. This philosophy is the foundation on which we operate, and the reason why you need to contact HCS. Before After 22 sales@hcsclean.com

“Committed to CLEAN Since 1971” 5550 Clay Avenue SW Grand Rapids, MI 49548 Phone: 800-666-1992 Fax: 616-531-8692 sales@hcsclean.com www.hydrochemsystems.com

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