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Published on February 16, 2014

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Vehicle washing is an industry in which Hydro Chem Systems excels. It is the foundation on which we've built our company and the industry which will anchor us as we look into the future. As a custom detergent manufacturer, HCS continuously strives to provide superior products at reduced prices by utilizing state of the art surfactants and technologies while improving efficiency in production. Whether you are looking for the best one step soap available or reducing your cost-per-wash using touchless wash technology, HCS has spent the time and resources to be the definitive supplier you need.

We strongly encourage you to investigate the HCS 2 step touchless wash system. If you already utilize touchless washing, we invite you to review our line of highly advanced 2-step vehicle wash soaps. 800-666-1992 sales@hcsclean.com www.hcsclean,com

Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. 5550 Clay Avenue, SW | Grand Rapids, MI 49548 PH: (800) 666-1992 | FX: (616) 531-8692 Email: sales@hcsclean.com Web: www.hydrochemsystems.com Detergent Solutions Fleet Wash Products (Touchless) EVERSHINE Utilizes state of the art chemistry to deliver superior cleaning without dulling polished aluminum. EVERSHINE raises the bar for cleaning fleets with highly reflective surfaces. Blended with an excellent surfactant package to start the removal of road film earlier for enhanced cleaning. Ships non-hazardous! #1 CITRIC PRE-SOAK A low pH pre-soak to be used as Step 1 in a two-step wash program. Citric Pre-Soak helps break the bond of road film and is safe on polished aluminum. Biodegradable. BLUE FUSION An aggressive pre-soak for fleets that are looking to avoid products containing acids such as Hydrofluoric, Sulfuric, Phosphoric, and Hydrochloric. Formulated with the latest chemical technology, this soap provides excellent cleaning on painted surfaces and will clean aluminum when paired with a 2nd step detergent like #2 Clean & Bright. Ships nonhazardous! #1 CITRIC PRE-SOAK SPECIAL Same great formula as #1 Citric Pre-Soak with added cleaning power to help remove road film and to brighten aluminum. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid. PRO BRIGHT An aggressive blend of acids to remove road film and brighten aluminum. Formulated with foaming agents for maximum foam when applied with a foaming applicator. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid. #1 The original low pH 1st step that led the way for all others. An aggressive 1st step in the two-step wash process. Helps to brighten and whiten aluminum. Does not generate a strong odor. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid. #1 FLEET PREP PRO-WASH A fully compounded, biodegradable vehicle washing concentrate. It provides high flash foam which has outstanding stability in the presence of greasy oils. Among its many advantages are its excellent performance & constant viscosity to provide lubrication for brushes. Contains no inert fillers. May be rinsed well, even after drying. Biodegradable. REAL E-Z Developed through the culmination of intensive research into the technology of detergent chemistry. A moderately alkaline product that works well in cold or hard water. Delivers outstanding performance despite a reduced level of caustic to be less corrosive. Moderate foaming with easy rinsing. FILM FIGHTER An entirely new concept in cold water, hard surface cleaning. An aggressive vehicle cleaner formulated with the latest concept in innovative alkaline builder systems that enables it to work in conditions where most soaps won’t work. Outstanding performance in cold or hot water. Enhances cleaning by softening the water and improving soil dispersion while lowering soil redeposition tendencies. Also available with a patented siliconized carnauba wax. Moderate foaming and easy rinsibility. FLEET BRITE An aggressive alkaline cleaner that obtains excellent removal of road film, diesel smoke trails, and oils. Low-foaming with easy rinsibility. Pair with #1 Fleet Prep to brighten your fleet while leaving a glossy finish. DYNACLEAN & BRIGHT An extremely aggressive vehicle cleaner formulated with corrosion inhibitors. Highly concentrated to penetrate and remove the toughest road film. Low-foaming and easy rinsing. Works great with #1 Fleet Prep for ultimate cleaning performance and perfect with #1 Citric Pre-Soak for fleet owners looking to avoid aggressive acids without sacrificing wash quality. Fleet Wash Products (Friction) An aggressive blend of acids formulated to promote maximum cleaning. Leaves a like-new appearance on aluminum rails, wheels, and tanks. Highly effective at removing road film. Will help to prevent the buildup of oxidation on paint with regular washing. A great aluminum brightener when used in stronger concentration. Contains Hydrofluoric Acid. HYDRO MAGIC SHOWCASE GP-200 A concentrated mild alkaline cleaner that is safe on most surfaces, including polished aluminum. Made from an innovative blend of builders and surfactants. Excellent One-Step cleaner. Biodegradable. A fully compounded vehicle washing concentrate. Hydro Magic provides high flash foam which has outstanding stability in the presence of greasy oils. Good viscosity for lubrication of brushes and great for use in foamers. Re-wets if allowed to dry on the surface. An economical general purpose cleaner that excels in both hot and cold water. It’s versatility on all surfaces and non-corrosive attributes make this a great option for the school or municipality working on a small budget. 1

Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. 5550 Clay Avenue, SW | Grand Rapids, MI 49548 PH: (800) 666-1992 | FX: (616) 531-8692 Email: sales@hcsclean.com Web: www.hydrochemsystems.com E-Z CLEAN A step forward in One Step vehicle wash detergents. Excellent for automated brush washes and hand-held systems. E-Z CLEAN is safe on painted and most polished aluminum surfaces. Easy to rinse, leaves a luster on cleaned surfaces, and promotes streak-free drying. Just spray it on, let it sit for a minute or two, and then rinse. Excellent foaming action. May be used on any surface without corrosion or etching. Safe on all organic protective coatings. Can be used with cold, warm, or hot water. Works well in hard water. Contains no petroleum hydrocarbons, phosphates, or caustic soda. Biodegradable. WASH TUNNEL WALL CLEANER Blend of acids that aggressively cleans soap film from vehicle wash bays and tunnels. Also used for cleaning algae and bottom film from boat hulls and pontoons. Contains NO Hydrofluoric acid. QUATERNARY RINSE An effective multi-purpose rinse and deodorizer with sanitizing and disinfecting properties. HYDRO REDOX A concentrated extra heavy-duty alkaline cleaner/degreaser with built-in water softeners for removal of heavy grease and oils. Excellent concrete floor, driveway, and sidewalk cleaner. Designed for extra foaming when used through foam applicators and pressure washers. Biodegradable. Prevent rust before it starts! Formulated to be the first line of defense in reducing oxidation, and preventing corrosion damage, commonly caused by salt and liquid chlorides. Neutralize the damaging effects of salt by incorporating HYDRO REDOX into your fleet wash program during the winter months. The cost effective solution to extend the life of your valuable assets! ALUMA-CLEAN HYDRO OXI-SHIELD FOAMING FLEET WASH / DEGREASER A mild acid solution with detergents designed to clean aluminum and stainless steel. Cleans aluminum without whitening the surface, leaving a “like new” appearance. Use on aluminum or stainless steel tankers, bulk carriers, gravel trains, etc. Not designed for use through a pressure washer, apply undiluted with an air pump system or pump sprayer. Specialty Fleet Products BUG SOAKER A great new cleaner designed to soften bugs and clean the vehicle. Usually pre-applied to hoods, grills, and wind dodgers. Wash away bugs with pressure washer, without the usual hard scrubbing. This product is slightly gelled to cling to the surface and not dry or evaporate before bugs are softened. Biodegradable. BUG SOAKER THIN Alkaline detergent designed to be thinner than regular bug soaker for easier application thru sprayers. Provides added cleaning while softening bugs for easy removal. NOT safe on Polished aluminum. SPRAY WAX A patented, siliconized carnauba wax solution to spray on vehicles after they are cleaned to leave a shiny protective coating. Helps neutralize corrosive cleaners. HYDRO-SHEEN Breaks water quickly for maximum water removal from the vehicle surface. Contains a patented siliconized carnauba wax to create a visible high-gloss appearance and protective coating. Inhibits grime and road film to make the vehicle easier to clean the next time. Contains a pleasant fragrant to enhance the user experience. LOW pH WHEELWASH An excellent low pH soap for wheel cleaning. Formulated without Hydrofluoric acid, Low pH Wheelwash is outstanding for automated car washes and detailing. LOW pH TRAILER CLEANER Low pH Trailer Cleaner is a newly developed, low pH cleaner specifically designed to clean aluminum surfaces without “whitening” or “dulling” its appearance. Works great on new aluminum to help keep the satin shine and can be used on polished aluminum without diluting shine. 2 Protect your fleet from old man winter’s relentless attack. After each snow event, simply wash your vehicle then spray HYDRO OXI-SHIELD on and let air dry. Enhances the salt removal process of the wash, while leaving a corrosion resistant shield behind. Great for use with marine applications as well. HYDRO-OXI SHIELD PLUS Extra strength formula for maximum protection against corrosion. Provides extended life protection when vehicles are subjected to salt or liquid chlorides multiple times between washes. Chemically advanced, HYDRO OXI-SHIELD PLUS forms a shield that bonds corrosion inhibitors to the surface and reduces adhesion of corrosive liquid. Perfect for fleets when daily washing is just not possible! Concrete & Cement Truck Cleaners CTC Aggressive acid cleaner effective in removing concrete slurry, splatter and residue from cement trucks, concrete handling equipment, forms and tools. CTC W/WAX Same aggressive acid cleaner as the original CTC with the addition of a siliconized carnauba wax. Additional benefits are an added rust inhibitor and its ability to work as a release aid. CTC-GEL Aggressive acid cement truck cleaner which is formulated to cling to the surface of the truck. The gel also slows the drying time to allow longer dwell time for easier cement removal. CTC NEUTRALIZER A concentrated alkaline cleaner with siliconized carnauba wax which is used after acidic cement truck cleaners to neutralize the acid and leave a protective coating on the truck surface. Also reduces the redeposition of cement dust and road film between washings.

Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. 5550 Clay Avenue, SW | Grand Rapids, MI 49548 PH: (800) 666-1992 | FX: (616) 531-8692 Email: sales@hcsclean.com Web: www.hydrochemsystems.com QUICK SAND A unique formulation for the dissolving of cementitious materials. A low pH soap yet it contains NO organic or inorganic acids. Quick Sand has a relatively high viscosity so it clings to the surface with delayed drying to allow the product time to reverse the hardening of the cement. Excellent for use on forms, cement mixers and cement trucks when you are looking to protect your investment. Degreasers & Floor Soaps #600 Alkaline butyl floor soap. Low foaming, also designed to be excellent for degreasing. #611 Heavy Duty caustic cleaner/degreaser for oils and greases. Excellent for meat cutting areas, bakery equipment, food hauling trailers. Also designed to be a great floor scrubber soap. #611 CHLOR-CLEAN Same heavy duty cleaner/degreaser as #611 with bleach added to enhance deodorization and germ killing. HC-36 Outstanding general purpose cleaner for use on machinery, walls, floors, food processing equipment, vinyl and most industrial surfaces. It quickly penetrates and suspends greases and oils from their surfaces for easy removal. HCS-400 A high foaming, alkaline caustic cleaner designed to remove grease, oil, carbon stain and soot. Excellent for smokehouse and rendering plant applications. Also very effective on vent hoods for commercial restaurant cleaning. PREP-SOLV Prep-Solv ushers in a new age of cleaner/degreasers. It contains no caustics, acids, phenols, petroleum solvents, chlorinated/fluorinated solvents or butyls, yet it is extremely effective in the removal of oils, grease, road film and other soils. When used in an automated system it assists the automated soaps in cleaning wheels, fuel over-run on tanks, grease and oil spots on trailers. POWER-SOLVE HCS is proud to announce a NEW generation cleaner/degreaser. This versatile phosphate free soap out performs the competition and is completely safe. Contains no phosphates, caustics, acids, phenols, petroleum solvents, chlorinated/fluorinated solvents or butyls. Can be used to clean engines, frames, garage floors, driveways, tractors, lawn mowers, vehicles and much more! Power-Solve is also an effective stain remover for most fabrics, carpets and clothing. ORANGATANG (NEW!) Powerful non-caustic, non-butyl degreaser formulated with a high performance surfactant package for excellent oil emulsification. Contains a pleasant citrus fragrance. Versatile for use on hard surface cleaning. SPECIAL INDUSTRIAL CLEANER High alkaline, very aggressive cleaner designed for the toughest of soils. Penetrates the heaviest grease and oils for quick easy removal. CITRUSCLEAN Formulated with an organic hydrocarbon solvent and technically advanced surfactant-emulsifier system, Citrusclean achieves superior cleaning and degreasing. A revolutionary, non-petroleum, nonchlorinated, solvent cleaning agent which outperforms most alkaline cleaners while providing a safer more pleasant environment. BIO-SOLVE Blended with citrus terpene and methyl soyate to produce an all natural degreaser that will remove the heaviest oils, greases, and tar. 506-X A concentrated extra heavy-duty alkaline cleaner/degreaser with built-in water softeners for removal of heavy grease and oils. Excellent concrete floor, driveway, and sidewalk cleaner. Biodegradable. 206-X A multi-use alkaline cleaner/degreaser that can be used on all painted surfaces with either hot or cold water. Effective on concrete floor, driveway, and sidewalk cleaner. This product is an economical derivative of 506-X. Biodegradable. 336X An economical blending of 506-X. INDUSTRIAL CLEANER E460 E-460 spontaneously emulsifies oily and greasy floors while helping to prevent redeposition of soils. Because it holds oil in suspension it works great in floor scrubbers and mop buckets. Also great for pressure washers, and hand wipe cleaning. Contains NO PHOSPAHTES! CITRUSCRUB Outstanding general purpose cleaner. It quickly penetrates and suspends grease and oils for easy rinseability. Citruscrub contains a natural citrus solvent making it effective, safe and biodegradable. FREEZER FLOOR SPECIAL A blend of methanol and surfactants, great for cleaning freezer floors, walls and equipment. Effective to -40F. Aids in melting ice. FREEZER FLOOR PLUS A heavier duty cleaner than Freezer Floor Special, Freezer Floor Plus blends methanol plus additional surfactants to clean heavy soils. Excellent for freezer floors, walls and equipment. Effective in temperatures to -40F. Also aids in melting ice. Aluminum Brighteners SAFETY BRITE Relatively safe acidic aluminum brightener containing no Hydrofluoric, Hydrochloric or Sulfuric acids. Although it can’t be diluted as much as our other aluminum brighteners, it does provide an alternative to the fleet owner looking to avoid many of the dangers and health hazards associated with typical brighteners. AB-1 An aggressive cleaner that whitens and brightens aluminum. Contains Hydrofluoric acid. 3

Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc. 5550 Clay Avenue, SW | Grand Rapids, MI 49548 PH: (800) 666-1992 | FX: (616) 531-8692 Email: sales@hcsclean.com Web: www.hydrochemsystems.com Industrial Products ECONO BRIGHT Multi-dilution aluminum brightener for truck rails, aluminum trailers and trailer floors. Powerful yet economical is the best way to describe Econo Bright. QUICKSILVER A premium brightener that quickly restores aluminum to an attractive silver finish. Contains a blend of acids to effectively enhance the look of aluminum without leaving the surface chalky and white. Concentrated to be effective at higher dilutions then competitive products. Asphalt Products SCALE REMOVER A low pH organic salt to replace mineral and organic acids. Four to ten times more effective than citric and glycolic acid and two to three times more effective than Phosphoric acid when dissolving calcium carbonate. 71% the strength of Hydrochloric acid when dissolving calcium carbonate. Applications include concrete floors, concrete trucks & equipment, tile and grout cleaner, acid presoak, bay wall cleaner, boat hulls, food and dairy and burner coils. CORROSION INHIBITOR A water based, low-foaming product for ferrous and some nonferrous metals. Provides protection against corrosion of ferrous metals. No water rinse is required prior to painting. Economical. Biodegradable. ASPHALT RELEASE - WB TANK WASH AP EXTREME RELEASE 60E A newly developed release agent using the latest technologies available. Specifically developed for use with polymer modified mixes as well as conventional asphalts. Perhaps the most scientifically engineered water-based asphalt release agent on the market today. Designed at the request of a major roller manufacturer, Extreme Release is unmatched in its ability to prevent pneumatic tire rollers from picking up the asphalt mat. When Extreme Release comes in contact with the reactive carboxylic acid groups that are found in asphalt, it creates a non-stick barrier between the asphalt and the surface. The surfactant coating also changes the “work of adhesion” preventing the asphalt from sticking to the truck bed or roller Extreme Release is a low-odor, water-soluble release agent. It has no flash point and is stable from 25°-140°F. It’s specifically developed for use with polymer modified asphalts. BLACK ICE Hydro-Chem’s Black Ice is a low-odor, water-based release agent which is an ideal alternative to diesel fuel and other hydrocarbons. Black Ice was specifically developed for use with polymer modified asphalts as well as conventional hot mix asphalts. Other uses include truck bed release, tools, and manhole covers. Ships non-corrosive, 100% soluble with water, and is water-based. ASPHALT EXTRACTOR Newly developed bituminous extraction solvent that conforms to the tolerances for AC% by vacuum extraction method, as specified in AASHTO’s T-164 19. Asphalt Extractor has a flash point of 145°F making it the ideal product in states requiring high flash solvents for bituminous extraction testing. Product can be used in both vacuum extraction and centrifuge equipment. OFF ROAD High performance cleaner that quickly removes tar & asphalt buildup from trucks & equipment. 4 Tank Wash AP is an alkaline hot tank cleaner designed to be flexible in cleaning parts made of different metals. Effective on iron and steel while being mild enough to clean aluminum without etching the surface. An easy way to eliminate mold, mildew, and algae. Simply spray on and walk away. Requires no rinsing, scrubbing, or pressure washing. Does not contain bleach, caustic, or acids. Safe for use on most surfaces & around plants. Provides long lasting results. SPECIAL INDUSTRIAL CLEANER Designed for the toughest of soils. Penetrates the heaviest grease and oils for quick and easy removal. SPECIAL ACIDIC CLEANER - NHF Blend of acids that aggressively cleans soap film from vehicle wash bays and tunnels. Also used for cleaning algae and bottom film from boat hulls and pontoons. Contains NO Hydrofluoric acid. CUDA SUPER CLEAN PLUS This heavy duty parts washer detergent is a citrus based cleaning agent particularly effective in penetrating and cleaning hard to remove grease, oil, tar, and carbon based deposits. Cuda Super Clean Plus is an alkaline detergent with multiple components to help maintain enhanced oil and grease cleaning properties even at the end of the bath life. It contains ingredients to combat water hardness problems and includes an advanced defoamer to control foaming in the machine sump. LANDA HYPER DRIVE A non-caustic, non-foaming detergent loaded with corrosion inhibitors for ideal use in parts washers. Safe to use on all metals, painted surfaces, and plastics. Extra load of LANDA’s exclusive, advanced corrosion inhibitors helps prevent flash rusting of the parts and the inside of the parts washer. GLUE REMOVER Natural citrus based cleaner that removes adhesives and glue residue. Ideal for decal removal, glues, and dried gum.

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