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Published on August 6, 2007

Author: Flemel

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Research on Sexuality in Marriage:  Research on Sexuality in Marriage Janet S. Hyde, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin Prepared for the Congressional Briefing March 5, 2004 Definition of Health(World Health Organization, 1946):  Definition of Health (World Health Organization, 1946) Health includes Physical Health Mental Health Social Well-being (e.g., relationship health) Health is not just the absence of disease, but the presence of positive well-being Definition of Health:  Definition of Health Definition of health includes sexual health (former Surgeon General Satcher) Physical health (e.g., STDs) Mental health (e.g., anguish caused by sexual dysfunctions) Relationship health (e.g., impact of sexuality on marriage) Extent of the Problem:  Extent of the Problem Viagra has been used by roughly 16 million men worldwide since its introduction in 1998 (Pfizer, 2004) Much of that use is for sexual expression in marriage. Today 50% of marriages will end in divorce. We must do more to support and stabilize marriages. Sexuality is Important to Marriage:  Sexuality is Important to Marriage Sexual satisfaction correlates positively with marital satisfaction (Christopher andamp; Sprecher, 2000; Oggins et al., 1993) Sexual dissatisfaction in marriage predicts divorce 3 years later (White andamp; Keith, 1990) Example 1: Sexuality During Pregnancy and the Year Postpartum(Hyde et al., 1996):  Example 1: Sexuality During Pregnancy and the Year Postpartum (Hyde et al., 1996) Data from Wisconsin Maternity Leave and Health Project (WMLH)/ Wisconsin Study of Families and Work (WSFW) 570 couples (all heterosexual) recruited in 5th month of pregnancy Funded by NIMH Extensive measures of marital quality included questions on sexuality Longitudinal design: followed families over time Intercourse in Last Month (Hyde et al., 1996):  Intercourse in Last Month (Hyde et al., 1996) Satisfaction with Sexual Relationship:  Satisfaction with Sexual Relationship Sexuality During Pregnancy and Postpartum:  Sexuality During Pregnancy and Postpartum Importance of couples knowing about typical patterns Importance to physicians Example 2: DINS, Myth or Reality?:  Example 2: DINS, Myth or Reality? DINS = Dual-Income, No Sex Slide11:  Slide12:  Sexuality & Dual-Earner Couples(Hyde et al., 2001):  Sexuality andamp; Dual-Earner Couples (Hyde et al., 2001) National Health andamp; Social Life Survey (NHSLS) data set (Laumann et al., 1994) Random sample of 3,432 Americans aged 18-59 Reports by married men Wife home full time Wife works part time Wife works full time NHSLS Data: Husbands Who Lacked Interest in Sex:  NHSLS Data: Husbands Who Lacked Interest in Sex NHSLS Data: Frequency of Intercourse (reported by wives):  NHSLS Data: Frequency of Intercourse (reported by wives) 4 +/ week Once/ week Not at all WSFW Data: Wives’ Satisfaction with Sexual Relationship:  WSFW Data: Wives’ Satisfaction with Sexual Relationship DINS: Conclusion:  DINS: Conclusion Myth: Data do not support the assertion that dual-income couples doing less well sexually Problem: DINS can become a self-fulfilling prophecy Importance of sex research testing cultural myths Part II:  Part II Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior (2001):  Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior (2001) Former Surgeon General David Satcher Slide20:  Process:  Process June 1999: DHHS work group on promoting responsible sexual behavior—a Leading Health Indicator in Healthy People 2010 December 1999: Newport conference, more than 100 persons representing different expertise and points of view Process:  Process July, 2000: Virginia conference, 130 persons representing 90 organizations, diversity of disciplines Goal: to find common ground Goal: to generate recommendations for the Call Scientific advisors Dr. Eli Coleman, University of Minnesota Medical School Dr. Michael Ross, University of Texas School of Public Health Dr. Janet Hyde, University of Wisconsin, Psychology Department I. Increase Public Awareness:  I. Increase Public Awareness Begin a national dialogue Encourage opinion leaders to address issues Provide access to education informed by best science and respect for diversity II. Provide the Necessary Health and Social Interventions:  II. Provide the Necessary Health and Social Interventions Eliminate disparities in sexual health status arising from social and economic disadvantage Target interventions Improve access Train health professionals Strengthen families III. Invest in Research:  III. Invest in Research Promote basic research Human sexual development Sexual and reproductive health Behavioral research on risk and protective factors Translate the science to practice Research to create and evaluate educational materials for use by parents, clergy, teachers, and other leaders Slide26: 

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