HVAC Contractors That Use Energy Efficient Chillers

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Information about HVAC Contractors That Use Energy Efficient Chillers

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: satenderseo

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HVAC Contractors who are responsible to get the HVAC installed at your workplace or home play a major role in ensuring the life and system efficiency of the set-up.

Search by Author, Title or Content Article Content Home Submit Articles Author Guidelines Publisher Guidelines Content Feeds RSS Feeds Tanya Sharma HVAC Contractors That Use Energy Efficient Chillers in Technology / Electronics RSS Feed Report Article Publish Article Print Article FAQ Contact Us by Tanya Sharma (submitted 2014-03-01) HVAC systems keep you cool in summers and warm in winters. These systems mostly last for years but in the long run become less efficient and more expensive to run. These systems need an annual servicing to keep going smoothly. In-case of problems, you may get certain parts repaired or replaced and in case of major problems the entire system should be replaced. So, HVAC's require a lot of attention but at the same time provide you with lots of comfort. HVAC Contractors who are responsible to get the HVAC installed at your workplace or home play a major role in ensuring the life and system efficiency of the set-up. These contractors are not only responsible for installation, servicing, trouble-shooting but also for bringing up the entire system of HVAC's. So one should choose the contractor wisely, keeping in mind that it is not a one time deal, the contractor you hire will help you sail through or maybe escape tough times. There are majorly two types of chillers used in the manufacture of HVAC's: Add to Favorites 1. Air Cooled Chillers 2. Water Cooled Chillers The major difference between these two types of chillers is that the air cooled chillers, heat is rejected to the ambient air whereas in water cooled chillers heat is rejected to some other water source like cooling towers. Both are enerygy efficient chillers but if you consider closely it will be seen that water cooled chillers have efficiency of approximately 0.33 to 0.63 KW/Ton and the air cooled chillers have that of 0.83-1.35 KW/Ton and these require less maintenance as compared to water cooled chillers which requires more maintenance and control. Additionaly, water cooled chillers are less noisy, more compact, have longer life and lie in the category of energy efficient chillers but whole of life-cycle cost should be taken into account before making any decision. The selection of the chiller should depend on factors like; climatic region, operating hours, cooling load profile, system redundancy requirement, capital and opearting cost, space availability, energy efficiency, water consumption and water treatment costs. Water cooled chillers have the tendency of low life cycle costs in buildings where chillers are operated for long hours. The use of air cooled system with the addition of adiabatic type pads works as an option for smaller sysytems. These pads are evaporative pre-cooled pads, fitted in front of the heat excahnger to allow the precooling of air by making it pass through the adiabatic wetted pads before entering the heat exchanger. HVAC sysyems generally consume around 70% of a base that buildings mostly use, with 25-35% of energy consumed by chillers producing chilled water for air-conditioning. Therefore to achieve high performance and make the chillers energy efficient, it is important to optimize the performance of chillers within the HAVAC's they operate. Usually chillers function on vapour compression cycle in which a compressor circulates refrigerant through heat exchangers in order to produce chilled water and a condensor where heat is rejected. About the Author The author is a technical expert and experienced in energy management. The articles in this series majorly focus on environmental friendly techniques used in cooling an drefrigeration and energy conservation. For more information visit: http://www.zamilacindia.com/ Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines whereby the original author's information and copyright must be included. Article Directory About FAQ Contact Us Advanced Search Privacy Statement Disclaimer GoArticles.com © 2014, All Rights Reserved. Generated with www.html-to-pdf.net Page 1 / 1

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