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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: AaronHuston



This was the capstone project for Introduction to Marketing and is an example of some of the fundamental knowledge I began to absorb at the beginning of January 2013.

Aaron Huston ! 02/02/13 Strange Music Inc

! •All 6’s and 7’s released by Strange Music Inc in 2012 • Differentiators include mainstream artist appeal and underground loyalty • Features included in this product resonate with high energy music with heavy lyrical content

Target Market and Segment Geographic Tech N9ne has been building a steady growing fan base through constant grinding in the tour circuits in the continental U.S. as well as abroad throughout Europe, The Middle East, and Australia. Demographic Rap/Rock enthusiasts ages 23-43 have typically swarmed to the Kansas City rapper, generally grossing $20k-$40k annually. Psychographic Tech N9ne’s fans enjoy his music due to heavy lyrical content found within songs, as well as his constant recognition of those who listen to his music. They also typically enjoy a broad range of music. Usage Rate All 6’s and 7’s is the first attempt by Tech N9ne and Strange Music Inc to make noteworthy statement of the organization’s current talent level and relevancy utilizing features from well known acts from throughout the world. This would constitute a heavy, and potential first time customer usage rate. Benefits Sought This album provides a link for long time fans of Strange Music to interact with other HipHop circles. It also introduced many new fans to the longstanding fan driven economy adopted by Strange Music over a decade ago.

Price All 6’s and 7’s sold within the range of $12-$18 depending on the physical package purchased and $1.99 through digital download per track through the online market. These prices appealed to a broad range of consumers. The extra content included with certain packages for die hard fans, and the cheap prices for singles with features, equally appealed to a well balanced market. Four separate packages were made available to fans including a Pre-Order special, a Best Buy Deluxe Edition, an iTunes Deluxe Edition, and a FYE Exclusive Edition. Packages

Placement All 6’s and 7’s was made available through several different outlets and even had an edited version deal with Wal-Mart. Due to an independent distribution deal with Fontana Distribution, Strange Music was able to privately secure distribution through Best Buy, FYE, iTunes, and Wal- Mart.

Promotion Hype was built within the core fan base of Strange Music where much of their revenue stems from. To promote the album. The key advertising tactic used for All 6’s and 7’s was “All 6’s and 7’s: The Tour” which began May 26, 2011. All 6’s and 7’s was not released until June 7, 2011, which included 62 shows throughout the U.S.

Advertising Through online communication to fans, Tech N9ne and other labels mates did various youtube segments and online interviews with websites such as

Media Mix The marketing mix of this album was mainly utilized through guerrilla tactics and street team hustle, and relied heavily on core fans for exposure and main stream features to draw new potential consumers.

Summary All 6’s and 7’s is arguably one of Strange Music’s most aggressive and successful albums released to date. It sold roughly 50,000 units within its first week, and to date over 210,000 units since June 7, 2011. It also began the long process of exposing the artist repertoire currently being amassed by Strange Music. All 6’s and 7’s charted number 4 on the U.S. charts, number 1 on the U.S. Indie charts, number 1 on the U.S. R&B charts, number 1 on U.S. Rap charts, and number 24 on the Canadian charts respectively.

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