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Information about Hurricanes

Published on October 2, 2008

Author: skullpunk123


HURRICANES : HURRICANES GROUP 5 9/26/2008 Period 2 What is a Hurricane? : What is a Hurricane? Hurricanes are dangerous tropical storms. Hurricanes gather heat and energy through contact with warm waters. The evaporation from the seawater increases the hurricanes power. Hurricanes have winds at least 74 miles per hour. Hurricanes rotate in a counter-clockwise direction around the “eye”, which by the way is the center of a hurricane. Heavy waves in a hurricane is a storm surge which are very dangerous and a major reason why you MUST stay away from oceans during a hurricane. HOW DOES a HURRICANE FORM? : HOW DOES a HURRICANE FORM? How does a hurricane form? Do they just form when mother nature gets angry? No they don’t, hurricanes forms when warm pressure combines with cold pressure that swirls so strong that the winds creates the eye. The warm air rapidly, begins to rise the water vapor, then it condense to form a dark storm clouds and drops of rain. The hurricane’s pressure begins to decrease as water vapor condenses. The winds that are moving in different directions that runs into each other at the surface collide and then push warm air downward and the moist air upward. If there are aren’t any wind, the storm’s air in the upper atmosphere will rise to higher and higher pressures. Therefore the air cycle and hurricanes growth will get bigger and bigger. There you have your hurricane. What are the categories of a hurricane ? : What are the categories of a hurricane ? Cat. 1 74-95mph (64-82kt) Cat . 2 96-110 mph (83-95kt) Cat . 3 111-130 mph(96-113kt) Cat. 4 131-155mph (114-135kt) Cat . 5 155mph+( 135+kt) What items are needed to prepare for a storm? : What items are needed to prepare for a storm? Non-perishable foods, pet food, bottled water, flashlights, radio, batteries, diapers, baby food, prescriptions & medicine. 5 External Ways to Prepare! : 5 External Ways to Prepare! Trim any big trees. Pick up any loose items in your yard. Put shutters on your windows Put gas in car. Bring any out door animals. 5 Internal Ways To Prepare! : 5 Internal Ways To Prepare! Have water and Non-perishable food handy. Have a flashlight and have batteries Have a generator if the lights go out Stay in a room with no windows Have food for any animals Why is it important to listen to authorities when a storm is approaching? : Why is it important to listen to authorities when a storm is approaching? It is important because if you don’t listen to authorities you won’t know if the storm is coming your way. Also you wont know what watches and warnings are set for your city or state. Lastly you wont be prepared if the storm hits your area. ~SUMMARY~ : WHAT WE LEARNED FOR ALL THE RESEARCH I DID WAS THAT HURRICANES ARE VERY POWERFUL STORMS. HURRICANES CAN DO A LOT OF DAMAGE. I ALSO LEARNED ABOUT THE CATEGORIES OF HURRICANES. I ALSO LEARNED WHY IT IS NECESSARY TO LISTEN TO AUTHORITIES. I ALSO LEARNED HOW THEY FORMED. I ALSO LEARNED WHAT A HURRICANE IS. THAT IS WHAT I LEARNED FROM ALL THE RESEARCH. ~SUMMARY~ Credits : Credits DESHAYLA DENSON FRANCO CANALES KAYLA FISHER ALEXANDRA ELLIS JESSIKA ACOSTA GABRIELA GLISSON VICKY ESTUPINAN

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