Hunting in a Polar Vortex? Better Follow These Guidelines By Brandon Vallorani

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Information about Hunting in a Polar Vortex? Better Follow These Guidelines By Brandon...

Published on February 4, 2014

Author: brandonvallorani



If you’re like Brandon Vallorani, you don’t like letting rain, sleet, snow, or hail keep you from hunting. But what about deadly cold? The recent Polar Vortex caused record breaking low temperatures across the country, and there’s
reason to suspect we haven’t seen the coldest of 2014. If you’re wanting to get out there during these icy blasts, more power to you–hunting in weather that can potentially kill you can be a profoundly humbling experience–but make sure you follow these tips so you can stay safe.

Hunting  During  a  Polar  Vortex   By  Brandon  Vallorani   January  29,  2014     If  you’re  like  me,  you  don’t  like   letting  rain,  sleet,  snow,  or  hail   keep  you  from  hunting.  But  what   about  deadly  cold?  The  recent   Polar  Vortex  caused  record   breaking  low  temperatures   across  the  country,  and  there’s   reason  to  suspect  we  haven’t   seen  the  coldest  of  2014.  If   you’re  wanting  to  get  out  there   during  these  icy  blasts,  more  power  to  you–hunting  in  weather  that  can  potentially   kill  you  can  be  a  profoundly  humbling  experience–but  make  sure  you  follow  these   tips  so  you  can  stay  safe.     • Minimize  your  time  outside.  If  you’ve  set  your  decoys  and  blinds  and   you’re  waiting  for  the  fowl  to  fly,  stay  in  your  truck  as  long  as  possible.   There’s  no  reason  to  waste  good  energy  and  body  heat  if  there’s  nothing  to   shoot  at  yet.   • Layer  up.  Stock  up  on  hats,  long  underwear,  sweaters,  and  parkas.  If  that’s   not  enough,  try  an  electric  heated  vest.  The  more  waterproof  and  insulated   you  can  be  the  better.   • Keep  your  hands  warm  especially,  and  don’t  let  them  get  wet.  Glomitts   with  the  fold-­‐back  mitten  top  are  great.  Put  a  hand  warmer  in  each  and   you’re  golden.   • Pad  your  hunting  blind.  In  cold  weather,  the  freezing  ground  and  absorb  a   lot  of  your  body  eat  if  you’re  in  contact  with  it.  Put  a  foam  camping  pad  in   there,  the  thicker  the  better  (at  least  an  inch  or  two).   • Clean  your  gun’s  action,  magazine  tube,  and  spring.  Use  some  BreakFree   to  ensure  that  the  action  cycles  without  incident,  and  that  you  can  load  more   than  a  single  shot.   • Put  electrical  tape  over  the  muzzle  of  your  gun.  You’ve  gotta  do  whatever   it  takes  to  keep  your  muzzle  clean  from  the  mud  and  the  snow.  If  it  gets  in   there,  it  could  melt,  travel  down  the  barrel  to  the  bolt,  and  then  refreeze,   compromising  your  firing  pin.       Brandon  Vallorani  is  the  CEO  and  founder  of  Liberty  Alliance,  and  is  a  practiced   entrepreneur  with  a  background  in  marketing  and  management.  Brandon  graduated   from  West  Virginia  University  with  a  Bachelor’s  of  Fine  Arts  in  Graphic  Design.  Liberty  

Alliance  is  a  network  of  websites  dedicated  to  advancing  Life,  Liberty,  and  the  Pursuit   of  Happiness.  The  partners  and  members  of  this  organization  utilize  the  influence  of   new  media  to  promote  traditional  values  and  generate  more  than  1,000,000  page   views  each  day.  Brandon  Vallorani  enjoys  spending  time  with  his  family,  hunting  big   game,  and  indulging  fine  cigars  and  wine  with  his  partners.    

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