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Published on August 25, 2011

Author: torrestorres


READING FOR TRAVELING THROUGH THE PATH OF LIFE: READING FOR TRAVELING THROUGH THE PATH OF LIFE MEETING IN OROSHAZA, 13-17 OCTOBER, 2010 MEETING IN BAIMARE: MEETING IN BAIMARE The best learning comes through t raveling We learn t a lot about Romania and Romanian culture at our visit to Baia Mare. COMENIUS BOARD: COMENIUS BOARD We saw a Comenius Board at Dimitri Candemir and desi g ned a similar one for our school to introduce our project SCHOOL LIBRARY: SCHOOL LIBRARY W e try to improve the existing library through the gained experience and observation . We are trying to increase the quality and the number of our books in our library. We have a librarian on duty . SCHOOL LIBRARY: SCHOOL LIBRARY We have class libraries in each class. Students donated chosen English and Turkish books All students are required to read at least one book per month REVIEW OF A BOOK: REVIEW OF A BOOK We invited famous writer Lale Erkal last May. Our students wrote review of her book and the selected best one was sent to a popular national newspaper and it was published. We celebrated library day 29th March- 4th April 2010: We celebrated library day 29th Mar ch - 4th April 2010 We decided to have reading hours and started this week E verybody at our school read s books at the first lesson on Mondays. We visited Yıldız IRCICA Library which is a research center for Islamic history . WRITER- STUDENT MEETS: WRITER- STUDENT MEETS Our new history teacher İlknur Örenç’s second book has just been published . She had a meeting with our students and talked about her books and answered students ’ questions about the book . DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES: DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES Our article about our project was published on Turkish National Agency’s journal, Turkish National Education Center’s journal and local journal. We are going to publish our journal ’ European Bookworms ’ soon. READING GROUP: READING GROUP We select a book every month, students read it and discuss about the book. We have selected the book ‘Time Management in Education ’ by Yaşar Değirmenci this month He is going to visit our school and talk about his book . BOOK FAIR/EXHIBITIONS: BOOK FAIR /EXHIBITIONS Book fairs are a great way to celebrate and promote reading We are going to visit Istanbul Book Fair which is starting on 30th October , 2010. Our school create s a n exhibition showing students' or teachers' favorite books . This creates excitement for reading because students enjoy watching their selected books Reading for the blind: Your voice could be my eyes : Reading for the blind: Your voice could be my eyes Students visit the soundproof recording studios of the local l ibrary to record narrated audio books for the blind. The library also needs English readers, as there are many users who are either learning English or are preparing for language exams. WHO WAS MEVLANA?: WHO WAS MEVLANA? Mevlana is our great thinker lived in 14th century Mevlana’s doctrine advocates unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning, goodness, charity and awareness through love. One of his saying; Everything in the universe is a pitcher brimming with wisdom and beauty. MEVLANA AND ISLAMIC SUFISM: MEVLANA AND ISLAMIC SUFISM Our students are going to write and perform a play from Mevlana’s great work Mesnevi . We have parents in the school who come from Mevlana family and they are willing to assist us in arranging Mevlana ’ s show SEVEN ADVICE OF MEVLANA: SEVEN ADVICE OF MEVLANA In generosity and helping other be like a river In compassion and grace be like a sun In concealing other's faults be like night In anger and fury be like dead In modesty and humility be like earth In tolerance be like a sea Either exist as you are or be as you look ! Slide 16: THANK YOU!

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