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Information about Hunayn

Published on October 4, 2008

Author: speed2kx


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Battle of Hunayn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Battle of Hunayn is one of only two battles mentioned in the Qur'an by name, in Sura Tawba. Contents. ... the Muslim army arrived at Hunain.
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Hunain ibn Ishāq – Wikipedia

Personendaten; NAME: Hunain ibn Ishāq: ALTERNATIVNAMEN: Hunayn ibn Ishaq; Hunayn ibn Ishāq; Johannitius (lateinisch); أبو زيد حنين بن ...
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Hunayn ibn Ishaq - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hunayn ibn Ishaq (also Hunain or Hunein) (’Abū Zayd Ḥunayn ibn ’Isḥāq al-‘Ibādī ; Latin: Iohannitius) (809 – 873) was a famous and ...
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Hunayn ibn Ishaq | biography - Arab scholar |

Arab scholar whose translations of Plato, Aristotle, Galen, Hippocrates, and the Neoplatonists made accessible to Arab philosophers and scientists the ...
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Abu Zayd Hunayn ibn Ishaq al-Ibadi - MacTutor History of ...

Hunayn ibn Ishaq is most famous as a translator. He was not a mathematician but trained in medicine and made his original contributions to the subject.
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The Battle of Hunayn | A Restatement of the History of ...

The conquest of Makkah triggered the mass conversion of the Arabs to Islam in many parts of the country. But there were some tribes living in the east and ...
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Hunayn – Wikipedia

Hunayn ist der Name folgender Personen: Hunain ibn Ishāq (810–873), christlich-arabischer Übersetzer in Bagdad; Ishāq ibn Hunayn (um 830–910 ...
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The battle of Hunayn, Battle at Hunain, Military History ...

The battle of Hunayn, is one of the most famous events in the history of Islam. It was notable for the strategy of Imam Ali regrouping the Muslim army ...
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Chapter 49: The Battle of Hunayn | The Message | Books on ...

It was the usual practice with the Prophet that whenever he conquered a region, he personally looked after its political problems and the religious matters ...
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Quran Tafsir Ibn Kathir - The Battle of Hunayn

The battle of Hunayn occurred after the victory of Makkah, in the month of Shawwal of the eighth year of Hijrah. After the Prophet conquered Makkah and ...
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