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Information about Hummingbird Update Easily Explained

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: PatrickBerzai



Here we take a quick look at Google's Hummingbird Update to it's search algorithm. The methods Google will use now to incorporate semantic web technology will increase more and more as user behavior evolves and link graphs become unreliable.

The Hummingbird Update and Semantic Search

Topics Covered  How Google Has Changed  How Search is Different  What Does This Mean for Keywords?  From Keywords to Entities

Google Wants To Work Like Your Brain Your Brain Knowledge Graph Deep learning algorithm with higher order entity recognition able to act like artificial intelligence to understand meaing and predict answers. Deep neural connections of ideas, memories, places and things are stimulated and recalled by the world around us and all catalogued by words. 617 . 206 . 3040

How Google Crawls and Indexes SERPs

How Google Crawls Results Is Different.

Google Then (1998) Only Desktop Search via keyboard 617 . 206 . 3040 Google (2013) Many internet-ready devices and mobile web, Voice search.

Google (Then) Ranking based upon authoritative literal match keywords with links to websites. Google (Now) Semantic search system rankings consider various points including: Context of search Location Intent Variation of words Synonyms Generalized and specialized queries Concept matching and natural language query 617 . 206 . 3040

What Does This Mean for Keywords?

Google (Then) Google (Now) Finds literal relationships between exact match keywords based on logical rules: Here, the search would query only documents where both exact keywords poverty AND crime were mentioned 617 . 206 . 3040 Thinks of places, things, objects as “entities” and is looking for meaning in relationships to the words to each other in an entire sentence This is all plotted together on a graph (The Knowledge Graph) that highlight unambiguous connections between concepts and ideas.

Google (Then) Original literal keyword content which is linked to. 617 . 206 . 3040 Google (Now) Semantic keyword content which is useful and shared.

In Summation • Google is looking to deliver not just websites in search rankings, but conversations, social websites, review websites, authors and other contextually meaningful results • Google has morphed from a “fact engine” into a “meaning engine.” • Keywords and their literal importance has diminished and will continue to diminish in importance over time. Useful content that is engaged with and shared delivers better and more personalized results, which will keep users loyal to Google as opposed to it’s competitors. 617 . 206 . 3040

Google Today and Beyond… Google Glass and Google Contact Lenses are keyboard-less wearable hardware that will interpret your eye movements and facial expressions and predict search results for you intuitively. You can see why Google is thinking less about keywords and more about the user! You should too!

 Ten New Question on Semantic Resources for Semantic Search and the Knowledge Graph Search Answered  Hummingbird is Not Just for Christmas  Adapting Strategies for 2014  Understanding Entity Search  617 . 206 . 3040

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