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Information about humiSonic direct - humidity control meets energy saving

Published on November 2, 2016

Author: CAREL_group


1. humiSonic direct humidity control meets energy saving Valerio Nalini Chillventa 2016 Nuremberg

2. We lead the evolution of control technologies and humidification for air‐conditioning & refrigeration. Our products are designed to support our customers with the most advanced energy savings solutions.

3. 1100+ Employees 19 Subsidiaries 3,700+ Customers 6,200 Part numbers 203 Mln€ 2015 Turnover 7 Mln Pcs per year 7 Production facilities CAREL in snapshot

4. Continuous innovation 7% turnover Invested each year in  R&D 18% Of Employees in R&D

5. Agenda  Isothermal vs adiabatic humidification  Ultrasonic humidification  humiSonic direct: features  Applications

6. • Dry bulb temperature is the one we normally perceive. It is a measure of  sensible heat. • Relative humidity is the value that  indicates how far the air is from  saturation. When air is 100% saturated  condensate starts forming. • The capacity of air to contain humidity increases with  temperature. Steam vs adiabatic technologies

7. • Isothermal humidification is achieved by introducing steam into the air • Energy for the water to steam change of state (≈700W/l) is provided externally. Enthalpy increases • Air temperature does not change (hence isothermal) Steam vs adiabatic technologies STEAM HUMIDIFICATION

8. • Adiabatic humidification is achieved by  spraying fine water droplets • Water spontaneously evaporates • Energy for the change of state is provided by air. The total amount of energy does not change (hence adiabatic) • Sensible heat is converted into latent heat Air is cooled Steam vs adiabatic technologies ADIABATIC HUMIDIFICATION

9. humiSonic direct

10. WORKING HOURS ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION DROPLET  SIZE transducers  lifetime compared to steam  humidifiers instantaneous absorption  humiSonic direct

11. vacuum Ultrasonic humidification Water nebulization happens due to a double  effect: CAVITATION The rapid vibration creates small cavitation  air bubbles which explode on the surface  releasing microscopic droplets CAPILLARY WAVE Waves generated in the water tank by the  oscillators release droplets

12. droplet size Ultrasonic humidification

13. STAND‐ALONE UNIT humiSonic needs just the power, RO  water and drain connections:  control/electrical panel is not  needed  built‐in humidity probe plug & play! Features

14. CAPACITY (kg/h) 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - UU02 UU04 UU06 UU08 Features

15. POWER CONSUMPTION (W/kg) humiSonic needs less than 80 watt per kg of nebulized water, about 10% compared to steam technology 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 Isothermal humiSonic Features

16. ENDURANCE • power 0,5 kg/h • lifetime 10.000 hr with RO water the transducer’s driver has been  developed by Carel Features

17. hours Features ENDURANCE

18. PRECISION humiSonic stand‐alone  guarantees a ±5% accuracy  around the set point. Accuracy can be improved: • Active humidity probe (optional) more accurate than the embedded one • Proportional signal 0‐10V / 4‐20mA integration with the bms -5% +5% SP rh capacity Features

19. PRECISION SP rh capacity on requested capacity Features

20. HYGIENE hygiene on adiabatic solutions is a must for CAREL  automatic washing cycles management  automatic tank drain if shut down  each component in touch with                                             water is stainless steel made   humiSonic uses fresh RO water with the additional safety of the UV lamp Features

21. MASTER/SLAVE for extra capacity demand or homogeneous humidity  distribution a master unit can drive up to three humiSonic,  for a total system capacity of 32 kg/h. Each slave unit matches the master status. T‐Lan Features


23. Caratteristiche del prodotto The features we just saw make humiSonic versatile,  able to match the needs a wide range of applications:  from the comfort to the process ones. As a stand alone unit humiSonic is ideal for retrofit aiming at energy saving Applications

24. RETROFIT IN A DATACENTER One humiSonic in  the room can  replace old steam humidifiers inside  each CRAC. Applications

25. 8 kg/h  nebulized water 5.5 kW  cooling effect + + 0.7 kW  electric consumption = 5.3 kW  saved on steam generation 1.8 kW* saved on mechanical cooling = 7.1 kW  electric energy saving ‐11t* each year ≈ RETROFIT IN A DATACENTER Applications * assumptions in the appendix

26. Investment payback typically occurs in less than 2 years*. RETROFIT IN A DATACENTER Applications * assumptions in the appendix

27. Available @ DATACENTER WEBINAR Applications

28. 30 Chillventa Specialist Forums 2016 Chillventa Fachforen 2016 Hall 4A

29. Appendix Parameter Value Humidification load 8 kg/h Operating time 2000 hr/yr Mechanical Cooling system EER 3 CO2 / kWh 0.76 kg* Cost of electricity 0.15 €/kWh Cost of water 2 €/m3 *Average between coal and natural gas. Source:

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