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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: gregverdino



Social Media for B2B Technology Marketers (originally presented to Cisco's SMB global marketing team.) More social media and marketing content at

humans networking {connecting with small and medium businesses through social media}

{who is this guy?}

{who is crayon?}

{who is crayon?}

“social media describes the online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video. Popular social mediums include blogs, message boards, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs.” {}

{but the real point is} the people

{when i say social media, is this what you picture?} it’s time to take a broader view

{by the numbers}

{b2b decision makers participate in social media} according to a KnowledgeStorm study of b2b technology decision makers Do you participate in any of the following social media channels? 90% Video 80% Blogs yes 80% Wikis Social 69% Networks 53% Podcasts For podcasts yes includes once/a few times/frequently responses; for all other media yes includes monthly/weekly/daily responses KnowledgeStorm / UniversalMcCann Emerging Media Series (July-Nov 2006)

{social media influence b2b purchase decisions} Among those that participate in each social channel – does the content they access influence their business-related purchase decisions? 57.3% Video 53.6% Blogs yes 52.2% Wikis 26.5% Podcasts KnowledgeStorm / UniversalMcCann Emerging Media Series (July-Nov 2006)

{b2b marketers are shifting spend} according to a Forrester survey of b2b marketers % of B2B Marketers Changing their B2B Marketing Budget Allocation B2B Marketing Budget Allocation Budgeting Allocation on Emerging Channels Trade show s 91% Public relations 89% Email 87% Budget 73% 72% 78% Direct mail Increase 77% Print advertising Executive seminars and events 74% 73% Sponsorship 72% Webinars No Change 25% 70% Inside sales/telemarketing 62% Online display ads (banners, pop-ups) 59% Search marketing 37% Emerging online tactics 28% Rich media ads or Internet video Budget 3% Decrease Outdoor media 24% 22% TV advertising 20% Radio Emerging Online Tactics include Podcasts, RSS and Blogs The growth represents a change in the annual marketing budget from 2005 to 2006 Forrester: “B2B Marketing Needs a Makeover – Now” (Aug 2006)

it’s time for b2b marketers to shift from communication to conversation let’s get down to business

{the three pillars of conversational marketing} community dialogue partnership

community dialogue partnership

vscommunities of practice communities of interest

{communities of interest}

{communities of practice}

{b2b buyers see the value of business networking} 69% use social networks “primarily for business networking and development” and consistently cite 6 “best uses” KnowledgeStorm / UniversalMcCann Emerging Media Series (July-Nov 2006)

{networks of practice: getting smaller}

{networks of practice: going global}

{virtual networks of practice}

community dialogue partnership

they’re you talking about

“Ah, maybe I am prejudiced because I love Cisco stuff…” “I hate Cisco with the white-hot intensity of a thousand schoolgirls sizing up the latest bimbette that their current teen heartthrob crush is dating.”

{the conversation gap}

community dialogue partnership

{partnership in action}


{measuring your return on innovation}

{what you can measure} total time spent on the site level of active participation number of unique users returning versus new readers referring source statistics links from other sites google pagerank volume of google natural search results impressions click throughs or inbound inquiries conversions or sales etc

{what you should measure} did I design my social media program to accomplish specific conversation objectives, and did it deliver against those objectives?

{getting started}

{the principle of . . .} Share Your Blog Expertise Tap the Wisdom of Wiki Customers what before how Customers Social Helping Network Customers Engage Prospects Podcast Through Customer Evangelism

{no blog / wiki / podcast / forum / etc is an island}

{questions answers}

{greg verdino} chief strategy officer crayon {mobile} 631.747.1451 {skype} gregverdino {second life} jiggy stardust

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