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Published on March 3, 2016

Author: fellowbuddy


1. Simplifying Students Life Human Resource Management 1. Explain with the help of diagram the link between HRM and its environment. 2. Elaborate with examples the influence of factors affecting Human Resource Planning. 3. Explain with the examples the use of Job Analysis. 4. Give the details of the Internal as well as External sources of Recruitment. 5. Comment on the statement given below: “Selection is a source of competitive advantage” 6. Write short notes on: a. Requisites of an Effective Programme b. Difference between Training & Development c. Concepts of Performance Appraisal d. Importance of Ideal Remuneration System e. Difference between HRM & IR f. Approaches of Human Resource Audit g. Concept and Process of Job Evaluation 7. Give brief description on Evaluating HR Effectiveness 8. Explain the major challenges of Human Resource Management with Examples. 9. How to make Training effective? 10. Explain Job Design and brief about the factors affecting Job-Design.

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