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Published on December 16, 2017

Author: gcmohanta29


slide 1: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – ASSIGNMENTS – By Dr. G C Mohanta Unit – I 1. Define Human Resource Management HRM. Briefly discuss the evolution objectives scope and functions of HRM. 2. Explain HRM typology systems strategy and HR matrix. What are integrated models of HRM 3. Discuss the growing importance and role of HRM in today’s changing environment due to globalisation. 4. What are the competitive challenges influencing HRM – Human Resource information System HRIS Discuss the competency framework for HR professionals. Unit – II 1. Define and discuss the importance and role of Job analysis. What is systems exchange and job characteristics model How analysis and mapping of workflow is performed 2. What do you mean by job design and job evaluation Discuss the Towers Perrin model of total reward. 3. What is the difference between recruitment and selection Explain the process of selection placement and orientation. 4. What are the objectives and benefits of employee training Explain Kirkpatrick and pecuniary utility models of training. Unit – III 1. Give an overview of Human Resource Development HRD and HR Accounting. Briefly explain Lev and Schwartz Flamholtz and Hermanson’s model of HR accounting. 2. Discuss the role and importance of career planning. What are different stages in career Briefly explain Greenhaus career development model. 3. Explain the importance functions and types of psychological contract. 4. What is HR utility framework Briefly discuss Markov Employee Transition. Unit – IV 1. Discuss Dunlop’s I.R model and organogram. Briefly explain the role and significance of Quality of Work Life QWL and Quality Circle QC in HRM 2. Bring out the importance advantages and disadvantages of worker’s participation in management. Explain the Bate’s wheel for employee brand. 3. Explain the importance of employee value proposition in HRM with suitable examples. slide 2: 4. What is Grievance What are the causes of Grievance Discuss the Grievance Procedures in Unionised Firms and Non-Unionised Firms. Unit – V 1. Bring out the importance of HR outsourcing in today’s globalised world. Briefly discuss various HR issues in mergers and acquisitions. 2. Write the importance and introduction of international global strategic HRM. 3. Discuss the importance of paradox theory as lens of theorizing for sustainable HRM. Explain Paauwe’s paradox framework for sustainable HRM. 4. What is Six Sigma Explain the DMAIC process for implementation of Six Sigma. What are Six Sigma benefits in HR functions

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