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Information about Human Nature - Abhishek Dogra

Published on March 8, 2017

Author: abhy_169


HUMAN NATURE: HUMAN NATURE By:- Abhishek Dogra Sr. System Administrator M: 91-98882-10402, E: Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. To be Covered…: To be Covered… Personality Temperament Temperament Traits Personality : Personality Temperament: Temperament Temperament Traits: Temperament Traits Types In Simple Words: Types In Simple Words EXTROVERSION DIRECTNESS PACE STRUCTURE EXTROVERSION – Social Animal: EXTROVERSION – Social Animal They are mostly people oriented and believe in teamwork They are talkative, friendly and outgoing They're most creative when working with others They love being the part of the team Like to develop people, build organization DIRECTNESS – The Fools: DIRECTNESS – The Fools They're the ones who take charge and want others to follow them High ego people They are highly over confident then others Deals with things aggressively Hate having anyone looking over their shoulder PACE – The Cool: PACE – The Cool The focus of the Paced person is on timing and cooperation Appear cool, calm and controlled under pressure Appear stable, emotionally adjusted, in harmony with the world Dependable and reliable Noted for good memory and being a good listener Duniya Jaaye Bhaad me , Hum Hain Pahaad Mein..! STRUCTURE – The Perfectionist: STRUCTURE – The Perfectionist The focus of the structured person is on being right and doing the right thing The people that you know who are careful, precise & perfectionists ... they're Structured They HATE to make mistakes Will double check themselves and others Naturally good organizers Keep things together in the company Usually careful, accurate, precise Conclusion: Conclusion Thanks To All: Thanks To All By:- Abhishek Dogra

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