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Published on August 5, 2008

Author: jeaston1


Human Mating & Jealousy : Human Mating & Jealousy Judy Easton August 6, 2008 Today I’ll… : Today I’ll… Introduce topic of human mating Discuss jealousy Human Mating : Human Mating First thing we do is choose a mate What drives our mate choice? Parental investment differential Choosier about mate if potential outcome is very costly to you Mate Choice : Mate Choice Both sexes want mate who will increase their reproductive success (RS) How increase RS differs for each sex! How do women increase their RS? No indiscriminate mating Mate who will invest in offspring How do men increase their RS? Impregnate as many women as possible But only women who can raise offspring! Mate Preferences : Mate Preferences So…that’s why men and women want different qualities in potential partner! But what do women and men want?? Women’s Mate Preferences : Women’s Mate Preferences Remember women should choose partner who will invest in offspring! Investing in offspring means: Has resources Is healthy Can protect family Is dependable & stable So Women Want a Mate Who… : So Women Want a Mate Who… Has resources: Is wealthy or has good financial prospects Has social status Is ambitious/industrious Is healthy Is dependable: Kind Emotionally stable Can offer protection: Strong Tall Brave Athletic Prowess Men’s Mate Preferences : Men’s Mate Preferences Remember men want to impregnate multiple women but only those who can raise offspring! Raising offspring means: Youthful Healthy Physically Attractive So Men Want a Woman Who… : So Men Want a Woman Who… Is young: Young women can have more children than older women Is healthy Not overweight Clear skin & eyes Is attractive Symmetry Facial femininity Really?? : Really?? Evidence for these preferences: Buss (1989) 37 cultures study Kenrick (1990) minimum acceptability study Folk tales (Gottschall et al., 2003) Literature (Gottschall et al., 2004) Information in personal ads Cross-cultural support suggests these are universal preferences! Now what? : Now what? After select mate – need to keep! Use mate guarding tactics to prevent mate from being unfaithful or leaving the relationship But costly to be constantly vigilant – so how do we know when to mate guard? Jealousy : Jealousy Jealousy is cue that triggers mate guarding behaviors! We experience jealousy when threat to our relationship Relationship Threat : Relationship Threat Not the same for men and women! What makes us jealous depends on mate preferences of partner Women want man who can invest Man who can invest more is threat to her partner Men want youthful attractive women Younger, more attractive woman is threat to his partner Costs of infidelity : Costs of infidelity Sexes experience different costs of partner infidelity Men: Paternity uncertainty more costly Resource investment from another man less costly Women: Sexual infidelity less costly Diversion of resources to another women very costly Types of infidelity : Types of infidelity Men should be more upset by sexual infidelity Due to paternity uncertainty Women should be more upset by emotional infidelity Due to resource diversion What Makes you More Upset? : What Makes you More Upset? Which is more upsetting? Your partner having sexual intercourse with someone else Your partner becoming emotionally involved with someone else (cf. Buss et al., 1992) Results: 83% of women said emotional infidelity 60% of men said sexual infidelity Replicated cross-culturally In-Class Activity : In-Class Activity Which sex would get more punitive damages? Why? Answer depends on which infidelity is ultimately more costly! Until recently in Texas if man caught wife in act of cheating and murdered her…he did not get punished! No state (or country) has EVER had a law allowing women to escape punishment for murdering unfaithful husband! Delusional Jealousy : Delusional Jealousy Jealousy mechanisms can malfunction May fixate on partner being unfaithful when in reality not unfaithful at all! Focus on imagined cues or rivals Constantly vigilant against perceived rivals Some Examples: Next door neighbor’s Christmas lights blinking at same time is secret code to partner Cars driving by are lovers checking if partner free Noise outside is lover leaving house Other than that…Normal! : Other than that…Normal! Triggers for delusional jealousy same as normal jealousy: Men more upset by sexual infidelity and by rivals who can invest more Women more upset by emotional infidelity and by rivals who are younger & more attractive (cf. Easton et al., 2007)

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