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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: TusharUpadhyay


Human Dynamics Assignment no. 2 Induction training program for New Executive chefs At Portiere Hotel and Restaurant Assumptions: Portiere is a large chain of hotel and restaurants setup across major Indian cities. Different executive chefs will be inducted and trained at a central training center and sent to different cities for their respective jobs. The chefs already have an experience in culinary and kitchen management. They do not need to be taught cooking and menial skills. Executive chefs will join the work on September 1,2014

General Introduction Mishaps and errors are common in a workplace where employees are not aware of their surroundings. Lack of knowledge about how the organization works, philosophy of the organization, rules and regulations, code of conducts, goals and objectives etc. diminishes productivity of both employee as well as the organization. Not knowing above factors will lead employees to adopt certain practices that goes against organizational policy, although they can be rectified later but it would not be worth it to first let mistakes be occurred and then a program for correcting it. For example an employee used to working at Google in casual wear and attitude won’t be able to fit in at an old school company following formal dress code and strict timings. To overcome all the above problems employees need to be given an Induction training so that they are aware of certain things that everyone must know. Objective Help new employees settle and feel comfortable Motivating them, the extra burden of knowing everything on their own Is eliminated Improve work quality and productivity Reduce errors and accidents. Help employee understand their responsibilities and what is expected out of them. Making sure benefits from employees are extracted as quickly as possible Induction training can help existing staff if they attend it. Improve job satisfaction and eliminates fear of looking silly. To demonstrate how much portiere values its employees

Induction Checklist This checklist will describe all the activities to be performed with brief descriptions of them and information to be disseminated during the induction. When the activities will be done, at what place, at what time, by whom, follows next in the training schedule/calendar. 1. Introductions: Chefs will introduced to the following important persons and executives: - Hotel Manager - Concierge - Director of sales and marketing - Director of operations - General manager - Current Chefs in the kitchen 2. Orientation Chefs will be given a tour of the portiere building especially of the kitchen equipment’s and the way around the building, information about emergency exits is a must. Employees will be also told about the portiere’s history, goals and structure, competitors, business strategy and hierarchy of management. They will also be given information about the location of vending machines and facilities such as water coolers, refreshments etc. Chefs would also be give some technical know how about how to operate machines in the premises, how to use their ID card and would be informed about company email id and newsletter 3. JobDescription: This would be the most important part of the training program as this will decide whether the employees does a good job or not. Key responsibilities will have to be explained to the chefs which includes:

Ensure the smooth and efficient working of kitchen Maintaining team spirit and high motivational level in various personnel of the kitchen team Work with HR manager in order to recruit skilled staff for the kitchen Act as a Mentor of employees and chefs under him/her in order to groom them Control daily food costs and fixed cost related to kitchen operations not going over budget Ensure the stock especially the quickly perishable foods such as fish and milk don’t get understocked or overstocked Ensure high levels of personal as well as environmental hygiene wherever possible Minimize wastage of food items and resources used during food preparation Monitor activities that can be hazardous or prone to errors Most important point would be the executive chef should be able to plan and decide menus. Devising some innovative and new food recipes and implementing them in the day to day menu. Determining the quality of food items are in check with the quality benchmark or not The chef should be able to communicate effectively with the supervisory staff and managers He may also have to perform some administrative function such as ordering food supplies, placing orders for food items and maintaining budgetary and accounting sheets The chefs should act as the center of contact for the employees working under him and all the major problems/confusions should be directed towards him/her for devising the solution. All in all leadership is an important characteristic of an executive chef. The chefs should also be technically sound in using various computer software’s like Microsoft excel so that order quantity, current inventory could be easily tracked. 4. Employmentterms: In this session employees will be made aware of various rules and regulations, terms and conditions, code of conduct and policies of the organization and how the company wants an employee to act.

Various points that will be discussed are: Corporate culture, dress code, work ethics. Policies and procedure and the action company would be willing to take in case of disorderly behavior Rights, responsibilities and duties besides the job duties Working hours, shift timings, lunch break,and timings of material procurement, overtime schedule and reimbursement. Payment terms: i.e. how much salary would be given, how pay will be linked to performance. Compensation plan would also be explained Car parking , smoking areas and policy regarding consumption of alcoholic drinks Disciplinary rules regarding absenteeism, sexual harassment, any misconduct in the company with employees or any vendetta with machines, equipment and infrastructure of the company. Details about how many absence leaves are entitled to the chefs. Confidentiality agreement regarding preserving some secret recipes from the common public shall be discussed. Information about how and when performance appraisal will be conducted and who will do it. Proper Use of telephones, stationary and office supplies as well as kitchen supplies. Complaints and Grievances addressal system Resignation policies and procedures 5. Fire drill, Safety and emergency procedures Since kitchen is a critical area where accidents and mishaps are prone to happen due to the nature of work and equipment and machineries involved, proper safety procedures especially regarding fire emergency have to be introduced to chefs. Fire drill procedure have to be explained Meeting point when there is a fire Location of fire exits Location of firefighting equipment

Location of emergency fore button Location of first aid kits and medications 6. Service orientation Information regarding past customer standards, what are their tastes and preferences, information about certain valued and privileged customers and what do they like. Various jargons, short forms, terminologies that have been traditionally and historically being used in the company Showing employees how to develop personal goals and objectives and support their as well as company’s future growth Making visit to the suppliers and caterers to the hotel Visit to other relevant sites like company warehouse and storage area 7. Distribution of employee handbook and induction feedback. An employee handbook or a manual will be distributed to the employees containing all the information regarding the organization including the information that will be taught in the training program Secondly to know whether the employees remember what has been taught to them an Induction quiz will be conducted Finally for future references and in order to correct any mistake that may have occurred in designing of the program a feedback would be taken from the chefs in the form of a induction feedback form which would be resemble the one like below

Training Calendar/Schedule Date and day Day 1 Sep 1 Monday Time 08:00 Activity Welcome to the company Video about company history, Objectives, future plans and strategies Objective Trainer Venue Making employee comfortable so that The general Board they can work according to the company’s manager room Philosophy and mission. 09:30 Coffee/tea break 10:00 Orientation Tour of the building and various facilities so that chefs know their whereabouts of the hotel. Director of operations Whole premise 12:00 Introduction and conversation With the executives Facilitating future communication and breaks the ice General Manager Hotel Director office 13:00 Luncheon break 14:00 Introduction with the hotel staff Hotel Restaurant Helps to know who the chefs going to expect duties and work to be done from Director Of Sales and marketing Lobby Trainer sign Trainee sign

date and day Activity Objective Trainer Distribution of employee Helps to technical know-how of employees Greeter Handbook, ID cards and demonstRation of how to use ID cards 16:00 Day 2 Sep 2 Tuesday time 15:00 End of the day 08:00 Job orientation/description 09:30 Coffee/Tea/snacks break 10:00 Job orientation continues - inventory management techniques and budgeting to be introduced Help in efficient management of kitchen CCTV/ surveillance room 12:00 Job orientation continues Final stage involving Quality control measure and standards Helps in maintain hotel’s quality standards Warehouse/ kitchen Helps chefs assess their work Responsibilities and goals and objectives, personal as well as organizational. External Trainer Venue Entry gate Training room Restaurant Trainer sign Trainee sign

13:00 14:00 Day 3 Sep 3 Wednesday Luncheon break End of the day 08:00 Employment terms Sub task: distribution of dress code 09:00 Distribution of rule book, Compensation manual, and Confidentiality agreement 09:30 Coffee/tea break 10:00 10:30 Restaurant Employees act according to rules and regulations Housekeep ing staff Training Room Housekeep ing staff Training Room Distribution of company parking passes Watchmen Car parking Safety and health training Physiother apist Training room

12:30 13:00 Luncheon break 14:00 Fire drill 15:00 Day 4 Sep 4 Thursday Distribution of Health and training manual House keeping End of the Day 10:00 Visit to supplier and manufacturer Chef should have a know about where The raw material comes from. Sales and Marketing And coordinator 13:00 Luncheon break Restaurant 14:00 Distribution of indication feedbak Review of induction training forms House keep Training ing Room Essential for people working In kitchen is to have a know about what to do in situations of fire Staff room Fire Brigade Representtative

14:30 Distribution of induction quiz paper 15:00 End of training Helps assessing the knowledge was Grasped by the chefs or not Housekeep ing Training room

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