Human dyanamics MITSOB, motivation and employee attitude measurement

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Information about Human dyanamics MITSOB, motivation and employee attitude measurement
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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: TusharUpadhyay


INTRODUCTION Motivation is an urge or a drive to do, that develops within an organism and is often subconscious in nature. Employee motivation or work motivation is collection of the forces and energies that pushes an employee to go to work every day and perform at an optimum level. Main factors of employee motivation are: Pay and benifits job security Relationships working conditions company policies Work Supervisor MOTIVATION Status in the company Also it is widely believed that motivation cannot be directly observed, it can only be inferred. As motivators reside mainly in the subconscious mind, it can be quite difficult to measure motivation through quantitative measures such as questionnaires and surveys.

Motivation generally involves three processes: arousal •action is intiated •path that a person takes gets decided direction intensity •energy put by employee By optimizing above processes we can influence employee motivation. There are four types of motivation: Positive motivation Motivation towards a goal So Extrinsic me on e wa nts yo u to do it “WRITE THE REPORT AND YOU GET A motivation BONUS” “WRITE THE REPORT OR YOU ARE FIRED” “I REALLY WANT TO WRITE THE REPORT” “I DON’T WANT TO WRITE THIS REPORT” Intrinsic motivation Yo u wa nt to do it Negative motivation Motivation away from a goal Attitude is the way an employee feels about

his job. It can be positive as well as negative and can influence his motivational level. Factors affecting employee attitude are: Job stress trust on the top management Employee personality Employee attitude job involvement Role clarity Role clarity Pay competence *End of Introduction* An organization is facing the issue of higher attrition rate, hence the company thought on focusing on handling this issue. The two major areas of concern are motivation and attitude of the employees. You as a manager have to

suggest the various tools one should use to identify the motivation and attitude levels of the employees. Mention all tools you would use and describe them in detail. Since Motivation and attitudes are qualitative in nature, measuring and judging them from statistical data is not that accurate but better to be roughly right than precisely wrong, and in the above company’s situation something has to be done in order to reduce the attrition rate. The problem here is the attrition rate is high, not the employee turnover implying that number of skilled employees are leaving and there is no one to replace them causing the reduction in company’s workforce. Why the employees are leaving is the question, there must be some demotivating factors that are influencing them and making them leave. In my view the best methods for determining the motivation and attitude are as follows: 1. Traditional Questionnaires: Questionnaires are the tested and tried way of assessing something. They have been around for ages and helping organizations taking view from their consumers, associates, employees etc. But a Questionnaire has to be designed skillfully in order to extract the best possible information One of the choice for questionnaire could be like as below: PART 1 RATING SCALE:

1-stongly disagree 4- Somewhat agree 2- somewhat disagree 3- neither agree nor disagree 5- strongly agree i) ii) iii) iv) v) Are you satisfied with your job? Are you satisfied with the incentives given? Are you happy with your salary? Are you content with your supervisor? Do you find yourself struggling while bonding with Your colleagues? vi) Do you feel company values you? vii) Is your job role without any ambiguities and well defined? viii) Are you motivated to do your work? ix) Are you satisfied with the lunch breaks and vacations? x) How do you feel about working conditions (hygiene)? xi) Do you think retirement, medical and other benefits sufficient? xii) Are you not satisfied with your status in the company? PART 2 i) According to you what will lead to improvement of (organization name)? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ii) Things needed to be improved? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iii) Any demotivating or problematic factors existing in the company? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iv) Any other issues that needs to be paid attention to other than mentioned in the survey? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Conduct meeting with employees: Although traditional questionnaires are an effective way of measuring employee motivation as written

communication is the best but interviews are a way of more closely observing employee because meetings offers: -Immediacy – employees do not have chance to change their answer and the answer comes straight from the mind signifying how they really feel. -Written form prevents expressions from reaching the other party. -Written form has limited question while a conversation can easily contain several questions. -meetings can be personal or in a group, both ways works efficiently and can be crucial in getting feedback. 3. Monitor employee entry footage: Body language is also a form of communication that sometimes speaks more than words and writes more than one intends to, hence monitoring employee’s body language in the workplace especially at their entry and exit and checking whether they are grump or happy, can give an idea of how much employees are motivated to work. Monitoring can be done through surveillance camera. 4. Using the equations: There’s a direct correlation between motivation level and the performance of an employee. According to an Equation given by laurie.j mullins: Performance=Ability x Motivation So if we assume the ability of all employees as constant and assume it as ‘µ’ then we can say that performance is proportional to motivation, hence measuring performance of an employee can give a rough estimate of employee’s motivation.

Also we can use theoretical models given by the gurus of management to analyze the motivational and attitude level For example we can use the Hackman and Oldham’s job characteristic model, which gives us the formula of Motivation potential score (MPS) which is as below: MPS= Skill Variety + Task Identity + Task Significance x Autonomy x Feedback 3 Jobs that have high MPS have high satisfaction for the employees hence resulting in high motivation and employees. Above data needed for MPS formula can be calculated by assigning marks to the questions of a survey which asks the employee about above factors. We can also analyze the motivation and attitude levels by comparing the levels of your employee with another employee who work in similar type of organization at the same level and if there’s any discrepancy between the two, it can be studied which factors are contributing to the difference. Also there is a scope of judging the levels through analysis of organizational goals and whether they are in sync with everyone or not. And expectancy theory can be used to judge what employees really expect out of their job, what are their preferences, for example given the choice of promotion and bonus, which one they would prefer. It should be seen that there’s healthy competition in the company if there are teams, bad competition and mismanaged team structure can lead to demotivation.

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