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Published on November 6, 2010

Author: kittukind


Human-Computer Interaction : Human-Computer Interaction V.Sindu Priyanka II-MCA 10035 Introduction : Introduction Utilizing computers had always begged the question of interfacing The methods by which human has been interacting with computers has travelled a long way The journey still continues and new designs of technologies and systems appear more and more every day Definition, Terminology : Definition, Terminology Concept of Human-Computer Interaction was automatically represented with the emerging of computer HCI is a design that should produce a fit between the user, the machine and the required services in order to achieve a certain performance both in quality and optimality of the services History : History The dawn of personal computing in the early 1980s The study of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) finally took center stage in the mid 1990s World Wide Web, e-mail, and Windows 95 burst upon the scene. Overview on HCI : Overview on HCI The advances made in last decade in HCI have almost made it impossible to realize The thrust in research and the constant twists in marketing cause the new technology to become available to everyone in no time Existing HCI Technologies : Existing HCI Technologies The existing physical technologies for HCI basically can be categorized by the relative human sense These devices are basically relying on three human senses: vision, audition, and touch . Vision : Vision Input devices that rely on vision are the most used kind and are commonly either switch-based or pointing devices The switch-based devices are any kind of interface that uses buttons and switches like a keyboard Examples are mice, joysticks, touch screen Audition : Audition The devices that rely on audition are more advance devices that usually need some kind of speech recognition Beeps, alarms, and turn-by-turn navigation commands of a GPS device are simple examples. Haptic Devices : Haptic Devices The most difficult and costly devices to build are haptic devices “These kinds of interfaces generate sensations to the skin and muscles through touch, weight and relative rigidity Recent Advances in HCI : Recent Advances in HCI Canesta virtual keyboard Major trends in computing : Major trends in computing HCI and Help Systems : HCI and Help Systems The more you work with technology, the better you will get at “figuring things out Simply put, a Help system allows a user to focus on working with a program without being burdened or lost when it comes to finding answers HCI Systems Architecture : HCI Systems Architecture Unimodal HCI Systems Multimodal HCI Systems Unimodal HCI Systems : Unimodal HCI Systems A system that is based on only one modality is called unimodal Visual-Based Audio-Based Sensor-Based Multimodal HCI Systems : Multimodal HCI Systems The term multimodal refers to combination of multiple modalities The possibilities for interaction with a machine include but are not limited to these types. EX: Smart Video Conferencing Intelligent Games E-Commerce Applications of HCI : Applications of HCI Multimodal Systems for Disabled people Emotion Recognition Map-Based Applications Human-Robot Interface Applications Conclusion : Conclusion Human-Computer Interaction is an important part of systems design Quality of system depends on how it is represented and used by user Therefore, enormous amount of attention has been paid to better designs of HCI.

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