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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: ManikChoudharyPMIACP



Human Centered Design

Human Centered Design(HCD) Manik Choudhary, PMI-ACP, CSP, CSPO, PSM-1

Disclaimer  These are my personal opinions on the subject and in no way represent that of my employer.

How might we solve water problem in rural India?

Empathy !!

GE – MRI Machine

What is Human Centered Design ?  Human-centered design is about believing you can make a DIFFERENCE, and having an intentional PROCESS in order to get to new, relevant SOLUTIONS that create POSITIVE IMPACT. How might we design a cook stove that reduces the amount of smoke inhaled by the user? How might we design a toilet for families living in areas with no sanitation infrastructure? How might we redesign the school lunch program for an entire city while providing for differences in individual schools?

Human-centered design is a mindset !!  HCD gives you faith in your creative abilities and a process for transforming difficult challenges into opportunities for design.  It’s Human-Centered   It’s Collaborative   Several great minds It’s Optimistic   Empathy and Understanding of needs We can all create change—no matter how big a problem It’s Experimental  Fail and to learn from your mistakes

HCD - an approach any challenge !!

Why Research ? Source - Inc. Startup

Design Thinking Source -

Design Thinking DESIGN THINKING means creating INNOVATION by combining MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAMS, creative SPACE and an iterative APPROACH.

Innovation Source – Source -

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Creative Space Source – bootcamp bootleg d. School

Iterative Approach *Source

Iterative Approach Understand Observe Define Ideate Prototype Empathy Problem Space Solution Space Validate

Iterative Approach Understand Observe Define Ideate Prototype Empathy Problem Space Solution Space Validate

Design Thinking – Empathy Phase  Build Empathy Empathy Define  Pair up for interviews - Interviewer and Note taker  See through the eyes of your users  Steer with open-ended questions Ideate Prototype  Confirm, redirect, or stop conversation with Close Ended questions  Apply 5 WHY Techniques “There Are No Facts Inside Your Building, So Get Outside.”  Talk less, listen More Validation  Take photos , Collect artifacts  Write down your impressions Steve Blank, entrepreneur, author, and educator

Design Thinking – Define Phase Empathy Storytelling  Clustering  Personas  Task Flow Analysis  Define  Framework Ideate Prototype POINT OF VIEW Hypothesis about users’ needs Validation HMW Statement * Source -

Synthesis Framework Source – Ideo HCD Tool Kit

Point of View and HMW Statement Source – bootcamp bootleg d. School

Design Thinking – Ideation Phase Empathy Define Source – bootcamp bootleg d. School Brainstorm Rule Ideate  Be Visual Validation  Defer Judgment  Go for Quantity  Encourage Wild Ideas Prototype  Go for Wild Ideas  One Conversation at a time  Build on the Ideas of Others  Stay Focused on topic

Design Thinking – Prototype Phase Empathy Define Ideate Source – bootcamp bootleg d. School  Physical  Storyboards  Wireframes  Acting  Interaction  Pretotyping Prototype Validation

Physical Prototype Source -

Story Board Prototype Example storyboard from Arie Stavchansky,

Acting / Role Play Prototype Source -

Design Thinking – Validate Phase Empathy Test the Solution with a “demo” before Building the actual product* Define Ideate Prototype Validation * Source - * Source- Running Lean – Ash Maura

Des Source -

References      IDEO HCD Tool Kit Inc. Startup TLC Labs

Thank you !!      Manik Choudhary LinkedIn - Slide Share - Twitter – #manikchoudhary9

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