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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: mohanaparna87



Identify the barriers of using handwash in India and suggest measures to overcome them. Also identify touchpoints to contact the customers and bring in awareness. Suggest a NPD with reasons


CUSTOMER SPEAKS RESPONDENT PROFILING Total Sample Size: 30 Mothers Hypermarkets/ Supermarkets in Pune 26 Mothers who came along with children in age group of 7-15. 4 Mothers came alone. 12 Mothers (Age 4045), 18 Mothers (Age 32-38). 11 of them Housewives She says : “I go to a supermarket/hyp ermarket once a month” “Here I look for a) everything under 1 roof & b) Offers & Discounts” “I care for my kids health and tell them to clean their hands whenever they come back to the house from outside” “Handwash never makes to my shopping list. When I see an offer I buy it” “Refilling the pump when it goes empty is an additional job” “I use liquid handwash for beautification of my washrooms” Her purchase influencers : Friends and family Innovations, offers & discounts Advertisements in Newspapers & TV Promotion Executives 21 of 30 customers agreed that they go & buy the Market leader Brand, unless these influencers /promotions induce them for a trial!

Barriers to use handwash • • • • Soap can be used for a longer period than a handwash Handwash rarely makes it to the monthly shopping list Refilling handwash after it gets over is an additional pile of job Handwash pump gives a premium & technical look to the product which acts as a deterrent to purchase Acceptance of liquid handwash as a separate consumable product category is low Presence of substitutes ( used / unused soaps at home) No additional value seen in HW over soap bars Soap is perceived to be a general hygiene agent taking care of hands too. • • • • How to drive conversion • Critical points to be communicated: BENEFITS OF HANDWASH OVER SOAP : – Zero chance of contamination even if different people using it – Same pack giving personalized use to different consumers – Convenience of using handwash over soap COMMUNICATE THE NEED TO PAY EXTRA ATTENTION TO WASH HANDS THAN THE REST OF BODY AS: – Hands are the contact to the world – Hands are the most washed portion of our body so need to be taken care of – Hands are the first point of contact with any stranger / friend / people (In the form of handshake)

Customer touchpoints AWARENESS ON HEALTH BENEFITS OF HANDWASH • Newspaper campaign • Field activation • Demonstrations • “Hygiene Meter” Initiative BUILD CREDIBILITY OF THE BRAND • Through hospitals, clinics & doctors FIRST TIME TRIAL USAGE REPEATED USAGE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT • Sampling • Lifebuoy Handwash kiosk • Offers and Discounts • Innovation in refill packs (To bind loyalty during refilling) • Application based games • “Tell a Secret to Lifebuoy” • “Best Mom and Kid Moment” • Jingles and Games

Touchpoints Awareness on health benefits of handwash • Running a promotional campaign in newspaper supplements during weekends, highlighting on the benefits of liquid handwash over soap for 2 months. A new campaign everytime should focus on a new benefit from liquid handwash over soap • Field activation & Demonstration – “Guinness World Book of Record” – To make the maximum number of children wash their hands at one place at the same time • • Occasion – 15th October – Global Handwashing day “Hygiene Meter” Initiative – Student Engagement : To appoint a school ambassador of lifebuoy in schools “The Cleanliness Champ” for monitoring regularity in washing hands. To be appointed every 3 months via competition on hygiene. To be gifted with certificates and hampers after the tenure gets over Build credibility of the brand • Associating with Hospitals, Private clinics & Medical Professionals to make establish connect and visibility with “Health & Hygeine”

First time trial usage • Touchpoints Sampling – Distributing samples of handwash in the form of nozzled sachets with daily newspapers. Dual Benefit : Experience of liquid soap + Nozzle demonstrates convenience of using handwash – • Distribute samples in schools on sports fest etc Lifebuoy Handwash kiosks – Outside food courts in malls to drive the point: “Hands should be clean before and after having food” • Offers & Discounts – As pump is a deterrent against purchase, So it should be given “Free of Cost”. The same should be communicated on the pack to convince the customers that they are paying for the liquid & not the pump Repeated usage • Threat: Competitor brands can be used as refills for lifebuoy pumps Innovation in refill packs : To have a nozzled refill pack to facilitate the refilling process – This will be a differentiator in respect to refill packs of competitors

Touchpoints Customer Engagement – Application based games : “HEALTHY TOUCH” : A game based on a mascot in the shape of a hand running away from germs. Game Feature : The power of hand would be reinstated by washing hands with Lifebuoy handwash – “TELL A SECRET TO LIFEBUOY”: Make the brand reach kids in form of a friend they can share secrets with, rather than limiting the message to cleanliness regime – “BEST MOM AND KID MOMENT” : Mothers to be asked to write on a memorable curiosity filled notorious act by her kid which led to some scoldings !!!! Upload videos /photos of happy and special moments of family – Giving handwash games free with the pack – Eg. Game based on “Snake and Ladders” where occasions for washing hands are re-instated. It will make the player move extra steps forward in case they wash hands, and backward if they skip to wash hands – Making jingles and poems viral on websites/social media/radio which reinstates the benefits of regular handwash for junior kids JINGLE attached as an mp3 file

INNOVATIVE CHANNELS TO reach customers • Uncovering occasions to wash hands & focus on them for a direct impact (Before starting to prepare food, Before and after eating food, After outdoor play, After playing with pets, Before changing diapers of kids , Before feeding kids, After using the toilet, After covering your own mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing) – Associating with cookery shows like “FOODS FOODS” where the chef washes hands before he starts cooking – Associate with Programs like M.A.D., Art-Attack, Takeshi's Castle where participants wash their hands with lifebuoy handwash after getting their hands soiled • Running a daily campaign on the first page of the newspaper where through a cartoon, message on superiority of handwash over soap is communicated • Emphasizing on institutional sales : Focusing on tie-ups with hotels & restaurants, metro stations, schools, malls, hospitals & clinics • Exploring distribution and visibility at the “Chemists” • On-the-bill branding – Tie up with Modern Trades to have the branding of Lifebuoy handwash range on their bills

New Variant Idea “Lifebuoy Foam” - Hand wash with foam -“A Germ-fighting Cloud of happiness” WHY ? BENEFITS TO THE MANUFACTURER • More effective • First in the category • An initiative to save water : No water used for the application during the spreading action • Less packaging : Using less product per hand wash translates to more washes in the same amount of packaging • Less product is needed for the same efficacy in washing hands • Spreadability is better “Aapke pariwaar ki suraksha, Kare Lifebuoy -Foam Humesha!” “Lots of lather, With no water” BENEFITS TO THE USER • Convenient & Quicker: Foaming properties allow quicker and thorough cleaning of hard to reach places often missed by other soaps, such as under fingernails • Fewer chemicals : Product structure and hand‐feel is provided by the lather. Doesn’t need polymeric structurants used to thicken lotion soaps • Reduced wastage: Foam produces less waste than a liquid handwash, which often ends up in the sink or on the countertop

Launch Drive To increase visibility : • First stock to be launched in the market with a sash that says “1st Foaming Handwash” To increase awareness : • • To be promoted in Regional Language Magazines, Newspapers which are read by house wives Promote by jingles on Radios • Modern Trade Outlets – – – • General Trade Outlets – – – – • “Hand-shaped” obstructers in stores communicating the benefits of foaming handwash Floor stickers leading to the product with captivating messages Billing counter to have a product print ad on the table top “Magnet” items with branding to be used in retail shops Vibrant and bright strip of Lifebuoy Handwash branding to be used at the shelf Calendars to be distributed to retailers with branding of Lifebuoy liquid handwash for visibility in General Trade Best selling outlets in General Trade to be given a lucrative “shop sign board” with Lifebuoy handwash branding to create a push in sales Consumer Promotion : Free “Dove” Soap with Lifebuoy foam handwash (Both compliment eachother on being milder in terms of chemicals)

Shopper observations Primary Data: Places which are most visible OR where high amount of time is spent 1. Beauty & Personal Care 1 2. Line of Sight 2 3. Close to HFD 5 4 3 4. Exclusive Bins at entrance 5. Centre of Outlet 6 6. POP (Noticed while BILLING) Secondary data proves the same thing Indicating the areas with higher chances of being noticed Entrance Line of Sight Source: Retailing Management by Levy & Weitz High Traffic areas Right side of Store Cash Wraps High visibility ->High footfall -> Greater chances of conversion Should capitalize on placing product in these areas

Promotional effectiveness analysis SALES INCREASE INCREASE MARKET SHARE REMAINS SAME DECREASE Promotions are effective No visible effect of promotions Market Size has increased, but we couldn’t grow as much as competitors => Promotions are less effective DECREASE Market is doing bad, but we are losing lesser than competitors We are able to maintain sales in proportion to the category Bad position to be in. Promotions are not working at all THANKYOU

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