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Published on May 22, 2014

Author: nikitasmits



How to run a successful inbound marketing campaign.

Nikita Smits – Senior Channel Consultant

Nikita Smits – Senior Channel Consultant @NikitaSmits #StockholmHUG

1 What is a campaign? 2 Where to start? 3 Your offer 4 Promotion 5 Measure

1 What is an Inbound Campaign?

When Marketers say “campaign” they usually mean one of a few things... • An automated drip email campaign. • An ad campaign, like a print ad, commercial, etc. • A Salesforce campaign (a list of people.)

What campaigns are you currently running?

What we actually mean.. A strategy that aligns a set of assets and marketing channels around a prospect or event in order to achieve a particular goal.

They include: Solution: An Inbound Campaign

What makes an inbound campaign different? • Starts with the customer in mind. • Uses integrated, multi-channel tools for multiple touch-points that connect all your efforts. • Results based on leads / customers – NOT just clicks.

What are examples of inbound campaigns? • New product launch. • Conference or event. • An offer, ebook, or webinar.

2 Where to start


#inbound12 White Buyer Personas Building Buyer Personas tell us who we are creating content for and why they will buy from us.

What is a Buyer Persona?

Semi- fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, What is a Buyer Persona?

Fictional characters that represent your IDEAL customers Buyer Personas ARE

MARKETING MARY • Professional marketer (VP, Director, Manager) • Mid-sized company (25-200 employees) • Small marketing team (1-5 people) • BComm (BU), MBA (Babson) • 42, Married, 2 Kids (10 and 6) Goals: • Support sales with collateral and leads • Manage company communications • Build awareness Challenges: • Too much to do • Not sure how to get there • Marketing tool and channel mess Loves HubSpot because: • Easy to use tools that make her life easier • Learn inbound marketing best practices • Easier reporting to sales and CEO


How do we gather that information?

• Interview customers • Ask open ended questions • Ask questions on Social Media

1 How many persona’s do you have? 2 How often do you rethink their challenges? 3 Can everyone in your business describe them?

3 Your Offers

Relevance and value!

WHAT IS A KEYWORD? PERSPECTIVE: Consumer/ Prospect Once we know what they

Recycled Curated Created CoMarket Resources Required Expected Results Your Content Types

Recycle! Multiple posts & Formats

Created: Most viewed blog post of all time

Co-Marketing is great for net new contacts

Curated: less effort

• Your website as a digital collage or mix tape. • Express yourself through sharing fresh content with your followers Other People’s Content

Where to source? • Goodreads - Quotations • LinkedIn Pulse - Aggregator • Flipboard - Aggregator • – Trending content • – Your own library Other People’s Content

Industry specific sites networking • Avvo for lawyers • Dribble for designers • The Engineering Exchange for Engineers • CIOzone for CIOs • Quora is our favorite catch-all • Get to Wikipedia for a list of all of them Other People’s Content

When do you publish your content?

Content Calendar

4 Promotion

Promotion should feed into your inbound efforts by promoting every piece of content. Think of it as the thread that ties your campaign together.

“If you spend 10 hours developing a piece of content, you should spend at least 10 hours promoting it.” @Searchbrat

Where do you promote your offers?

• Link to LP’s for conversion • More visibility – thought leadership • Delight customers by responding timely to their remarks • Good content creates evangelists

Segmented emails get more clicks than email blasts. Source: Marketing Sherpa 50%

• Segment your database on previous behavior • Re-use related offers • Amazon style recommendations on thank you pages • Consistent branding • Use personalization Email Best Practice

What To Segment On? • Persona • Age • Job title • Gender • Seniority • Lifecycle stage • Company • Organization type • Industry • Past purchases • Products • Size • Behavior • Pages visited • Purchase cycle • Number of conversions

• Posts • Jobs • Survey • Week’s • E-Newsletter • Issue • Digest • Bulletin • Edition • Giveaway • Tips • Video • News • Monthly • Headlines • Latest • Updates

Blogs convert.

Companies that blog convert 70% more leads than those that don’t blog.

• Multiple posts around one offer • Optimize old posts with new CTA • Align your offers with your persona’s • Align your offers with your buyers journey Blogging Best Practice

WHAT IS A KEYWORD? Social Media should tie in with all the rest of your marketing efforts!

• Early access for influencers • 70% of new leads find us organically through old offers • Use Amazon-style related offers • Use your keywords • Consistent branding Social Media Best Practice

The Possible Eyeballs You Can Generate

5 Measure

Is marketing aligned with sales?

• Revenue goals • How many Marketing Qualified Leads? • How many Sales Qualified Leads? • What is the current close rate? • Response time to customer questions? • How to respond to complaints? • Social Engagement Service Level Agreement

How did you perform on different parts of your campaign?



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