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Published on March 24, 2008

Author: Rainero


Slide2:  For the Best Summer of Your Life! Slide3:  Welcome to the Camp Counselors Final Orientation Meeting Slide4:  Get your Information Package Visa Check – Call when approved! Don’t remove white envelope from your passport!! Keep DS form inside! Flight Departure – Check your date/time Phone Number / E-mail Check Police Check – Send us a copy! Return Flight Date – Have you told us? Check additional information on walls! List of names + contact information / List of camps / Travel ideas / Map of the USA Check In Slide5:  Camp Counselors USA General Information:  General Information Camp Placements Most placements made in May June 25th Deadline Return camp contracts Official forms / what to fill out? Wait on Tax forms (W-4) Send to Camp Director ASAP Still Unplaced? New information / changes? Phone & E-mail contact! Ready to Leave!:  Ready to Leave! Packing – One backpack only! 22 Kilos (US Airline Rules) White Envelope to front door Visa / Passport / Handbook / Camp Contact Info Make copies of everything Needed for Soc. Security Money - $200 in cash + C.Card $200+ per week for after camp travel CCUSA Contact Info New York – 1-866-686-4698 California – 1-800-999-2267 Sleeping Bag The Departure Airport :  Check Flight Dates on the wall Call or email the office 72 hours prior to departure! Budapest Airport – 2B Check-in 2 Hours prior to departure – Don’t be late! Lufthansa Desk – Right side Check in with Airport Greeter Miss your flight? €150+!!! The Departure Airport Airport Greeters:  Airport Greeters Daniel Buzas Krisztian Buzas 70-4545643 70-4545760 3 Gates of Purgatory :  Filling out forms on flight Immigration I-94 Card / Customs Form Passport Control – Keep your DS2019 Form! Luggage Carousel Customs – No food (even from the plane) Arrival Hall Stay together Go to CCUSA Arrival Booth in Terminal 4 Booth is next to Hudson News store 3 Gates of Purgatory Orientation in New York :  Columbia Univ. check in – Wien Hall Evening Free – Dinner on your own Get some rest – Jet lag / early morning wakeup Checkout / Breakfast @ 7:45 am Orientation Mtg – Returnees must attend! CCUSA Tax Back Service – Fill out forms Social Security Card DS-2019 Form / Passport / Visa / I-94 Card / SS Application Form Can take up to 2 months to receive from SS office!! Orientation in New York Orientation in New York :  Getting to your camp Information provided in NY Buying bus / train tickets Call your camp – toll free numbers Call your mother!! Orientation in New York Things to Buy at NY Orientation:  Pocket Mail Send and receive unlimited emails from any phone $149 gets you the unit + 4 months of service More details at Trek America Tours 10 % discount for all CCUSA participants Youth Hostel Handbooks Only $4 – Lists major youth hostels across the US Greyhound AmeriPass From $184 to $580 = 4 to 60 days 10 % cheaper than buying at Greyhound Stations Ekit Phone Cards Rechargeable - $10 or $20 Things to Buy at NY Orientation More Things to Buy at NY Orientation:  Temporary Cell Phones Fonepool – operates with T-Mobile Ekit – operates with Cingular Sim Cards Do you have a “tri-band” phone? $30 USD for a sim card that works in the US Includes $30 USD worth of call credit Save hundreds of dollars – NO international roaming fees! More Things to Buy at NY Orientation Slide15:  ÌSIC CARDS Eligibility  Full-time students age 12 & over currently enrolled for the academic year 2005-2006 at an accredited institution and matriculating towards a diploma or a degree. (Continuing education and language school students are not eligible). Proof Requirements  Photocopy of school ID showing validity for 2005-2006. OR Photocopy of your transcript/report card/tuition bill receipt for 2005-2006 academic year. Card Validity Period One year from date of issue. The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the most widely accepted proof of international student identification which also helps save hundreds of dollars at home and abroad with incredible discounts only available to ISIC holders! All for the price of just $22USD! Available at Los Angles & New York Orientation or by calling CCUSA and providing the above proof and payment Insurance :  AVI Insurance No deductible - Fill out Claim Form! Read handbook – On website What it covers / doesn’t cover (pre-existing conditions) For Theft – Complete Police Report Valid for 3 months - from day you board plane Extension = €55 / $75 per month Don’t sign form? No money!! Insurance Types of Camps :  Outdoor Wilderness Setting Snakes / Bugs / Bears / Mud Girl Scout / Special Needs Camps All camps are different!! No preconceived ideas Support Staff American Staff - Cliques Camp is HARD WORK! Touching Children – Always 2 counselors Types of Camps Food At Camp :  Food is different Maple Syrup and Cool Aid The “Freshman 20” Salad bars Food At Camp Camp Problems :  First 2 Weeks – Language Use your English!! Whom to talk to? Counselors / Camp Director When to call CCUSA? Only major problems – BUT CALL! 1-800-999-2267 (CAMP) Don’t call your mother! She can’t help you! Rules – Break them and DIE! Alcohol / Cigarettes / Drugs Camp Problems Camp Problems :  Teamwork – the basis of camp The Camp Director – GOD at camp Returning to camp next year No new camps Invitation letter from your Camp Director Contact with CCUSA Questionnaires / Camp Visits Getting Fired – Paying fees to CCUSA Why? Alcohol / smoking / behavior with children Camp Problems Helpful Hints :  Use English – mistakes are not important Nonverbal Communication Be flexible & impartial Laugh at yourself (and others) Don’t stereotype Get involved – make friends! Bring stuff from Hungary Flags / recipes / clothes / junk Cultural differences – Bathing Suits Helpful Hints Travel After Camp :  CCUSA must know your location! Use the on-line registration form Various travel options – Student travel Rental Cars 21 – 25 years old = higher price Credit card in your name = required Travel in groups – Cheaper & Safer Credit card vs. Travelers Checks ISIC Cards and STA Travel Offices Internet = Airline tickets / Hotels Travel After Camp Working After Camp :  Counselors – No working after camp – no exceptions! Support Staff – Only after finishing your contract at camp You must notify CCUSA of your new job Working After Camp Returning Home :  Travel back to NY on your own Call LH / United 72 hrs before dept Possible flight time changes or delays Changing flight date Each change is $130+ USD Call UNITED AIRLINES in the US Send Rtn Flight ticket stub to CCUSA upon your return We must submit these to the Embassy Returning Home Taxes :  CCUSA Tax Back Service Contract Power of Attorney Mail to San Rafael, CA office Only originals – no copies or faxes! You MUST file if you want $ back You don’t have to file if no refund! W-2 Form from your camp Taxes Slide26:  HAVE FUN! Slide27:  Tel/Fax: (00 or 011) 36 (1) 244-7941 Address: Rakoczi ut 8/B. III.8 1072 Budapest, Hungary Email: Open hours: 10:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday or by appointment CONTACT US Slide28:  Questions?

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