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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: Crdingley


← Previous FACEBOOK ANNOUNCED ANOTHER TWEAK TO THE NEWS FEED. HERE’S HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT NEWS FEED FYI: SHOWING STORIES ABOUT TOPICS YOU LIKE Tag you're it! At least that's what you should be doing on your facebook pages. The ubiquitous @ symbol is getting more powerful by the year. Facebook just announced that when you tag pages that tag other pages in a post - Tagging will finally increase visibility in the News Feed for both the posting Page and the tagged Page. This is a long long time coming. Yay!! How to: For those newbies out there. When you put the @ symbol in front of a facebook page name in a post - it highlights that page and creates a clickable link to that business page. So...if Jen Lew Marketing & Design posts a story to Facebook and tagsnorthforker 's Page, the post could now appear in the News Feed for both Jen Lew fans and northforker fans. Marketers couldn't be happier that this is finally here and fully functioning. Since facebook created this - it's been widely used as a tool for marketers to highlight businesses to make posts more visually appealing. Facebook say's "Now, when a Page tags another Page, we may show the post to some of the people who like or follow Search Popular Posts Apple Blog Branding content eastendlongisland facebookfacebook apps Facebook News facebook Tips Free Live Workshop Google instagram iPhone justjen Linkedin marketing northfork opinion pinterest SEO small business smallbusiness socialmedia social media crisis social media manager social media specialist social media tips Trade Show Tips Twitter Uncategorized vimeo Vine Website Workshops youtube Recent Posts Facebook announced another tweak to the news feed. Here’s how to take advantage of it Facebook Advertising works. HOME SERVICES CLIENTS COACHING HIRE JEN BLOG CONTACT Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!

Your Name Your Email Sign UpSign Up the tagged Page. For example, this post by the Bleacher Report might be shown in News Feed to people who follow or like Dwight Howard, in addition to people who follow or like the Bleacher Report." "We look at many factors to make sure the most relevant stories appear in News Feed, including which posts are getting the most engagement (such as likes, comments, shares and clicks) across all of Facebook. We also consider which posts are getting the most engagement from people who like both the Page that posted and the Page that was tagged." What the experts are expecting... We Mashable expect to see additional exposure for Pages that are being tagged more frequently through objects similar to the one above. While the Dwight Howard Page isn't controlling the message in this object, they are getting additional exposure. Brands that are talking about popular objects should get more exposure due to “piggybacking” off of popular content. We believe that if multiple brands attempt to piggyback off of one tagged Page, the larger and more engaging Page will get the space in the news feed. If you like these tips, Get email updates (It's Free) Sign Up to see what your friends like.LikeLike How to have a better website Disliking the like 2569 Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!

Your Name Your Email LET ME KNOW WHAT ISSUES ONLINE ARE TAKING UP TOO MUCH OF YOUR TIME SO I CAN FIX 'EM. If you are a fellow entrepreneur who needs to find solutions to your CONTACT Hi, I'm Jen TweetTweet 0 0 LikeLike submit You must log in to post a comment. 0 ShareShare ShareShare Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!

Captcha Message SUBMITSUBMIT If you are a fellow entrepreneur who needs to find solutions to your business challenges or if you are looking to strategically grow, connect and develop your business online ... then I'm here to help you. Phone: 917-289-0749 SUBSCRIBE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS AND FUN UPDATES ON TECHNOLOGY! Submit your Email SUBSCRIBE WE ARE CERTIFIED Client Area Pricing Hire Jen Blog & Tips #2555 (No Title) Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!

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