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Published on July 27, 2008

Author: ejmorris


Corporate Overview : Corporate Overview Webcast What’s this all about? : On August 1st, 2008 a 12 Year Old Public Bio-Technology Company will Launch a New Marketing Division and Give You the Opportunity to Profit What’s this all about? What You’ll Discover : A New Frontier Breakthrough in Science Companies and Consumers Know Discover the Benefits of Personalization and Customization Engage Others Finance Your Future Genetic Revolution What You’ll Discover A New Frontier : 50 Years of Genetic Research The Human Genome Project Personalization and Customization The GeneWize Difference A New Frontier A New Frontier : “DNA analysis can identify potential health problems” “The future of your health” “A $5 billion industry” “The genetic revolution” A New Frontier Breakthrough in Science : A DNA Personalized Nutritional Solution Formulated for your Genetic Code and Customized for Your Lifestyle Breakthrough in Science 177,000 Combinations of Ingredients Not Just Better; Better for You Companies and Consumers Know : 2/3rds of customers don’t get results Created for the average person Everyone is different They Guess. We Assess. Companies and Consumers Know Discover the Benefits : Personalization Customization Take It or Break It More Affordable than You May Think Discover the Benefits Discover the Benefits : $3/day – Better than Starbucks Convenient Eco-Friendly Can Add Any Boost Discover the Benefits Engage Others : Find Four and it’s Free Teach Four and Double the Score Lifetime Guarantee Easy Conversation No Convincing Needed Engage Others Finance Your Future : Build Two Teams Earn 10%-20% on Pursuit Team Earn 10%-40% Matching Bonus Now is the Time Finance Your Future Genetic Revolution is Upon Us : “Offset age-related genetic damage with certain nutritional supplements” “Food and nutrients can improve the expression of your genes” “A new era of medicine” “Nutrition plays a critical role inhow genes are expressed” Genetic Revolution is Upon Us Timing is Everything : Fill Out an Application Find a Ticket to the May Event Bring a Friend or Five August 1-2 Launch Go! Go! Go! Timing is Everything

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